Today marks the worldwide launch of the new Pandora Shine collection, and we can finally tell you about it! Pandora has been very careful with this launch, but now that everything is officially known, we bring you a detailed description of this line with all the necessary HQ photos and commentary!

For those not in the know, Pandora Shine is a new line of 18k gold-plated jewelry that will be available as part of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection.

In April, several more copies will be released with the Mother’s Day 2018 collections.

Pandora Shine — Review

Pandora Shine is Pandora’s first major new concept since the release of the Pandora Rose line back in 2014, and that’s why it’s had such a huge marketing campaign around it, involving bloggers, countless promos and ads. To begin with, the collection will be sold only in concept stores and online.

Shine jewelry is 925 sterling silver jewelry covered with 18-karat gold. On the outside, they will be very different from Pandora’s existing line of pure 14k gold, and less yellow in person.

The coating consists of several layers — the highest quality silver is covered with palladium, and then — a very thick layer of 18-karat gold.

Pandora Shine bracelets

bracelet Pandora Smooth Bracelet — the closest thing to a traditional Pandora charm bracelet — it doesn’t have strings, so you’ll need clips with silicone layers or rubber inserts underneath to keep your beads in place.

sliding bracelet has a beautiful finish. We would love to use it for the «bee» mini design in Shine!

We really like this bangle bracelet with a heart clasp — the contrast between the metals looks great.

bracelet Honeybee — the only variant of the bracelet is not for Charm, and unfortunately it will be a limited edition.

Shame on Pandora Shine

One of the jewelry that is widely represented in Pandora’s pre-release campaign is a pendant Queen Bee, And you can understand why — it is beautifully detailed, striking and yet very cute with its broken heart detail. In addition, the motif of the queen bee plays quite well on the idea of ​​empowering women, which currently has one of the main places in Pandora’s marketing campaign — «do celebrate, do shine, do Pandora» (English — «Celebrate, shine, be from Pandora «).

Fortunately, Heart and Bee free of any enamel detail or glitter, and we really like the dangling bee detail. This bead is one of our favorites, but would like to know if it actually has carvings.

This openwork bead might just be our favorite of the bee jewelry pieces, and we think it would look great with Enchanted  Garden Glass from Murano glass.

Charm Golden Honey offers a nice combination of colors. As we’ve said many times before, we love enamel detailing in jewelry if it’s done well, and this amber enamel looks like real honeycomb.

Honeycomb Lace weakly related to other decorations with the theme of this line, solely due to the detailing in the form of honeycombs.

Finally, for the Charms of this line, we have Sweet as Honey. Of course, we would have preferred it without the inlaid stones on the bracket and lugs, and most likely the small bee detail could have been made more prominent so that it stands out more against the background of this decoration, for example with black enamel strips.

Looking at the factory images, you may not have noticed that the gold beehive swirls surround the tiger eye stone in the center of the charm, and it looks quite sophisticated.

With this first collection, Pandora were careful to select motifs and concepts that are actively complemented and emphasized by gold metal — in addition to honeycombs and bumblebees, we have two «solar» themed charms. openwork work Rays of Sunshine combines «warm» yellow enamel and stones.

You are my Sunshine, With a cute inscription on the back. Inlaid stones on the bracket seem superfluous, but in general this decoration leaves a pleasant impression.

In the Pandora Shine collection there is only one charm with Murano glass, which offers a design in the form of swirling white glass. The combination of white and gold not only looks great, but is also quite versatile.

Charm Filled with Romance — one of our favorite Pandora hearts, and we have it in silver and rose!

The only security chain in the Shine available at launch is this clasp Logo. It has a silicone backing that should be effective on the Shine bracelet Smooth Moments.

clip Shining Elegance has a silicone gasket inside and will work well on any of the three Shine bullet bracelets listed above.

There are also two regular clips, but you’ll need silicone inserts to use them with any of the Shine bracelets, as none of them have threads, which seems a bit odd. We were surprised not to see a traditional clasp bracelet in the Pandora Shine.

We’re glad they included a simple clip on the Shine, with no frills, but it would be nice to see something that doesn’t reflect the Pandora brand so much. A simple ball clip, perhaps in a honeycomb shape, would be a great detail to add to the overall «bee» motif!

Golden Pavé Ball has many different small details where stones of different sizes and colors are combined.

Finishing off the charms, we have a mini version of the bee bead for lockets. We’re not sure about the idea of ​​wearing a small bee in a locket — it can look like a real insect!

Pandora Shine jewelry

Charm Rays of Sunshine has a matching pendant — it’s very large and probably better suited for a necklace than a bracelet.

A suspension is also offered to your attention Honeycomb Lace.

A simple Shine chain will perfectly complement the above pendants.

The chain length of this necklaces is 45 cm but can be adjusted to 42 cm or 38 cm.

Choker Honeybee has a limited edition. It’s pretty, but chokers go in and out of style all the time.

ring Honeycomb Lace, Like his sister, is a very bright thing. Although not everyone likes massive rings, it is very nice to look at it!

ring Honeybee — another limited edition piece of jewelry, and another thing from the «bee» collection that looks incredibly good. The shape of the ring in the form of honeycombs is incredibly beautiful!

Based on the factory images, we’re not sure about the strong contrast between the yellow stone and the gold metal in this rings.

Enchanted Crown will be released this spring in Rose and Silver.

The next set of rings offers Shine versions of existing Pandora designs. We especially like it Linked Love in gold — this is such a beautiful, yet elegant ring!

Carnation earrings Bee & Heart are quite cute, but we’re not sure that everyone will enjoy wearing different earrings.

Also pay attention to the earrings Honeycomb Lace.

And, at the end, earrings PANDORA Forever.

Real photos of Pandora Shine

Stores have been showcasing the new collection via social media, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite shots here.