As promised, today we are back with a continuation of the review of the autumn collection, this time we will look at the Shine line.

Warm colors, fine detailing of the collection are intertwined with new corn motifs and Pandora classics.


The first collection of Pandora Shine made a real sensation, but at first glance it is already clear that the new collection can repeat, or even surpass its success.


Starting with bracelets, I would like to first mention two bracelets that are worn without charms. The first is the Shine version of the Sparkling Strand bracelet.


Floating Grains bangle is a semi-rigid bangle that acts as a piece of jewelry on its own. Tiny golden leaves hanging from the chain are adorned with zirconia stones. As far as we know, the bracelet will be released in a limited edition.


The Mesh bracelet is definitely worth your attention — it is the perfect base for your charms from the Shine line.



Adorable Glowing Hearts will now be available in the Shine version. In the center of the Pandora Shine Radiant Hearts is a noble amber stone.



The milky amber stone in gold cut is a great combination in the design of Intertwining Radiance.


Shine gold base and faceted amber Murano glass in the Golden Faceted Glass charm will also be an interesting accent on your bracelet. It pairs beautifully with the existing white murano from the same range and with the recently released bee and honeycomb charms.


The Dazzling Grain Swirls bead has a rather illegible design, but thanks to the cubic zirconia stones, you can see in detail every grain in the spikelet.



The Seeds of Elegance clip has silicone pads, which means that it will work best as a retainer to separate compositions on smooth and leather bracelets.


The Sparkling Arcs of Love clip will also come with silicone rings.


The Floating Grains pendant is another of the most interesting items from this collection. The zirconia decorates the ear more delicately and the knotted bunches of ears look great on the pendant.


The next pendant is one of the most interesting and unusual of the entire Pandora Fall 2018 collection — Scarecrow Guardian combines 2 metals: silver and gold. The pendant comes with a medallion on which Pandora added the engraving «Guardian of love».


The Seeds of the Future pendant also comes engraved with «Dreams are the seeds of the future», which can be translated as «Dreams are the seeds for the future».



Returning to the rest of Pandora’s jewelry, the Floating Locket has also received its own version in Shine.


Also, this medallion will be presented in the average size, which fits up to 3 petites. The Medium Floating Locket will come with a 60cm long chain that is adjustable to 40cm and 50cm.


The Circle of Seeds necklace is another piece of jewelry that will be limited edition. It comes with a 60 cm chain with a sliding clasp.



Another of our favorites from this collection is the Gates of Love necklace, which has an inner heart in Shine technique and is positioned behind a carved silver gate.


Let’s take a look at rings! The «Circle of Seeds» ring uses its seed motif in an extremely elegant way. It will also be released in a limited edition.


The Grains of Energy ring looks more massive and the cubic zirconia stones run all the way around the center line.


Refresh your look and at the same time not overload it with excessive details with the help of the Open Grains ring.


I would like to finish the review with a very popular Pandora classic, which received its own version in Shine — the My Princess Tiara ring.



One of the main things we loved about the launch of the Pandora Shine line was that Pandora chose motifs and designs that really looked great in 18k gold. The little bees and gooey honey were great. The same goes for the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection — ears and grains also look great in Shine gold. The vibrant yellow brings the golden grains, seeds and straw of the scarecrow to life.

What do you think of this latest collection for Shine?