Amazing Pandora Rose Collection

During its long period of painstaking work, the jewelry brand has always been able to surprise its fans. Each new collection is an amazing creation of jewelry art. The masters of the Pandora company have always had a subtle sense of time and understood what real connoisseurs want to see in jewelry. So it happened with the unique Pandora Rose collection.

Pandora Rose — the embodiment of true art

Those who have seen jewelry from the Pandora Rose collection know that they have a beautiful pinkish hue. This effect is obtained due to the combination of classic silver, to which copper was added. The product itself is covered with a thin layer of 14 carat gold. The formula was developed by the Pandora brand and is patented at the legislative level. Therefore, there are no analogues of such decorations. The price of alloy jewelry in the Pandora Rose collection is lower than the brand’s gold accessories. But, compared to silver jewelry, the price is about 12-15% higher.

Variety of Pandora Rose Collection

The collection came out quite diverse and will decorate any Pandora bracelet. It has many models of charms, pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets. All decorations are adorable. Most of the models are made in floral style: Rose daisy charm, Rose meadow white primrose charm. There are also hearts that are so loved by customers: the Rose charm is sweetheart, the Rose charm is romance in the heart, the Rose charm is a sparkling heart. Many accessories are adorned with cubic zirconia, which gives them an incredible radiance.

What do owners say about Pandora Rose jewelry?

As soon as the Fragola store expanded its assortment with jewelry from the Pandora Rose collection, many customers immediately bought such beautiful accessories. Therefore, the store team became interested in whether customers are satisfied with the purchase. After all, there is an opinion that coated products, after some time of operation, lose their attractiveness. The top layer is damaged, which does not happen with silver or all-gold products of the brand. And even despite such theoretical risks, Pandora jewelry from the Rose collection is worth it because the design is very attractive. We will give as an example a small review of the owner of a piece of jewelry from the Rose collection, a client of our store: “Three months ago I bought a bracelet and four charms and two pendants from the Rose collection. Wore every day. After that, examining the jewelry, I saw that they almost did not change their appearance. Of course, if you look closely, you can see small scratches. But, they do not affect the overall appearance of accessories. And the products are just as beautiful as they were at the time of purchase. I can note that on the silver products of the brand from the Fragola store, no damage or changes have been noticed so far. Also, the charms from the collection in the openwork style are made more elegant and thinner. You can see it on the frames.”

How to combine products from the Pandora Rose collection. Fragola Shop Tips

The Fragola store team recommends buying Pandora jewelry from the rose collection. Because such an amazing jewelry design can stylishly and unusually emphasize the image. During the presence of the collection in the assortment of the store, we have helped many to collect beautiful combinations of brand jewelry. And they deduced a few rules on how best to combine products in a pink shade with other accessories:

  1. The pink shade of the product coating is not the most versatile. It is better to choose light colors in combination with it.
  2. Classic gold charms and pendants are the best option for combining jewelry from the Rose series. Or models with pink and white enamel, as well as pearls.

Such rules are not an axiom, so you can safely experiment and find beautiful combinations for yourself. Give happiness, be loved and delight loved ones with Pandora jewelry.