We’d like to bring you the final look at Pandora’s Fall 2018 collection, featuring all the rings, necklaces, and earrings that will go on sale later this month! Set to launch on August 30 this season, the jewelery features minimal color, instead focusing on simple silver detailing or sharp accents that will complement the vibrant gold and rose finishes offered by the Rose and Shine collection.

This post applies only to the regular charms of the Moments collection — we have previously reviewed the new charms. Read on to see the entire jewelry collection!

Pandora bracelets Fall 2018

The only bracelet without a charm this season is the big bracelet Lace of Love — which is quite large in size.

Pandora rings Fall 2018

You can buy a ring with the bracelet Lace of Love. This is a typical example of Pandora products, with honeycomb details.

ring living desire — one of our favorites.

Open grain — this is another ring — a favorite.

Royal beauty. You can tell it’s quite oxidized from the original image, but it shines quite brightly in real life.

premature zigzag

shimmering zigzag

the wishes of the princess .It has a pretty nice design, it’s a more elegant version compared to some of the previous «princess rings».

The design enchanted royal ring this year it is again presented in the collection, this time with a mixture of light and black tones.

This ring is another item in the collection that is included in the North American catalog, so we have mentioned it as well.

attractive hearts

Now the ultimate tidbit among the ring collection! floating heart

necklaces Pandora autumn 2018
First, we have a new «seasonal» version among the necklace collection floating medallion. It will be available for a limited time only. The stone is an artificial amethyst, very interesting in appearance.

There is also one more necklace with medallion— however, it’s not «floating» and you can’t wear it outside of necklaces. A locket with a mixture of pink and purple stones, which are collected on various silver branches in a necklace. We really liked it, every little detail and filigree on the side of the locket is absolutely perfect.

a new one appearedchainWith a length of 70 cm.

Design royal key drew a lot of attention in our preview RoseAnd it is just as beautiful here, made in silver!

United royal hearts— this is a more modern decoration from the entire royal series.

In keeping with the harvest theme of the fall collection, we have a product oval grain with a small knotted attachment.

The next two necklaces were again not listed in the North American catalog, so we have no additional information about them.

Earrings Pandora autumn 2018

asymmetric grains beautiful in their simplicity

wings pandora’s heart. The color for these earrings suggests that the wings stand out from the sparkling hearts around them.

Earrings the wishes of the princess

Again, we have no data for this pair yet, not even in the catalog THAT.

Then we have two «royal» products. There are more dramatic of them royal drops, With beautiful filigree. The drops at the end are large stones, not glass.

royal hearts offer a collapsible version of the earring of the same design.

Earrings oval Radiance

These earrings in the form of rings come in two different sizes.

In this collection, it became clear that a scar can be inserted into earrings in the form of rings.

Now, speaking of Essence — we were going to do a separate preview Pandora Essence. However, only 3 types of them were presented in the new catalog, 2 of which are presented in our review