We start this week with a new review, this time dedicated to Pandora Rose Fall Collection 2018. This season, the Rose series features more royal motifs, intricate patterns and soft pastel shades. Many products complement the main collection. We’re sure you’ll find a couple of two-tone designs here to pair silver jewelry with Rose products

The presentation of this collection will take place on August 31, together with the main Pandora autumn collection 2018. Read more for details.

Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collection

The Open Bangle found its place in this collection and it looks just brilliant! Small elements from the same issue are perfect for it. And to emphasize your favorite pendant, it is enough to add one silver bead, for example, a Rose Crown.

The next offer from Pandora one already known bracelet with a padlock. In the official images, this bracelet looks really good along with the accessories. But to say whether it is too flashy or tasteless, you need to see it live.

The bracelet has a matching bead shining coat of arms (Heraldic Radiance). According to Pandora’s design, the word «coat of arms» should refer to a family emblem, which in our opinion is a little inappropriate, but just keeps in touch with the general theme of fairy tales and royal attributes.

Royal Key (Regal Key.), which we previously saw in the review of the fall collection of Pandora 2018, also found its embodiment in the Rose collection. In our opinion, this is the most successful version of the key. The delicate borders look very cute in the Rose finish.

AT collections Rose us again will please brilliant white crystal (Iridescent White Glass) with Venetian glass. The contrast between the shimmering white stone and its setting looks very beautiful here. The existing option in pink color is also very beautiful, but it is good to have something more neutral to make it easier to combine.

The next one bead shining heart( Sparkling Heart )supports motive hearts. But, according to our taste, it is already very bright. Although, pink stone and metal in its tone look beautiful.

The lock «I love you» with the inscription of the same name at the top of the product exactly supports the concept Rose.

Bead Unity of Royal Hearts (United Regal Hearts) filled with a modern and youthful spirit. It seems as if it is reclaiming its place in your bracelet. We are sure that you would take this bead as a basis for its design.

One of our favorite pieces from this collection one door chain. Among several existing chains based on Rose motifs, which are made in a modern style, this one is our favorite for its elegance. Previously, they were worn in silver according to the screw-on principle, but the version in the Rose collection has silicone fasteners.

Charm-clip Circle of hearts (Row of Hearts) successfully embodied in the Rose collection and instantly became our favorite. It is good to have something more discreet, without any stones.

And finally, this collection will introduce the Family Tree pendant in a new way (Family Roots)

Next, in our review, we will talk about independent types of products: cute rings and a simply beautiful necklace with a key in the style of Rose.

Syayucha thread (Sparkling Strand), The so-called tennis bracelet from Pandora Rose

except autumn release Pandora get up necklace Royal key (Regal Key ), in which refined curls create spectacular image the key.he extraordinarily good

More traditional is the Charm Classic (Vintage Allure) from Pandora

Ring Royal Beauty (Regal Beauty) With its pattern with curls, it is very suitable for a necklace with a key

For the first time, the design of the enchanted crown with pink stones (Enchanted Crown ) Released in the spring of 2018. But in the autumn interpretation, the ring acquires more majestic view thanks to black zirconia stones.

It seems to us that the motif Unity of Royal Hearts (United Regal Hearts) more refined and elegant in the form of a ring.

sip hearts (Alluring Hearts) from Pandora

We do not know how the very name Endless Zigzag (Timeless Zigzag) (Something like «endless elegance» would have been more appropriate for the ring), but the product itself is cute and pure Rose style.

And finally about the rings, let’s consider two more traditional ways. They are not so interesting to us, but it should be noted that they are more popular among ordinary buyers. Classic charm ring (Vintage Allure)

Shiny tear (Radiant Teardrop)

The Heraldic Radiance series will also be replenished with earrings

Earrings capture hearts (Alluring Hearts)

Classic charm earrings (Vintage Allure)

Shiny teardrop earrings (Radiant Teardrop)