We continue to review in more detail the new jewelry from the upcoming Pandora Autumn 2018 collection. This time, the Rose line is next in line — majestic motifs, complex patterns, sophisticated pastel shades.

Many of the pieces complement the main Pandora Fall 2018 collection.


The Rose collection will appear with the Pandora Fall 2018 collection August 31. Read on for the full review!


The open transformer bracelet now has its own version in Rose and it’s just an amazing solution, the bracelet sparkled with new colors in rose gold.


Next we were presented with another bracelet with a stylized lock. Rose gold perfectly sets off the color of the stones with which the lock is inlaid.


The bracelet is complemented by a charm with the same design — Heraldic Radiance. The name suggests that Pandora’s design was inspired by the coats of arms of castles and knights from fairy kingdoms and kingdoms.


The Regal Key pendant, which we first saw in the Pandora Autumn 2018 preview, will also be featured in the Rose line. The delicate carving looks even more filigree in Rose!


Murano Iridescent White Glass will also appear in the Rose interpretation — the contrast between the shimmering Muranco glass and rose gold cut looks amazing!


In subsequent decorations, the main motifs are hearts in different versions. The Sparkling Heart bead is made in pastel colors, which are well emphasized with the help of soft pink stones and rose gold.


«Love You Lock» is a beautiful design with fine detailing in tiny details and a miniature LOVE YOU lettering on the arc at the base of the heart.


The United Regal Hearts is a fairly new and modern design that can rightfully take one of the most important places on your bracelet.


The link chain below is one of our favorites from the Pandora Fall 2018 collection. There were already link chains in the line in a fairly modern style, but the last one looks more sophisticated. The silver version of this chain is distinguished by the absence of silicone pads, which are present in the Rose version.


The Row of Hearts is another design that looks great in Rose. Such basic jewelry, without the use of zirconium stones, looks great both in everyday design and in more solemn ones.


Finally released in Rose and Family Roots pendant.


Next on the agenda is jewelry such as beautiful rings and a necklace.


The Pandora Sparkling Strand bracelet, which has already fallen in love with many Pandora fans, will now be available in Rose in addition to silver.


One of the most memorable and distinctive pieces in this edition is the Regal Key pendant, which focuses on the filigree carvings that run throughout the pendant.


Another classic and much-loved Pandora design has been introduced to the Rose range with the Vintage Allure pendant.


The Regal Beauty ring in its design repeats the key motifs that are used in the Key pendant.


We first saw the Enchanted Crown ring in the Pandora Spring 2018 /Pandora Spring 2018 collection using cubic zirconia stones in soft pink. But by autumn, Pandora decided to relaunch the ring with black stones, which made its design even more dramatic.


In our opinion, the design of the United Regal Hearts looks more advantageous, it looks more refined and elegant in it.


The Alluring Hearts ring is one of the new Pandora concepts we’ll be seeing in the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection.


We have some doubts about the name of this ring — Timeless Zigzag, but the jewelry itself is a simple, beautiful and versatile Rose design.


To wrap up our review of the rings, we still have 2 existing designs, but in sterling silver, which this time in rose gold are Vintage Allure and Radiant Teardrop.


The Heraldic Radiance line also has a pair of adorable earrings.


Alluring Hearts also released a set of earrings with the same design to accompany the Alluring Hearts ring.


The Vintage Allure and Radiant Teardrops earrings also received a pink gold version.


Although we do not see unique designs or exclusive concepts in the Pandora Rose collection, there are nice additions to the main charms, connecting chains and bracelet variations. Pandora Rose fans, it’s great to see how Pandora is investing in the development of the Rose line and breaking new ground.

Our favorites from the new Pandora Autumn 18 collection are the new Murano and the Regal Key line. The connecting chain of the Embossed Hearts looks really interesting, but the silicone pads unfortunately mean it won’t fit the classic strand of the bracelet.

The Rose Open Bangle is another beauty that will become quite popular with rose gold and Pandora lovers. The inlaid clasp bracelet is also quite an interesting option, but we still hope that Pandora will release more bracelets with the traditional clasp clasp in the future.

What do you think of this collection?