Rings in the spring collection Pandora 2016 have, already familiar to lovers of these jewelry, a floral motif. Bright tones of various colors give spring joy to anyone who puts on such a ring. In addition, jewelry looks appropriate in cold times in combination with warm clothes. Similar flowers have already been used in past Pandora collections, but this time they have taken on a slightly different shape and many more options have been added. Thus, jewelry left its corporate identity and, one might say, became a classic.

Collection Spring Rings 2016 Pandora

Spring is always wonderful. The main associations of this magical time of the year are energy, vitality, bright colors, love, romance and, of course, flowers! The Pandora rings from this collection hit the bull’s-eye this time too.

Pandora - buy spring rings from the 2016 collection

The perfect combination of elegance and bright colors make the rings an indispensable addition to your image. Especially popular with Pandora in this collection are such rings as Forget-Me-Not, Oriental Flower, Blooming Dahlia, Pink Oriental Flower, Sparkling Daisies and Floral Mood. These rings have sophisticated shapes and a very successful combination of silver and gold with white and pink cubic zirconia.

Pandora flower rings presentation

Give your loved ones a blooming mood with Pandora rings, because they are perfectly combined with a Pandora bracelet and let your love become a symbol of this spring!

Spring Pandora collection rings flowers