Simeonakis Vesotski

“Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see”

With a Pandora Reflexions bracelet and alphabet letters, your look options are endless. The updated collection offers a brand new range of unique charms that reflect your style and personality. Discover new jewelry that will complement your style and be a great memory of 2019.

At first, the collection may not catch your eye. The first models in sterling silver looked quite restrained, so many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity simply did not pay attention to them. Perhaps it was just a «puncture» of the photographer, who failed to present the collection in the right color. However, like music, it gradually grows, supplemented by new melodies. Its repeated impact will change your mind to the opposite, forcing you to look at this series in a new way.

Debuting in Pandora Reflexions included:

  • smooth silver clip in the shape of a heart pendant,
  • шармы Love Clip и Sparkling Infinity Clip;
  • Timeless Sparkle Clip, which is similar to Moments Spacer;
  • safety chain for the Reflexions bracelet.

Similar to the PANDORA Signature jewelry, the range also included a logo clip with the wording encased in a circle.

Lovers of cubic zirconia will definitely love PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine, included in the Dazzling Elegance Clip collection, made in silver. The even more creative Crown Clip is also available in all three metals.

More recently, this Pandora collection has undergone an amazing metamorphosis. She turned from a small gray caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

Starting with the Winter 2018 season, the Reflexions jewelry family began to expand and improve. Alluring new charms have arrived: the Sleek Star in Rose, Shine and Silver metals, and the rather fun Space Rocket Clip in Pandora Rose style.

These clip-on charm designs give a hint of a winter theme, but are perfect for stylish moments throughout the year.

As the collection has continued to evolve and flourish, the minds of many consumers have changed as well. Evidence of this is the beloved decoration from the Valentine’s Day 2019 series — the Tree of Life bead.

Love blossomed especially with the release of the Spring 2019 collection.

Her highlight was the delightful “Ladybug” charm in Rose style with delicate pink enamel and bright splashes of black crystal. The iconic PANDORA Shine Queen Be also looks great. All this made the Reflexions series simply irresistible.

I love the PANDORA Rose Reflexions bracelet with the Shine Queen Bee and Shine Gleaming White Circle Clip that look great with the Rose Ladybird Clip. The combination looks fresh and extremely elegant.

How to style jewelry in a collection?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your Pandora Reflexions bracelets and chokers. Mix and match with a variety of jewelry alloys, attach your favorite clips, and change them out when the mood inspires you.

Reflect your style

Inspired by modern architecture, each piece in the collection allows you to play with the concept of individuality through jewelry. Boost your self-expression by wearing letters and symbols that tell your story. New clip-on pendants are constantly added to the collection.


❤️ How do I open and close the bracelet ❓

To open the PANDORA Reflexions bracelets, place your fingernail into the groove of the clasp and gently twist. To close, place the rounded end of the bracelet back into the clasp. Important tip: never use tools, only your fingernail or a special tool that you can buy separately.

⏩ How do I put the clips on the bracelet ❓

To add the PANDORA Reflexions bracelet clip-on earrings, attach them to the metal mesh. Just in case, don’t forget to secure your jewelry with a safety chain, and close the clasp properly.

⏩ How do I choose the size ❓

Ideal for a pendant bracelet when there is no more than a thumb between your wrist and the piece. It’s best to start with a fairly snug fit, as charm bracelets will stretch a bit over time as you add more charms and increase its weight. Measure your wrist, then add 1-2 cm. Please refer to the dedicated manual for more information.

⏩ How many charms does the bracelet hold ❓

You can attach 5-7 charms to PANDORA Reflexions bracelets.

⏩ Do Classic Beads Fit PANDORA Reflexions Bracelet ❓

No. Be careful. Only special clip-on charms from this collection are suitable for the bracelet. You can buy them in the Fragola online store.