Today, «Reflexions» is perhaps the most sought-after collection among all Pandora jewelry. But not everything was so smooth right away. The first presentation in the form of photos of products seemed to many critics not bright enough and impressive enough. Behind the scenes were jewelry on the neck and Pandora rings, and this was the reason for the conversation — they are not in the new series, or the company decided not to open the veil of secrecy in full in advance.

Both judgments turned out to be not far from the truth: “Reflections” were embodied in the accessories, and not in the base, so the Pandora necklaces remained “behind the scenes” both literally and figuratively.

But the first impression is often wrong, and when the jewelry appeared directly on sale, it caused a real boom. Someone has compared this to music, which has a «belated» effect, ie. when its meaning is revealed upon repeated listening.

The comparison applies to the original Pandora “Reflexions” jewelry – peering into the fine lines, the mastery of color combinations, the luxurious brilliance of rose gold and cubic zirconia in various shades, you can discover them in a new way.