After the love-filled PANDORA 2019 collection in honor of St. Valentine’s Day, the Pre-Spring collection of Pandora is made in a modern and at the same time feminine way. Light as a feather and precious as a wish, Pandora’s pre-spring 2019 collection will warm your heart.


Bracelet «Shining Desire»

Add elegance to your look with a sleek irregular triangle bracelet. It can be used in three sizes: 16 cm, 17.5 cm or 19 cm.

Bracelet «Shimmering Desire»

Pair this bracelet with the Radiant Desire Bracelet for the perfect jewelry combination. Available in three sizes: 16 cm, 17.5 cm or 19 cm


Charm «Stylish Desire»

Alternating beaded and polished charm lines form thin openwork lines. This simple yet elegant charm is our favorite of the collection.

Charm «Sparkle of Shimmering Desire»

This is a sparkling silver charm with sparkling lines of clear cubic zirconia stones. A small curve in the shape of a charm will look beautiful together with rounded charms.

Charm «Shine of Radiant Desire»

Make your bracelet sparkle with the 18K Gold Plated Sparkle of Radiant Desire charm. Wear this charm with the Shimmering Desire Charm for even more stunning and dazzling effect.

Shining Charm «Stylish Desire»

The new stylish charm «Stylish Desire» is a beautiful addition to the Shine collection. The product is made of polished metal, beads and shiny cubic zirconia stones in the shape of a mosaic of cubes. The charm is made in 18 carat gold plating.


Shimmering Desire Necklace

This 17.7-inch sterling silver necklace with a heart-shaped strap will make your décolletage line magical. This ornament is framed with zirconia inserts in the shape of a cube. The clasp is easily adjustable, which allows you to adjust the length of the necklace and the location of the small heart at the end of the chain.

Shining Desire Necklace

This lovely limited edition Pandora Shine necklace is plated in 18k gold.


Shining Wish Ring

The classic Shining Desire ring is now also available in a gorgeous gold tone. This ring can be combined with silver analogues, creating an unforgettable image.

Wish Ring

This ring combines a smooth shape with a tiara design, creating a stunning effect. In the center is a faceted stone in the shape of an oval, which gives the product a timeless elegance.


Earrings «Wish»

These are elegant stud earrings that sparkle due to the pink shade of zirconia in the shape of an oval.

After the release of the last few collections, we have noticed that Pandora combines each main collection with smaller groups that have a simpler style. We are excited to see a large number of classic designs and believe that the mini-collections of several series may prove to be even more popular than the main seasonal collections.

What do you think of Pandora’s pre-spring 2019 collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below…