Today is good news for Pandora jewelry lovers. We can take a look at the first photos of the new collection, which will be released at the end of summer.


This year’s Pre-Fall Collection includes a redesign of the classic Pandora. A series of jewelry Capsules of Love. These charms will now be available in Silver, PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine. Instead of diamonds, they will come with cubic zirconia stones, which will make this series more accessible.

Here we see three separators Capsule of Love. Silver, Rose, Shine.

Also rings in the same topic

Charms Capsule of Love

Earrings Capsule of Love

Look interesting new bracelets. Very gentle

14k gold bracelet Pandora Capsule of Love with a diamond

Next we see the charms of several series of charms in three colors.

Pandora Corona in Silver, Rose and Shine

Pandora Heart Dividers

Pandora Heart Clips with silicone inside.

Bracelet padlock PANDORA Shine

Same bracelet will also be available in PANDORA Rose

Braided bracelet PANDORA Rose

Also, the Braided Bracelet will be available in PANDORA Shine, but a little later.

Rotatable Pandora Heart Charm

It’s interesting how it will work. Whether the charm will rotate easily. On its own or you will have to make an effort.

Rotatable Pandora Heart Pendant

It is also interesting how it will all work. The disk will rotate in the center.

Pendant Pandora Favorite Paste

We are not sure that everyone will like this pendant. Nice fork and pasta, but we can’t imagine what to wear it with. Still, someone will like it.

Pendant Pandora Pizza

Continuing the food theme, we also have the Pizza Pendant, which is decorated with red and green enamel.

Here are real photos of Pasta and Pizza Pendants

Charm Pandora Hearts and Love Birds

There are birds in the name here, but we don’t see them on the charm. Maybe the tones will be under the stone. This charm will also be available in red.

Charm Pandora Brazil forever.

The charm features flip flops, a cocktail and a tambourine with the Brazilian sign. Very bright.