Today’s review will give us the opportunity to get acquainted with the jewelry of the Pre-Fall Collection Pandora 2017, which has already been released a few days ago. These are charms on the theme of friendship and romance, as well as night parties for girls.

Pre-Fall Collection Pandora 2017 Review

As said, the collection will have two main themes. The first is friendship and love.

Charm Girlfriend has a very standard and simple design. He looks cute but looks a lot like Love is Forever from the Valentine’s Day 2015 collection.

As for the love theme, here is a little more interesting.. Suspension devoted heart consists of a disc covered with pale pink enamel, and on the reverse side there is an inscription You make my heart smile (You make my heart smile). This charm looks like Vintage night sky from last year’s Winter collection.

Another similar charm but with a friendship theme that would be great as a gift for your friends. Consists of a disk with mother-of-pearl enamel and an inscription on the reverse side My friend is a star (My friend a star).

The next clip continues the theme of friendship and love, which is very similar to the one released last year.

Another pendant on the theme of friendship friend of my heartFriend of my Heart), which can be separated and is designed to be worn by two people.

The heart and bow charm has a common theme of friendship and love.

The last one in this set is the teddy bear charm, which is very similar to the already existing Bear Hug. This charm will be all silver.

The next batch of charms will be on the theme of the evening out.

The first pendant is a bright red hairpin.

The hairpin is repeated as a miniature in the next pendant, which is complemented by lipstick and a dress.

Suspension Fruit cocktail has a funny bright enamel. It can be perfectly combined with a mix of charms from the summer collection.

In addition, there is also a pendant in the form of a pavé bottle, which is completely studded with stones.

The next pendant is in the form of a clutch, which is covered with black enamel on one side and studded with stones on the other.

A few more interesting charms from the pre-fall collection.

Black and white Disney-themed pendant with Mickey silhouettes.

And finally, the last tidbit of this review. Three beautiful murano pendants in pink, black and blue.