We recently reviewed the new concepts of charms and bracelets that came out in the Pandora Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Today we will supplement the review with jewelry that has already appeared on store shelves.

The Signature line, in addition to the charms that we reviewed earlier in the Pandora Pre-Fall 2018 article, will also be complemented by 3 types of necklaces.

The first is a Y-shaped necklace, which has the ability to adjust the length to the required one. The double-sided necklace is a design solution that can be seen in the entire line of jewelry, which makes it even more versatility and the possibility of everyday wear.


The next Hearts of PANDORA necklace is an existing design in Pandora, only this launch decided to make a mini version of it. As before, the front side is decorated with cubic zirconia stones, on the back — the inscription Pandora in a circle. As before, the chain length is 45cm, adjustable to 42cm and 38cm.


The next design Pandora has already started to use in her pendants and this time it continues in the necklace. The intricate execution may not be to everyone’s liking, but the idea is quite practical, the necklace gives you the choice of how you want to look today. You can twist the center element and get a completely different decoration. The chain is 60 cm long, but the clasp comes with sliding elements, which will allow you to adjust the length to your image.


This minimalist necklace is very similar in design to the Arcs of Love necklace from the PANDORA 2018 Valentine’s Day collection. Just like the other necklaces in the PANDORA 2018 Pre-Autumn Collection, this necklace can be worn for both casual and evening wear.



Similar to the Love Lock ring from the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection, the Signature ring features a round PANDORA logo lock and 14 brilliant cubic zirconia stones.


Two lines of transparent stones are the moving part of the ring and add a special charm to it. You can focus on the PANDORA lettering or on the carved hearts that adorn the other half of the ring.



The Signature Hearts of PANDORA ring combines a logo, carved hearts and shimmering cubic zirconia. You can, depending on your mood, choose which one to be today — shining with a sparkling side, or romantic with carved hearts.



So far, we are only aware of one pair of earrings in this release. But what! Pandora has introduced versatile transformable earrings that you can wear in up to 5 different ways. Earrings consist of two parts, or rather of two circles. The larger circle is rimmed with zirconia stones, while the smaller circle is adorned with the Pandora inscription.


Put on both circles in front of the eyelet or fasten the large circle in the back — this will create 2 unique looks. The first 2 options also work great in reverse — this will allow you to create 2 more options for wearing earrings. You can also wear a small ring as an independent decoration — 5 way.


Which way do you like best?

What are your thoughts on the PANDORA Pre-Autumn 2018 collection? Share your opinions in the comments below.