The Pandora 2016 pre-fall collection will be released on July 21st. There are already photos of most models.



First of all, there will be a set of new zodiac charms. They are made in the same style as the charms with letters of the alphabet from the Spring collection. However, they look great and I really like the little sprockets between the discs.


The second set of charms in the style of friendship.

Two halves of the same charm can be shared between two people, there are two such models! (Best Friends Forever and Best Friends)

There is also a new pendant with heart and infinity symbols. (Friends forever), There is also a clip with the same symbols.

This collection did not forget about the sisters and released a new sister charm.

Another pre autumn 2016 collection is replenished with the flag of Canada.


Only recently we managed to get a photo of the last charm of this collection. The animal is a koala. Very detailed and cute animal.


And finally, a new bracelet from the pre-autumn 2016 collection. On one side of the clasp there is a sun, and on the other side there are stars. This is an exciting decision, this has never happened before. I like it very much.


It is worth noting that this may not be the most complete list of products from the upcoming collection. This is just what we managed to find out from our source :). I really like the new bracelet, it reminds me of something fabulous from the Disney collection. I also really like that the collection of charms for friends will be replenished.