After the summer, autumn will come and we already want to tell you about the pre-fall Pandora 2017 collection.

The first post about the pre-fall collection was in March, but now there are many more photos, models, names and prices.

Planned release date July 20th. We remind you that on August 6, Europe will celebrate Friendship Day. So the exit is not accidental :).

New bracelets — Friendship will be available in 6 colors and designed to wear 3-4 charms. They are made of polyester, with a silver heart-shaped clasp. Bracelets are $35.

Most charms revolve around the idea of ​​friendship.

— Lovely Heart Bond clip $54. Two hearts are intertwined, one of them is in stones.

— Charm Best Buddies is two bears in an embrace with a heart with the inscription — Best friends. This charm has long been known to everyone. Previously, it was released in a two-tone version, the heart was gold. 35 dollars.

— The Lovieng Ties charm will be sold at a price of $ 65, this is a bow on the background of a heart, a bow in pebbles.

— Very cute Charm Girlfriend. The price is 45 dollars. Round, in the center is a heart with a stone, and engraved around it is Girlfriend.

— Devoted heart pendant $60. With pink enamel and engraving — You make my heart smile.

— Star of Friendship pendant $60.

— Heart of friendship pendant — consists of two parts. One part can be shared with your girlfriend. 65 dollars.

The next series of charms is not related to friendship. These are fun bright charms associated with relaxation and beauty.

— Charm Red studs. 40 dollars. Shoe with red enamel.

— Charm Glamor trio. This is a pendant with a shoe, dress and lipstick. For true ladies 🙂 $50.

— Charm pendant Fruit cocktail. This is a glass with an orange and pink enamel.

— Charm pendant Time to celebrate. In the form of a bottle of champagne. 50 dollars.

— and Charm pendant Handbag. Very cute black handbag half in stones. Evening clutch. 45 dollars.

Conclusions: You definitely don’t have to think about what to give a friend for Friendship Day. Pandora took care of that. The choice of charms for friends is very large. There will be clip-on earrings and charms and pendants both in stones and with enamel. Also in the autumn we will be pleased with a small collection of charms for fun and femininity. Bright enamel charms in the form of shoes, glasses, handbags will come in handy for many. Refresh bracelets in the pre-fall period will be very helpful.

Photos of all voiced charms are below in the gallery!