Today we bring you the most important and relevant news in the world of Pandora, as well as reveal all the details of what awaits us in October 2017 — and beyond!

Pandora has been generous with the promotions of its collections lately, and the trend continues throughout October ahead of the Winter 2017 launch in early November.


Pandora BCA 2017 Charms & Promotions

Pandora has a long tradition of supporting and highlighting breast cancer and the fight against it, and this month, the «Do Give Hope» campaign will run in Pandora stores across the US. If you purchase one of the four BCA themed products, 20% of your purchase will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Products include the two double BCA pink leather bracelets featured in the campaign poster above, as well as two new Hope & Ribbon and Murano Survivor charms.


Pandora Autumn 2017 EXCLUSIVE

These are some of the Pandora Fall/Winter 17 exclusives we missed in our coverage — better late than never!
The first thing we would like to show you today is the Arabian love charm. It has a simple silver design. As far as we know, it will be presented exclusively for the Middle East. We haven’t actually seen any live photos of him, but we’re guessing he’s already hit store shelves. We really like this design — it’s simple, elegant and cute. The highlight of this charm is the small central swirling motif, which Pandora calls «Arabic love script». We would love to purchase it.

One of the following exclusives is the Pandora Fall 2017 Two Tone Heart Lock Charm from the Pandora Fall 2017 Collection. It was never released in most markets and we are told that it ended up being a limited edition only in China:


Meanwhile, several new engraved pendants have also appeared in North America. Usually, the Unforgettable Moments series doesn’t have an interesting or unique design, as they are essentially variations of the same charm, but if they have a special meaning to you, they might be of interest to you!

There are also family-themed pendants made in a cartoon style.

The Pandora Winter 2017 collection begins to appear in stores

Pandora stores in North America often start stocking new collections ahead of the official release date, and it seems like a few stores already have new batches of Pandora Winter 2017! We have live images courtesy of the lovely ladies who have already been able to own some of the charms from this collection, showing off some of the new beads, namely the Midnight Blues and the vibrant vibe of the new Emerald Green Essence Bead:


One of our favorites we’ve seen so far is the new Snow Globe charm with its insanely beautiful navy blue enamel.


Another exclusive that we were able to watch live from different angles is the beautiful new Murano Ice Drops. It is distinguished by its smaller diameter and bright blue blotches. We imagined it to be a softer dusty blue.


Wrapping up the review, we have some additional information on the Pandora Winter 2017 gift sets. They will definitely be available in Canada and we assume they will be the same for the US as well. Their release is scheduled in conjunction with the launch of the Winter 2017 collection, which will take place on November 2.

The Dazzling Snowflake gift set includes two Heart of Winter clips, a bracelet with Pave clasp and a dazzling Snowflake charm.


The following set offers a similar set of beads, but the main charm here is represented by the Snow Wonderland bead:


Finally, the gift sets also include the “Classic Elegance” set, which features a pendant and stud earrings in a sophisticated design and concise form, which fully correspond to their name:


So, on that note, we wrap up this month’s news coverage! We tried our best to include everything we missed, but if there’s anything else important, please leave a comment! 🙂
What are you expecting this month?