Pandora bracelets as an unsurpassed decoration quickly and confidently take the crown in the jewelry box of most fashionistas. From the first days of its appearance, the main features of this accessory were creativity, a non-standard approach to design and, of course, careful selection of material for manufacture.

most charms are made of precious or precious stones, gold, silver and other precious metals. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds — all this in the right arrangement looks stylish and luxurious. Glass, the beads of which are characterized by the incredible magic of attraction, is also successfully used in the formation of bracelets. Such accessories look stylish, delicate and refined on the wrist.

Pandora Murano: Difficult jewelry

Among the variety of bracelets, Pandora Murano should be especially noted — a product that differs in material for products. Murano glass beads are attached to the ring of this decoration. Its history is quite old and goes back to the distant 13th century. The glassmakers of the Venetian Republic, armed with the secrets of the old skill, developed an interesting technology for making beads. Production itself was concentrated on the nearby island of Murano, which is where the name of this beautiful material came from.

What does murano mean — this question is of interest to many. In addition to the old production traditions, these products are distinguished by the following:

  • they are exclusively handmade — you will not find two identical accessories in the whole world, even if the master prepares Charm for the same sketch;
  • safety for human health — Murano glass is made without the use of lead, nickel and other harmful chemical elements;
  • The beads are painted with paints, because all the bright patterns and ornaments on them are nothing but the talented work of the master, skillfully combining shades.

The basis for the manufacture of bracelet parts is rock crystal, in this case — sand from the protected forest of Fontainebleau in the south-east of France. The essence of the production of Murano glass is the addition of certain metals to the molten glass mass, which give the desired color. For example, yellow can be obtained using copper, blue — cobalt, green — iron oxide, red — manganese.

How to distinguish real Pandora from a fake? To do this, you need to use the information in our article. In addition, when buying a product, it is necessary to carefully study the tag with the description and article number, as well as consider the accessory itself. As a rule, such a bracelet is a piece of jewelry consisting of beads mainly on a silver base. Each of them has PANDORA’s signature engraving and assay data — most often in the form of S 925 ALE.

We choose Murano Pandora jewelry correctly

Those who wish to become the happy owner of a wonderful decoration should know that the glass of Venetian masters is usually found in two types:

  • Aventurine.

Its composition includes microscopic copper particles that provide the effect of a mysterious shimmer. It is noteworthy that such raw materials for the work of the masters turned out by accident — after a copper chip fell into a container with molten glass.

Here, the glass has an effect similar to the northern lights. It is made using a special type of material invented by NASA for space technology.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the unique technique of making Murano glass provides special protection against cracks and chips. Therefore, another factor indicating this brand is the incredible strength of the finished beads.

If we talk about what they are Charmy murano for pandora bracelet, in this regard, any buyer has a huge choice:

  • FIZZLE GLASS — their base is characterized by a monotonous basic color, and in the general layer there are air droplets and precious stones, which provide a good shine;
  • marble murano — on the basis there is a compulsion of glass particles that melt together and are fixed, resulting in a stunning marble effect;
  • 3D EFFECT — it always looks mesmerizing, such beads do not clutter with extra color, but only emphasize the contrast;
  • with a three-dimensional pattern — special shapes allow you to create bright accents and dilute the overall composition of the bracelet with interesting details.

Here you will definitely find both Murano bracelets and accessories to complement them. The main thing to focus on in the selection process is your own wishes and preferences. At the same time, there is no need to be afraid of experiments. After all, it is the color palette that characterizes it pandora murano bracelet, extremely diverse.

Here you will definitely find both gentle pastel tones and bright, saturated colors. Various patterns, shapes and textures will help to highlight the decoration against the background of others, to provide an original visualization. Beautiful floral motifs, romantic hearts, exotic butterflies — this always pleases, inspires and sets the mood.

Choosing components for your decoration, you have a unique opportunity to follow your style in any situation — be it minimalism or maximalism. Moreover, even one element on the bracelet will always look harmonious — and this is precisely the originality of Charm Murano.

Make your choice with us — because only here you will find a relevant gift for yourself and your family and friends.