Jewelry brand Pandora never ceases to amaze its fans. New designs, decoration and style in every new piece of jewelry. This time let’s talk about unsurpassed charms — Pandora Murano, which managed to win the hearts of many connoisseurs of beauty. The bewitching design of these unique beads is the merit of many craftsmen. After all, charms are made from a special type of Murano glass, the formula of which was developed according to ancient technology. Hand crafted and painted, they are priceless of their kind. If you look closely, you can see a real fairy tale in small Murano charms. They seem to be alive and each is a piece of jewelry art. Thanks to the color and shape, Pandora Murano glass charms are perfectly combined with each other and with other products of the brand. Original Pandora bracelets with Murano beads are a truly unique piece of jewelry.

Murano glass

Murano glass Pandora charms

For decorating Murano charms, not only Murano glass is used. Some models combine sparkling cubic zirconia stones with beautiful Murano glass. Such a duet looks harmonious, complementing each other with radiance and delicate transparency. Not all models of Pandora Murano charms are presented in the collection with a smooth surface. Some of them are made with even, identical edges, creating the effect of a precious stone. Such a bead looks like a diamond with 70 even facets. They reflect the rays of light well and shine nobly. The master has to work hard on one such Murano glass charm, because such work is a real art. Each piece is unique and fabulous. All colors are very bright and juicy.


Pandora bracelet with Murano glass charms

Pandora Murano charms can be combined not only with brand bracelets. They have proven to be excellent as a pendant around the neck. If you create a bracelet with Murano glass charms and a pendant with one Murano charm, you will get a wonderful jewelry set. It is not difficult to make a pendant around the neck. Just choose an elegant chain for the bead and the pendant is ready. The peculiarity of Murano charms is that even one copy on the basis will look harmonious and complete. Such models of charms will become an accent in a bracelet with other jewelry from previous Pandora collections. They will perfectly dilute silver and gold charms with a stylish look. You can create bracelets in one color design or make jewelry bright and colorful. Everything depends on your desire. Some owners prefer to wear several Murano glass charms on the base, which combine similar details in the decor. For example, floral motifs or cute hearts. Bracelets with Murano glass charms look gentle and neat on the wrist. Therefore, even a strict classic look can be successfully emphasized with branded jewelry.

Murano glass Pandora

Pandora Murano

Murano Pandora

Murano Pandora charm bracelet

Choosing gifts for loved ones in the Fragola store

Pandora masters did not forget to use symbols of romance in the design of Murano charms. Beautiful floral motifs, delicate hearts, small butterflies will be a nice accent for a gift. Pandora Murano charms can be bought as a present for a holiday or a memorable event. You can choose suitable original Pandora jewelry in the Fragola store. Among the large assortment, everyone will find an actual accessory for close and dear people. Store consultants are happy to help customers in choosing. Be original and love your loved ones. Delight them with Pandora jewelry