The Pandora Mother’s Day 2022 collection is full of hearts and eternity signs that symbolize the eternal and loving bond between mother and child. Outfits with cute travel-exclusive accessories are also included in the collection of new themed charms. Plus, there are some new adorable Disney x Pandora charms for Disney moms!

The new Star Wars x Pandora jewelry is also releasing alongside Mother’s Day jewelry, so there’s something for every Pandora fan.

Part of this collection has already been released in countries that celebrate Mother’s Day in March, such as the UK.

The Pandora Mother’s Day 2022 Collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, April 7, 2022.




Pandora bracelet with interlocking infinity heart clasp

Inspired by the love between mother and child, the beautiful bracelet features eight clear cubic zirconia on a silver heart surrounded by another heart. The sweet message «Forever, forever and ever» is engraved in handwritten script around the heart. Wear the bracelet on its own or pair it with charms to tell your story.590792C00.jpg

Chain bracelet with snake infinity knot

The classic style is complemented by an elegant twist with a new bracelet. Pandora Moments charms can be worn on one side of the snake chain, which is secured with a carabiner clasp. A large clasp in the form of an endless knot symbolizes a strong bond between family members. Regular Pandora Moments clips can be worn on two lugs, and the Pandora logo is engraved on the clasp. This symbol of eternal love can be worn alone or personalized with pendants. Available in sizes 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm and 23cm.


Sparkling Pandora Tennis Bracelet 591469C01

Tennis bracelets are always in style and this one is sure to dazzle! Vivid, clear cubic zirconia stones are inlaid throughout the bracelet for a glamorous look. Choose the perfect fit with carabiner closure and chain extension. Available in three sizes: 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm.



Sparkling Endless Hearts Chain Bracelet 591162C01

Glittering hearts intertwine beautifully on the chain bracelet for a glamorous look. Inspired by a tennis bracelet, this design is made up of six clear heart-shaped cubic zirkonia arranged in alternating directions. Another small heart-shaped stone dangles next to the carabiner clasp for extra sparkle.


Mother’s Day Pandora Charms 2022


Charm Graduation 2022

Congratulate on all their hard work with the 2022 graduation keychain. Textbooks are stacked together, a graduation scroll and a cap are placed on top. One of the books is engraved with the date «2022» to commemorate the year it was published. The perfect gift to illustrate that your loved one can achieve anything if they wish.


Mother and Puppy Love Charm

The wonderful relationship between mother and her puppy is depicted. The mama dog snuggles up to her pup with a shiny silver heart engraved with the message «Always by your side.» Black enamel is hand-applied to their eyes and nose, while oxidizing accentuates their fluffy fur. At the back, their tails are arranged so that they form two halves of a heart, and other hidden details of the heart are embossed on their paws. This charm would also be great for a mom of a fluffy baby!


Charm Pavé & Star Congratulations

Celebrate life’s important moments with a sparkly pendant! Both sides are adorned with a carved star surrounded by cubic zirconia pavé that sparkle just as brightly as the event. On the sides of the pendant are engraved the words «Congratulations» and «Only the sky is the limit.» A sweet gift that will show that you are proud of the achievements of your loved one and inspire him to new achievements.


Pendant «Cancan dancer»

Shake up your skirts with the fun Cancan Dancer Dangle Charm! This homage to the popular French dance features lifelike details such as feathers in the dancers’ hair and expressive facial features. Hand-painted French red and blue enamel decorates the lifted skirt and adds vibrant colors. A perfect souvenir from a trip to France, or as a memento of a lively cabaret night in Montmartre.

Charm intertwined endless hearts 790800C00

The bond between a mother and her child lasts forever, as beautifully depicted in the Weave of Infinite Hearts charm. This openwork pendant is decorated with hearts. Its heart-shaped design combines a smaller heart with a larger one, with several hearts adorning the edge of the pendant. The word «M♥︎M» is embossed on one side of the pendant, and the phrase «I ♥︎ You Are Forever, forever and ever» is engraved on the other side.

Charm pendant «Canadian bird and maple leaf»

Stay on track with the beautiful Canada Goose Dangle! This beautiful bird, hand-finished in natural black and brown enamel, is proud of its lineage and features a Canadian red maple leaf on its chest. Inspired by Canada’s national symbol, this is the perfect pendant for a bracelet or souvenir from Canada.

Charm Mom’s Heart

The new Mum Daisy Heart pendant is similar in style to the previously released Darling Daisy Meadow Clip (79149EN12) and White Daisy Spacer (791495EN12) pendants. White enamel daisies are depicted above a heart shaped charm adorned on one side with a polished silver heart that reads «MOM LOVE YOU ALWAYS». The charm features three multicolored flowers in pink, fuchsia and lavender enamel.

Pendant Pandora Pink bike

Travel in style with the Pink Scooter pendant! Inspired by travels across Asia, this cute bike keychain is hand-finished in beautiful pink enamel and features fun details like spinning wheels and fire motifs. Carved hearts adorn the wheels, while a sparkling stone serves as a headlight. A matching pink Pandora monogrammed helmet sits on top of the seat and is ready to use. Wear as a reminder of places you have visited or are on your wish list.

Pendant «Open Your Love»

Make someone special in your life smile with the Reveal Your Love Heart Spiral Dangle Pendant. The pendant is embellished with a faux pink azalea crystal encased in swirls of an open heart. The back sparkles with cubic zirconia details. The perfect way to say «I love you».

Clip Pandora Always Pavé

The clip is functional, stylish and features an alternating infinity symbol and a gem pattern on the band. Hanging at the bottom is a tiny polished heart engraved with the word «Always» to remind us that family love is eternal. This clip has an anti-slip silicone grip and can be attached anywhere on the bracelet, except for the bumps.

Pink Murano glass charm Reveal your love

I predict the Reveal Your Love pink Murano glass charm will be a favorite among fans of this collection! The bright glass is surrounded by a decorative core of eight carved sterling silver hearts with a polished solid heart inside. Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture and this pendant is the perfect way to celebrate China’s 520th Anniversary on May 20th.

Charm heart radiating mother’s love

Let your love shine with the new Radiating Love Mum Heart Charm! Inspired by the iconic Puffy Heart charm, this charm is hand-painted in translucent purple enamel to reveal a glowing heart design. Polished silver letters form the word «M♥︎m» on one side of the pendant.

charm mama i love you

Celebrate eternal love with the new Mum Infinity Pavé Double Dangle Pendant. This pendant features two pieces suspended from a sparkling shackle adorned with clear cubic zirconia stones. On the front, pale pink stones adorn a large infinity symbol adorned with the word «M♥︎m» and a heart-shaped stone set into the letter o. On the back of the charm is a silver disc with the inscription «I love you forever, forever and ever.»

Charm Always Together

The two circles are connected by a silver heart, which symbolizes the love bond between mother and child. This beautiful openwork charm is engraved with the word «T♥︎GETHER» on one side and the word «ALW♥︎YS» on the back. This cute message would also make the charm perfect for a Harry Potter fan!

Sparkling Triple Halo Hearts Pendant

A modern take on a classic motif, the Sparkling Triple Halo Hearts pendant features three pavé cubic zirconia bands set with six pink heart-shaped stones. A gift of eternal love for an elegant mother.

Sparkling Double Halo Heart Pendant 791476C01

Complement the sparkling Triple Halo Hearts pendant with the matching Double Halo Heart pendant. In the center is a heart-shaped pink stone surrounded by two halos, one heart-shaped and one round. The contours on the back are highly polished, and the pavé cubic zirconia temple sparkles.



birthday balloon pendant

Cheer up with a Happy Birthday balloon charm! Similar to Disney Pixar’s Up House & Balloons charm, the new Happy Birthday Heart balloon is a large, heart-shaped balloon that’s lovingly covered in clear purple, pink, and blue enamel. A small silver bundle hangs at the bottom, and the message «Happy Birthday» is engraved on the front of the pendant. The perfect gift for adventure seekers!

Sharm Mama

Add some color to your mom’s bracelet with the Radiating Love Mama Heart Charm. This retro-inspired piece features translucent lilac pink enamel on sterling silver to create the effect of an expanding heart shape. The symbol of a loving mother.

Pendant Family Always

This two-tone charm is made up of three pieces dangling from a silver base with a single stone. A silver disc engraved with the phrase «T♥︎GETHER ALW♥︎YS» is suspended in the center of two circles plated in 14k rose gold. One circle has a polished surface, while the other is adorned with sparkling stones, creating a beautiful contrast. The reverse side of the silver disc is decorated with an embossed love heart.

Entwined Infinite Hearts Pendant

This double pendant is full of hearts! Two heart-shaped elements dangle from a thin base adorned with pink and clear stones. The front element joins two hearts together with a small heart forming from a larger one. Cherry, pink and clear stones adorn the small heart, and the word «M♥︎M» is engraved on the edge of the other heart. Hanging on the back is a silver heart with the words «You are the ♥︎ of our family» and a pink gem inside. Another heart appears on the back along with the Pandora logo.

Sparkling Hearts Reveal Your Love Pendant

Love in charm! The Reveal Your Love Sparkling Hearts pendant is handcrafted in 14k rose gold. A round pink pavé halo surrounds the centerpiece, sparkling with three pink imitation crystals. Wear this charm as a celebration of romance and the power of love.

Pendant Peach

This cute 14k rose gold plated mini pendant is shaped like a juicy peach and set with sparkling peach orange cubic zirconia. Ribbed lines adorn the peach motif for added detail. We don’t have much information about this charm at this time and we’re not sure if it’s a Pandora ME micro charm or a small Pandora Moments charm.

Sharm Thank you mom

Show your mom how much she means to you with the Thank You Mom Heart Charm. Handcrafted in 14k rose gold plating, this symbol of unconditional love features an openwork heart with the words «Mom» and «Thank you for being you.» The perfect gift for the person who has always been by your side.

baby pacifier pendant

One of my favorite charms from the 2022 Mother’s Day collection is the two tone Baby Pacifier pendant. This pretty pendant features a 14k rose gold plated mouthpiece embellished with heart pavé. The sterling silver dummy shield is set with a single stone and engraved with a cute «Made with Love» lettering. Additional hearts are depicted on the silver bow and on the top of the mouthpiece. In general, a significant addition to the bracelet of a proud mother.

Happy Anniversary Pendant

Say «I still love you» with the Pavé & Heart Anniversary pendant in 14k rose gold. Both sides are paved with brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia stones that sparkle around a carved heart. The words «Happy Anniversary» are engraved on the top and bottom of the pendant.


UNICEF x Pandora


Pendant Find your light

Pandora for UNICEF Glow-in-the-Dark Twin Pendant Light Bulb features a realistic light bulb that lights up at night as a symbol of hope. The rim is decorated with a number of transparent cubic zirconias. The sterling silver disc pendant is engraved with the quote «Find Your Light» on one side and a light blue enamel heart on both sides. The words «Find Your Light» are engraved on the temple.



Star Wars x Pandora Mother’s Day 2022


Star Wars x Pandora
Open bracelet with Light & Dark Side logo

Celebrate the Force with the open Star Wars x Pandora Light & Dark Side Logo bracelet. One end of the bracelet is adorned with blue imitation crystals shaped like the Rebel Alliance logo, while the other end is adorned with red imitation crystals shaped like the symbol of the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker’s iconic lightsaber is engraved on the inside of the bracelet, while the outside reads «MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS.» The perfect way to show your devotion to Star Wars wherever you go!

Star Wars x Pandora
Rotating pendant with the symbol of the Rebel Alliance

Show your loyalty with the Star Wars x Pandora Rebel Alliance Symbol rotating pendant. This two-tone pendant features a 14k rose gold plated spinning pendant emblazoned with the Rebel Alliance logo. Three bright blue cubic zirconias are set into the front of the logo, while the word «REBEL» is engraved on the back of the pendant.

Star Wars x Pandora
Sharm Ewok

Inspired by my favorite Star Wars creature, this charm features a cute Ewok that lives on the forested moon of Endor. This little forest dweller is standing, holding a cane in one hand, wearing a headdress and a beautifully embroidered robe. The perfect addition to your galaxy themes!

Stormtrooper Helmet Pendant

Recreate epic battles with the Star Wars x Pandora Stormtrooper Helmet Pendant. The sterling silver pendant has been meticulously finished with white, black and blue enamel to recreate the life-size iconic stormtrooper helmet. Customize your Star Wars story like never before, or gift a fan with this realistic charm.



Minnie Mouse pendant for mom

The new Minnie Mouse Mum Heart Keychain is perfect for Disney Moms! This openwork heart-shaped pendant features Minnie’s iconic red and white bow and is adorned with the word «M♥︎m». The reverse side is decorated with the inscription «L♥︎ve» and two hearts made of silver and red enamel. Below it hangs a tiny silhouette of Minnie’s head, plated in beautiful 14k rose gold.

Pendant with Minnie Mouse, the best mother in the world

Make mom smile with the Disney Parks Best Mom Ever Minnie Mouse charm. Minnie, hand-painted in blue and pink enamel, stands next to a sterling silver heart decorated with pink and white flowers. The front of the pendant is engraved with the message «Best Mom Ever» and the back of the pendant is covered in flowers.

Pendant Stitch and Angel

Inspired by family ties, the Disney Parks Stitch Ohana Double Dangle Pendant features a rainbow of purple, blue, yellow and black enamel for a tropical vibe. Favorite Disney characters Stitch and Angel are captured in a playful pose inside an openwork heart. Hanging behind a beautiful Hawaiian sunset, it is depicted in colored enamel on a heart-shaped disc. The back of the pendant is engraved with Lilo and Stitch’s famous quote: «OHANA means family.» Musical notes and waves adorn the massive silver bow, making this charm a great addition to your Disney x Pandora collection.



O pendant necklace

The wonderful Pandora O pendant has been combined with a simple T-bar to create this smart new necklace design! As decorative as it is practical, the T clasp is located on the front and can be used to easily open a necklace or attach Pandora Moments pendants to a chain. Up to three pendants or Pandora Moments pendants can be placed on the O pendant. Necklace length 50cm.

Pandora out of time
Sparkling double heart pendant necklace

Pure heart shaped cubic zirconia stones form two hearts linked together in this beautiful necklace illustrating a love bond. Use the extension chain to wear your chosen length for the perfect fit. Necklace length 45cm.


Family Always Encircled necklace

The loving family circle is beautifully represented on the Family Always Encircled necklace. One small silver ring connects two large rings together. Shiny clear stones are set into one of the large rings, creating a beautiful texture. A cute detail is a small heart that adorns the extension chain. Necklace length 60cm.


Halo Collier Sparkling Round Necklace

Classic meets modern in the 14k gold-plated Sparkling Round Halo Pendant Collier. The traditional halo gets a new update with an off-center stone for a unique silhouette. The length of the chain is adjustable, making it a versatile finishing touch to your look.

Pendant-medallion «Discover your love»

Reveal Your Love Heart Locket pendant features a red enamel heart inside an openable 14k rose gold plated charm. A tiny sterling silver heart symbolizes the lock on the front, while the bow is adorned with pink imitation crystal pavé. The perfect way to say «I love you» to that special person in your life.



Mum Pave Heart ring

The word «M♥︎m» is written in the center of the silver band on the Mum Pavé Heart Ring. Three clear cubic zirconia stones sparkle within a heart-shaped ‘o’, and ‘L♥︎VE YOU FOREVER’ is embossed on the inside of the ring.

Sparkling double heart ring

The Double Heart Sparkling Ring features a beautiful timeless design with two heart-shaped stones arranged in a mosaic in the center. Tiny cubic zirconia stones are set across half of the band for an eye-catching look.

Pandora Moments
Ring «Sparkling Heart»

The Sparkling Heart Solitaire ring, the latest addition to the Pandora solitaire collection, features a heart-shaped clear cubic zirconia as the centerpiece with the Pandora logo engraved on the inside of the polished bar. Pair this ring with other sterling silver pieces for a solid color look, or match the metallic finish for a unique look.


Pandora Sparkling Triple Ring

Create a bold statement look with the Sparkling Triple Band. This new take on the bestseller features three large cubic zirconias and pavé of smaller stones. Interconnected rings — a symbol of families uniting; perfect gift for mom.

Pandora Moments
Sparkling round halo ring

Classic yet contemporary, the 14k gold plated Sparkling Round Halo ring features a round center stone surrounded by a clear pavé round cubic zirconia halo. The Pandora logo is engraved on the inside of the shank. An eternal gift for an elegant mother.



Family Circles Stud Earrings

The family circle look continues on the matching Family Circles stud earrings. The smaller circle joins the two larger circles together. Clear cubic zirconia stones are set on one of the circles, creating a nice contrast with the polished silver.

Family Always Encircled Hoop Earrings

Symbolizing the unbreakable bond, the Family Always Encircled Hoop Earrings features three rings intertwined on the ring and two polished silver rings, with one set in clear cubic zirconia pavé. The harmony of different forms symbolizes how families come together despite their differences.

Double Heart Stud Earrings

Dainty Double Heart Sparkling stud earrings are small enough to be worn every day, but pretty enough for a more dressy occasion. Embellished with four sparkling heart-shaped stones, the larger stones hang from the link, allowing for free movement.

Sparkling heart-shaped halo hoop earrings

A gift of love for the elegant mum, the Sparkling Halo Heart Hoop Earrings feature a pink cubic zirconia heart pendant surrounded by a pavé halo. The pavé hoop is embellished with round clear cubic zirconia. Pick the right pendants to make a bold statement.

Halo Sparkling Round Stud Earrings 261248C01

Make an elegant statement with the Sparkling Round Halo Stud Earrings. Hand-finished in 14k gold, they are set with solitaire stones in an off-center setting surrounded by a circle of pavé. The placement of the stones creates a unique silhouette and gives these earrings a more modern look.

Mother’s Day Pandora 2022 will be released worldwide on Thursday, April 7, 2022.

What do you think of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2022 collection?