This year’s Pandora Mother’s Day Collection includes traditional floral and love themes, as well as more gorgeous jewelry with 14k gold details! The collection also features three new adorable Disney x Pandora baby charms that will steal your heart.


— Bracelets
— Charms
— Pendant charms
— Murano charms
— Charms and pendants with gold
— Pandora Me Charms
— Disney Charms
— Choker, Necklace
— Earrings
— Rings


Pandora Mother’s Day 2021 Collection: Bracelets


Pandora Moments Gold Heart Bracelet (599380C00)

A classic Pandora Moments snakeskin chain is finished with a gold-romance clasp. One side of the heart shaped clasp is adorned with a 14k gold heart. The reverse side of the clasp features an oblong shape in 14K gold with the inscription «G585» — Pandora’s hallmark of 14K gold.


Bracelet Pandora Moments Heart Infinity

Symbolize eternal love with a new take on the classic Pandora Moments bracelet. This serpentine thread bracelet features a pretty button closure with an infinity symbol on a carved heart. The words «Love Forever» are engraved on one side and «PANDORA» is engraved on the back. Available in sizes 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm.


Pandora Moments bracelet with
winged heart

The new Pandora Moments Winged Heart bracelet is the perfect way to remember someone important in your life. Feathered wings open outwards on a smooth heart-shaped closure. A tiny heart is embossed below the words «Always by your side.» Available in sizes 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm.


Pandora Timeless Rose Petals Link Bracelet

This graceful bracelet from the Pandora Timeless collection is connected by oblong silver links. Stylized petals create a Celtic motif at the center of the bracelet, embellished with sparkling clear cubic zirkonia. A smaller version of the floral pattern hangs next to the crab clasp.


Pandora Timeless Sparkling Halo Tennis Bracelet

A delicate, feminine tennis bracelet crafted from a range of sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones. Smaller stones form a halo around a large sparkling stone in the center of the bracelet. Another gem hangs from a single setting next to the crab clasp.


Pandora Mother’s Day 2021 Collection: Charms


Pandora People
Heart & Clover Charm

The classic Puffy Heart Charm has been reimagined into the new Heart and Clover charm. One side is adorned with raised four-leaf clover petals and «Lucky to have You» slogan. On the back of the pendant, the word «Mom» with an embossed heart replaces the letter «o».


Pandora Passions
Angel wings

An abundance of hearts adorn the new Pandora Angel Wings & Mum charm. Both sides of the amulet feature a winged heart, one of which is engraved with the word «Mother» and the other with the inscription «My Angel». Miniature cut-out hearts form a pattern along the edge of the pendant.


Pandora Timeless Sparkling Round Openwork Charm (799225C01)

A mixture of round and pear shaped transparent cubic zirkonia forms this sparkling openwork charm. This sparkling charm can be paired with other pieces from the Pandora Timeless collection for a classic look.


Pandora People Globe Mum Dangle Charm (799368C01)

The new glitter globe charm for moms is a fun gift for the most important woman in your life! Two silver discs hang from a thin silver bale adorned with an embossed heart. The word «M♡M» hangs in front with a world map imprinted on the heart. The second silver disc is hand-applied with lustrous turquoise enamel along the lines of latitude and longitude. The back of the pendant is engraved with the message «You are my whole world.»


Pandora People Heart & Mom Dangle Charm (799402C01)

Show your mom double the love with these sparkling double charms! Pale pink stones sparkle in a thin bale and heart-shaped setting. The word «M ♡ M» adorns the front of the amulet, and the words «I love everything about you» are engraved on the back of the silver heart.


Clamp Pandora Sparkling Line (799403C01)

A single line of sparkling cubic zirconia runs through the center of this simple silver clip. Sparkling gemstones form a chic contrast with sleek silver for an elegant look.


Openwork heart and charm Pandora People (799413C01)

This gorgeous openwork charm brings the classic family tree to life. A beautiful mother-of-pearl heart is enclosed in a silver frame, surrounded by an elegant beaded pattern. The mother-of-pearl heart is embossed in the form of a small tree, and the edge of the pendant is adorned with a leaf pattern. A delicate inscription «Family forever» is engraved on a silver heart.


Pandora Thank You Mum Heart Charm (789372C00)

This heart-shaped openwork charm features an embossed ‘M ♡ m’ on one side and ‘Thank you for being you’ on the back. Dangling from the amulet are two tiny hearts, one silver and the other in a beautiful Pandora Rose plating. The silver heart is engraved with the words «Love» and the rose heart is engraved with the word «Thank you».


Pandora Timeless Two Tone Rose Dangle Charm (789373C01)

This beautiful two tone pendant is filled with beautiful details! Two elements in the form of petals are taken from a bale of silver, decorated with transparent cubic zirconias. A large sparkling stone is set in the center of a filigree flower trimmed with Pandora Rose. The silver disc is engraved on the back with the message: «Moments spent with you are my favorite», and the reverse is decorated with a white enamel lattice.


Pandora People Two Tone Mum Dangle Charm (789374C01)

Two-tone pendant charm with a silver bale embellished with clear cubic zirkonia and a Pandora Rose detail. The word «M ♡ m» turns into an infinity symbol, which is woven into a sparkling frame of stones.


Pandora Rose Love You Infinity Heart Dangle Charm (789369C01)

This double pendant pendant is inserted into a thin bale with tiny pebbles. In the foreground, the infinity symbol is woven into a heart-shaped frame. Behind the heart-shaped plate are engraved the words «Love you» on one side and «Always loved, always will» on the back.


Frosted Blue Murano Glass Pandora Rose Pendant (789420C00)

Introducing the first Pandora Murano frosted glass! The matte finish gives the pale blue glass a soft look that contrasts nicely with the lustrous Pandora Rose core.


Frosted Pink Murano Glass Pandora Rose Pendant (789421C00)

The new frosted Murano glass charm is also available in soft pink. I am very excited about the new frosted Murano glass charms and believe they will be able to create interesting textures on the bracelet design.


Pandora Passions Two Tone Family Tree Pendant with Heart Pendant (799366C00)

Last year, Pandora began re-release of 14k gold bicolor charms and I am happy to announce that many more will be released this year! The heart shaped silver charm is set with a 14K gold disc featuring a tree design. The front side of the amulet is adorned with the word «M ♡ m» and the inscription «YOU are the heart of our FAMILY» adorns the reverse side.


Pandora Two Tone Domed Gold Heart Charm (799415C00)

The classic heart shaped silver charm is dressed up in this beautiful two tone charm! A rounded 14k gold heart adorns the front of the amulet, and the message «You have ♥︎ of gold» is engraved on the reverse. The 14k gold Pandora hallmark “G585” is embossed on the oblong 14k gold case along the edge of the pendant.


Pandora Colors Stellar Blue Pavé Heart Tilt Pendant (799404C01)

A mixture of large and small stellar blue crystals is located on one side of this bright tilted heart. The pendant hangs from a thick bale, and there are round heart-shaped holes on the smooth back.


Pandora Colors Light Blue Pendant with Tilt Heart Pendants with Heart Charms

The Tilted Heart Dangle is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish in a variety of colorways. I like this version the most with shimmery blue crystals.


Pandora Colors Red Pavé Heart Tilt Pendant (789404C02)

The Pavé Tilted Heart Dangle Charm, part of the Pandora Colors range, is also available in bright red with vibrant cubic zirkonia.


Pandora Colors Royal Purple Pavé Tilt Heart Pendant with Charms (789404C03)

Get royal style with this slanted heart pendant in royal purple pavé. Sparkling purple crystals stand out against the charming, feminine Pandora Rose finish.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2021 Collection: Disney


Disney x Pandora Minnie Mouse Bow & Mum Charm (799363C01)

The perfect Disney mommy charm, the Minnie Mouse Bow and Mom Charm spells out the word «MM» in silver letters. In the center, instead of the letter “o”, there is a large heart, and both sides are decorated with a red enamel bow.


Disney x Pandora Pendant Lilo and Stitch Family (799383C01)

This new Lilo & Stitch family amulet perfectly illustrates how families stick together, even if it’s a family of friends. The twin-pendant pendant has two disc elements that are extracted from a plain silver bale. In the foreground, Lilo and Stitch are hugging in a round frame. Bright red enamel adorns Lilo’s dress, and the inside of Stitches’ ears is painted in pale pink enamel! On the back, the second disc forms a colorful backdrop with ombre turquoise and blue enamel on a tropical pattern that matches Lilo’s dress. Plant leaves and the inscription «Family means no one left behind» adorn the back of the amulet.


Disney x Pandora Winnie the Pooh Birthday Pendant (799385C01)

These double charms are adorned with cute bees flying over the bale of charms. Winnie the Pooh hangs below in his signature red enamel t-shirt with the addition of a blue party hat. A round disc spins on the back with «HapBee Birthday» engraved on one side and a gift-wrapped honey pot on the back.


Disney x Pandora Lady Charm (799386C01)

More characters have been added to the Disney x Pandora Babies range! I like the most charming Lady with big eyes and big fluffy ears. Pale blue enamel is hand-applied on the Lady’s collar, and below it hangs her diamond badge.


Charm Disney x Pandora Dumbo (799392C01)

Baby Dumbo is dressed for the circus with a ruffled collar and a small hat painted bright yellow enamel. His ears are open wide to help him fly!


Disney x Pandora Simba Charm (799398C01)

The charm perfectly captures Simba’s reaction to Zazu’s message that he and Nala are engaged! One eyebrow raised questioningly, eyes wide open. Black enamel highlights Shimaba’s facial features, while brown enamel adorns his ears and tail.


Disney x Pandora Mickey & Minnie Eternal Love Charm (799395C01)

Celebrate devotion to love with the Mickey & Minnie Eternal Love Charm. This round button dangle shows Mickey holding his beloved Minnie. Shimmering mother-of-pearl enamel covers the background and surrounds the «I will always love YOU» inscription on the back of the amulet. Beneath it hangs a tiny engagement ring with sparkling cubic zirkonia, and around the edge is a pattern of carved hearts.


Disney x Pandora Dumbo Sweet Dreams Charm (799405C01)

Charming pendant with two pendants and a sleeping Dumbo baby in a round setting. The second disc forms the backdrop of a shimmering night sky, hand-printed in translucent blue and purple enamel. The reverse is engraved with the message «Sweet Dreams Baby» and the bale is embossed with tiny stars.


Pandora Disney Parks Hats with ears for mums (789314C01)

Celebrate Mother’s Day with this fun Disney hanging charm in a beautiful Pandora’s Rose cover! Two ear hats hang from a bale tied together. Mom’s hat is adorned with a red enamel Minnie-style bow, and both hats are adorned with pink and red cubic zirconia stones. Two of Tony’s hearts are embossed on the bale on either side of the engraved «Disney Mom» ​​lettering.


Pandora Mother’s Day 2021 Collection: Necklaces & Pendants


Pendant Pandora Moments Heart O (399384C00)

Love is in the air and the Pandora O pendant has turned into a heart shape! Open the clasp and create your favorite Moments charms on the asymmetrical heart-shaped charm.


Pandora Link Chain Necklace (399410C00)

This sterling silver chain necklace will be an essential part of your jewelry collection. Wear alone with a pendant. Use it to create small, medium or large Pandora O pendants. 50cm long necklace with lobster clasp and tiny O-tag with Pandora logo.


Necklace Pandora Timeless Rose Petals Collier (399370C01)

Silver necklace and pendant framed with rose petals in an elegant Celtic style. The pear-shaped stones form a sparkling flower in the center, and a smaller silver flower hangs next to the clasp. The necklace is 45 cm long plus a small extension chain.


Necklace Pandora Sparkling Double Halo (399414C01)

Measuring 45 cm, this sterling silver necklace features a brilliant center pendant. Two shimmering halos surround a large cubic zirconia planted in the center. The necklace can be adjusted to two different lengths with a crab lock, and a silver rod with the Pandora logo hangs from the end of the chain.


Pandora Two Tone Gold Heart Necklace (399399C00)

This beautiful two tone necklace features a domed gold heart in smooth polished 14k gold on a heart shaped silver pendant. The 45 cm silver necklace is adjustable with a sliding lock and a tiny silver heart dangles from the end of the chain.


Pandora Mother’s Day 2021 Collection: Earrings


Pandora Timeless Rose Petals Stud Earrings (299371C01)

These tiny stud earrings are embellished with rose petal motifs, and each stud has a sparkle of clear cubic zirconia in the center.


Pandora Sparkling hoop earrings (299406C01)

Handmade Pandora earrings are decorated with small cubic zirconia stones with a large transparent stone in front.


Pandora Sparkling Halo Stud Earrings (299411C01)

Each hand-finished stud earring features a large, towering stone surrounded by two haloes of bright cubic zirkonia. Want a minimalist style for a change? The outer radius is removable and the earring can be worn without it!


Pandora Two Tone Gold Heart Earrings (299389C00)

These beautiful two tone stud earrings will be a classic addition to your jewelry collection. Each earring features a domed 14K gold heart in the middle for an elegant look.


Pandora Mother’s Day 2021 Collection: Rings


Ring Pandora Timeless Rose Petals (199401C00)

Beautiful ring in Celtic style, intertwined with delicate rose petals. Pair with Collier Rose Petal Necklace and Rose Petal Stud Earrings for a matching set.


Pandora Sparkling Halo Ring (199408C01)

Two sparkling halos surround a large zirconia stone that rises in the middle of the ring. Pair with the matching earrings, necklace, and Sparkling Halo tennis bracelet for an eye-catching look.


Pandora Timeless Pandora Rose Triple Strap Pavé Ring (189400C01)

Three strands intertwine to form this beautiful, eye-catching ring in a radiant Pandora rose. One band is adorned with tiny clear cubic zirconia, and each «ring» has three larger stones.


Massive ring Pandora Timeless Rose Petals (189412C01)

The new Rose Petals design is especially stunning in the Pandora Rose finish. The stylized petals increase in size to form a large airy rose with seven vibrant zirconia stones shining in the center.


Pandora Two Tone Gold Heart Ring (199396C00)

This beautiful two-tone ring will look beautiful alone or paired with earrings from the same series. A domed heart with a 14K gold center is attached to a sleek silver band for an elegant yet understated look.

The Pandora Mother’s Day 2021 Collection released worldwide on Thursday, April 15, 2021. We remind you that Mother’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine on the second Sunday of May, this year it is May 9th.

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