PANDORA 2020 Mother’s Day Collection: Necklace

Suspension «Massive Infinity Sign»

A large number of small infinity symbols form the centerpiece of the new Massive Infinity Sign pendant.

Pendant «Sparkling Infinity»

Symbolizing eternal love, the infinity symbol hangs on a 50 cm long silver necklace. Vibrant zirconia stones form a sparkling line over the infinity symbol.

PANDORA 2020 Mother’s Day Collection Earrings

Earrings — studs «Sparkling Eternity»

A tiny infinity symbol adorns this pair of cute stud earrings which have small clear zirconia stones that add extra sparkle.

Earrings — studs «Sparkling Eternity»a series Pandora Rose

Sparkling Eternity stud earrings are also available in finishes Pandora Rose.

Earrings — rings «Sign of infinity»

These cute sterling silver hoop earrings are adorned with miniature infinity signs.

PANDORA 2020 Mother’s Day Collection: Rings

Ring «Sign of Infinity»

This cute little ring would make a great engagement gift. Each side of the ring is tied with an endless knot, making it a symbol of eternal promise.

Open ring «Sign of infinity» from the series Pandora Rose

A large infinity symbol adorns this gorgeous open ring. One half of the ring is adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia stones, while the other half has a smooth finish Pandora Rose.

What do you think of Pandora’s 2020 Mother’s Day collection? What important moments in your life would you like to capture with charm? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below…