Demonstrate your warm relationship with your family with the new collection from Pandora!

2020 PANDORA Mother’s Day Collection

Mother’s Day collection from Pandora 2020 is filled with beautiful symbols and quirky characters and provides a great opportunity to show love to your loved ones.

In addition to beautiful jewelry for your beloved mother, the new collection Pandora also includes cute decorations that represent important life moments and colorful new decorations from the series Murano.

Pandora’s 2020 Mother’s Day Collection becomes available Thursday, April 16, 2020 at the online store Pandora.

PANDORA 2020 Mother’s Day Collection: Bracelets

Shiny bracelet with pink and clear stones

This modern and feminine bracelet is adorned with exquisite pink stones and clear cubic zirkonia. The clasp can be easily adjusted to your liking. Available to order in 23 cm and 25 cm.

Bracelet — snake «Family heart» from the series Pandora Moments

This is a cute bracelet from the series Pandora Moments with silver heart-shaped clasp. One side of the clasp features a small family tree with beaded details and sparkling leaves. Embossed leaves adorn the back of the clasp, where the word «Family» is engraved in the center.

Bracelet «Eternal love» from the series Pandora Moments

This is a new style of classic bracelet from the series Pandora Moments. A tiny infinity symbol sits below the heart-shaped clasp and underlines the engraved message «Forever Love».

Bracelet «Symbol of Infinity»

Featuring an infinity symbol at the center, this chic bracelet doubles as a statement piece and clasp. We love the modern lines of this bracelet and it will become a fan favorite. Available to order in sizes 16cm, 17cm and 19cm.

Bracelet — chain «Massive sign of infinity»

The Massive Infinity Sign Chain Bracelet is a sterling silver chain that is similar to the heart knotted bracelet from the 2019 Mother’s Day collection. Like the Infinity Symbol bracelet, it has an oversized infinity symbol as a clasp. Available to order in sizes 16cm, 18cm and 20cm.

PANDORA 2020 Mother’s Day Collection: Charms

Charm «Mom of the Year»

Similar to the Princess Heart charm, the new Best Mom in the World charm features a tiny crown on top of a silver heart. The words «Mm of the year» are engraved on the front side, while the reverse side is made of smooth silver. It is possible to make this decoration special by engraving a personalized message on the back.

Openwork charm «Flower heart for mom»

This beautiful charm is reminiscent of the Charming Flower Castle charm. Delicate silver weaves form a wild vine full of flowers. The front side is engraved with the inscription «Mmmy».

Openwork charm «Woven infinity»

Many intertwining infinity symbols come together to form this interesting openwork charm. Three clear cubic zirconia stones are placed on each side of the charm. Stones represent family members or sparkling moments spent as a family together!

Pendant «Shining Hearts and Stars»

The infinity theme continues with the colorful Shining Hearts and Stars pendant. Tiny hearts and stars cluster around a silver infinity symbol with purple gems. Behind it hangs a silver disk with glittery purple enamel that looks like stardust! The back is engraved with the words of Disney’s Buzz Lightyear: «I love you to infinity and beyond.»

Charm «Endless love for mom»

This sterling silver heart-shaped charm features two infinity symbols. A beautiful heart pattern adorns the sides of the piece, and the message «Love You MM».

Openwork charm «Family tree»

This jewelry is similar to the Shining Leaves charm. On this charming openwork charm, family members are represented by smooth and beaded leaves. A very nice detail is a small heart at the root of the tree.

Pendant «Sparkling Stars» Pandora

Pendant «Sparkling Stars» from the series Pandora This is a great gift for a new mom! Two heart-shaped silver discs hang from this decoration. Another disc depicts a small stork carrying a precious package in a night sky filled with stars and a sparkling moon. Pay attention to the heart on the package that the stork delivers! On the negotiable side engraved lullaby «TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR DO YOU KNOW HOW LOVED YOU ARE?».

Pendant «Newlyweds»

This cute charm is a fun gift for a special day. The little bride jumps off her feet and kisses her new husband. Newlyweds remind me of the cartoon story «Love is…» created by New Zealand cartoonist Kim Cazali in the 1960s.

Charm «Boy — Teenager»

The 2020 Mother’s Day collection introduces two new members of the family in the same style as the pendants in the series Disney Babies. A heart-shaped bandana holds a teenage boy’s hair while he skateboards with his friends. The cute details on this piece include a Pandora crown and the number 1 on the T-shirt.

Charm «Girlteenager»

The teenage girl does not look very friendly, but at the same time she winks! dressed in a top Pandora and a skirt, she wears her hair in pigtails with a bright pink enamel ribbon.

Charm «Wise Owl»

This smart little owl sits proudly on her diploma, wearing her graduation hat and cape. A tiny tassel hangs from the top of the hat. The owl’s eyes shine with bright blue crystals.

Charm «Graduate Books 2020»

The charm of Graduate Books 2020 shows the rigors of studying. and hard work pays off with the new 2020 Graduate Book Spell. A small graduation hat and a scroll are located on a stack of books with the date «2020».

Charm «love my mom»

The «Love your mom» charm is similar to the «Thank you for being my mom» charm. Note also the small carved heart in the center of the word «MM«. At the bottom hangs a cute heart-shaped disc in decoration Pandora Rose. The words «Love» and «You» engraved on both sides of the decoration.

Radiant Infinite Mother Love Pendant

Sterling silver and beautiful finish Pandora Rose adorn this stunning decoration. Shimmering pink enamel covers the second heart hanging behind. The cute «Family Forever and Always» lettering is engraved on the back of the charm.

Pendant «Letters MABOUTM» a series Pandora Rose

This is a themed two-tone pendant. Finishing Pandora Rose adorns the shiny letter «O». The word «MOM» is written in two silver «M» letters.

MOM heart pendant

This pendant is filled with love with lots of tiny hearts scattered all over the piece. Silver heart decorated with the word «MABOUTM ”, located on the background of candy-pink enamel. The message «I love you» is engraved on the back of the jewelry.

Pink Birthday Cake Pendant

A vibrant pink cake hanging adorns this pendant. The words «Happy Birthday» are surrounded by 6 sparkling stones. The small candle is on the back of the pendant along with the message «Make a wish!».

Shining Spark Charm Rose

Rose Family Tree Charm

Clip «Family Tree» Rose Reflexions

Clip «Pink way» Rose