We have already written about charms and bracelets, but today’s article covers the accompanying jewelry — rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets without charms! They will be available for purchase worldwide from April 12th.



The Brilliant Bow bracelet is an unusual combination of two different threads — one part is stiff and smooth, the other is made of a chain with an adjustable length.
The Sparkling Strand bracelet comes in a new gold color for Mother’s Day — we think this shade should work well with the Pandora Shine collection.


The Flourishing Hearts earrings were already released in the UK last month and they are really very beautiful in person.
The vibrant heart earrings feature the same mix of lilac and lavender stones that characterize the other pieces in this collection.
The Brilliant Bows earrings are pretty good, but it’s still interesting how good they are in real life.
Sweet Statements stud earrings combine delicate pink enamel and smooth polished silver.


Next — necklaces! We have matching offers for the Brilliant Bow and Bright Hearts range.
Finally, we have another interchangeable medallion design, the Sparkling Heart.


Finally, we have three new rings. The Brilliant Bow ring continues this series and is the only one in the standard design of all below.
The other two are something completely different — medallion rings where petites can be placed! The rings themselves are quite strange looking, but the concept is quite interesting.
Pandora set a great tone in the new collection, moving away from the cute theme and delving into the versatility and everyday life. But still, we can observe jewelry with pink playful enamel. We love the idea of ​​locket rings, everyone can create their own unique ring with petites, but we still have to see how they look in real life and if they are too big on the hand.