We have a surprise bonus for UK collectors today as Pandora released the Mother’s Day 2018 collection and the next Disney collection will also be on the shelves soon! For the uninitiated, we explain — Great Britain celebrates Mother’s Day earlier than most other countries, and therefore Pandora releases a small part of the collection earlier. We’ll get the rest of the collection in mid-April, when the rest of the world gets it all at once.

This collection was originally supposed to be released on Thursday, but the release was unexpectedly postponed to today. Just to keep us on our toes!

With that said, we’ve finally received confirmation from Pandora as to when we’ll be able to release a preview of the Mother’s Day collection, so expect lots of exciting posts next week! For those who don’t know, all of our preview release dates are pre-arranged with Pandora and we follow a set schedule.

So read on to find out what interesting jewelery is on sale in the UK today!

release Pandora Mothers Day 2018 in Great Britain

To begin with, a set is offered to your attention Flourishing Hearts, which consists of a bracelet, a pendant, a ball and a pair of earrings. The set features a beautiful wooden motif that Pandora has used quite a bit over the past few years, but we still really like how the theme is played here. Small silver details are very pleasing to the eye and look attractive.

As always, we’d prefer these cute bracelets to be released unengraved as well, as the family theme suggests they won’t be for everyone.

However, our favorite item from the set is without a doubt the pendant. She also has a corresponding charm.

Love Mum — a more traditional Mother’s Day charm from PandoraDecorated with pastel enamel.

pendant Perfect MumAs well as charm Love MumUses a trick to avoid writing no «mom«No»mum«, strategically inserting a cute heart into the center of the letter.

The rest of the beads were showcased in our initial previews of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Balloon & Teddy — a very cute balloon themed charm. Similar Charms of this theme will go on sale in April along with other Mother’s Day jewelry.

pendant Mother & Baby Bird — this is a completely different approach to the charm of the mother / child theme. We would have preferred some hammered oxidized silver detailing around the birds instead of the pastel inlay.

Another Charm that we like the most is this Perfect Home. It makes us think how cool it would be to have a house in Amsterdam in the same style!

Pink and Pandora Rose always go well together and we love the color combination in the pendant Pattern of Love .

Mother Heart now also available in Rose. Fortunately, the only button design in this set.

pendant Part of my Heart offers a two-tone Pandora Rose design — a job very well done in our opinion. This bead will also be included in the gift set.

February launch of Pandora Disney in the UK

The second part of the Pandora launch relates to Disney. Last year, the Disney line only appeared in the UK and Europe, and the launch collection was limited. Today’s release includes many items that we initially missed — Winnie the Pooh, princesses, Tinker Bell and many others!