A large selection of bows, balloons and cute animals intersect with a surprisingly small number of hearts and puck-shaped beads.


The collection will be released on April 12, so we won’t be able to find it anywhere before that date. This article covers all jewelry — bracelets, charms and medallion petitas.

Let’s start with the bangles — we have three new hard bangle designs coming out for Mother’s Day! The Flourishing Hearts bracelet is engraved with «Love Makes a Family» on the back. The Sparkling Floating Locket bracelet comes with a locket clasp that allows you to choose a miniature for it, and it’s a pretty neat concept.

Our favorite of the trio is the topmost bracelet in the photo below, which has a ball-and-lace clasp in a rather elegant and interesting design. We haven’t seen it before, but this time we managed to find it in a French catalogue. We hope that it will be presented with us!
Moving on to the charms, we have a pretty decorative set coming up in April — we’re super excited to see what the Brilliant Bow will look like on a bracelet!

We are in love with the Flourishing Hearts pendant, which is a simplified version of the pendant that was presented to us in the Valentine’s Day collection, but this time it is made without colored enamel. The Shiny Bow clip definitely deserves your attention as well. It’s always nice to see new link chain designs, although the narrow bases raise some concerns about its functionality.
Next, we have Mother’s Day charms! There are a couple of traditional hearts, but we think Pandora did a great job with the Mother’s Day theme by thinking outside of their usual parameters. The Elephant & Balloon charm is absolutely adorable, a great way to commemorate something new, while the house and bird shaped charms look surprisingly cute.
Our latest collage features a series of charms dedicated to special events and life stages! There are wedding charms — one for the bridesmaids, others more fun for the bride and groom, while «Bouquet» and «Piece of Cake» will be good for a wedding, but can be used for other purposes. Our favorite is the Cake pendant, although it says Congrats which limits its versatility!
The Birds pendant is very similar to the Mother & Baby pendant, but in a more romantic theme:
The «I Love My Mum» pendant is very similar to the enamel charm above, but in the shape of a pendant. This option will be worthy to decorate your bracelet!
Of all the Mother’s Day pendants featured, our favorite would be the Lotus pendant.
Moving on, next consider the new medallion petites, which represent the alphabet.
We are also expecting an addition to the line of medallions with interchangeable elements. True, from the image in the catalog, we can conclude that the new medallion will come without petita, as it was before.
I remember that in previous reviews of the Mother’s Day collection, we were already a little fed up with standard charms in the form of hearts and just beads. This collection departs strongly from its old style, focusing on special life moments rather than general events. The whole line has quite a festive mood with all its enamel charms, cakes, bouquets and pretty bows that always look like gifts. This year there was a noticeable push in Pandora’s collections, she tried to present fresh ideas, focusing her attention on symbolism. Pretty nice change!

What do you think of this collection? Did something appear on your wish list?