The new PANDORA Modern LovePods collection has been launched in Canada and the USA!

Pandora has decided to re-release its classic Love Pod collection with a modern twist. The new jewelry will be available in three variants — Silver, PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine.

Which option do you like best?


The delicate design of the PANDORA Modern LovePods collection is timeless and elegant. The three shades — Silver, PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine look great together, and the smooth mosaic ‘teardrop’ shape is perfect for creating wonderful ring combinations.

The original PANDORA Love Pod series had sparkling diamonds set into each «drop». Although it was incredibly beautiful, it raised the price of the piece and was too expensive for many PANDORA fans. The new Pandora Modern LovePods collection is much more affordable, as cubic zirconia stones were used for the inlay instead of diamonds.


In the US, the PANDORA Modern LovePods collection is available both in-store and online.

The PANDORA Modern LovePods Collection is also available in Canada and may be released in other countries soon! Let’s hope that it will be presented as an addition along with the Pandora Pre-Fall 2018 collection, which will be released already. July 19, 2018.


We love the simple yet elegant design of the contemporary LovePods collection. What do you think of the new PANDORA Modern LovePods collection? Did something make it to your wishlist?

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