Finally, the Pandora brand has released new models of leather bracelets. A set of unique jewelry went on sale this summer. Very timely for such summer color schemes. What pleased many fans of Pandora jewelry. The colors of the leather bracelets were not chosen by chance. Delicate pink is a shade of summer blooming honeysuckle, which enchants with its appearance in the summer. And sky blue is the color of ocean energy and clear skies.

Pandora bracelets made of genuine leather in the summer collection 2017

These two models of summer leather bracelets made an incredible impression on many fans of the Pandora brand. The design of accessories, unlike classic models, is quite bright, light, cheerful and versatile. Every fashionista, regardless of age, can wear such a bracelet for any look. The decoration will look appropriate, as a decoration at a beach party or during an afternoon visit to a cafe with a friend. Because, despite the palette of colors, they have a muted, soft shade and do not look defiant.

Features of Pandora leather bracelets from the summer collection

The peculiarity of the Pandora bracelet made of genuine leather is not only tropical design. But, and immediate versatility, as well as the ability to combine well with different charms and pendants. Such jewelry can be worn with pleasure in any season of the year. They will be appropriate in winter looks, due to the cold undertone of the colors. In the summer copies of the collection, a mischievous mood, summer carelessness, a certain severity and classic minimalism are perfectly combined. These qualities will appeal to every fashionista. In fact, such leather bracelets are analogues of previous models made of similar material. Only jewelry from the Pandora summer collection comes with a clasp, in the form of a neat silver sphere with the company’s brand logo. And in previous copies, the clasp was in the form of a small butterfly. These clasps are elegant and versatile because rounded charms and murano beads go great with them. Although other models of charms, pendants and clips will also create a great addition to the leather base.

Pandora leather bracelet, light blue bracelet, pink Pandora bracelet

Pandora Leather Bracelet Light Blue Leather and Pink Leather

The sky blue bracelet has a metallic sheen that is so relevant in the current seasons in clothes, accessories and jewelry. The product is self-sufficient, so it will look great without adding charms. But, like other Pandora bracelets, it is no exception, which means that you can pick up beautiful charms, pendants and clips for it. The pink bracelet also combines brightness and metallic luster. Such jewelry can add spice to a set with other, more classic bracelets. Thanks to such energetic bracelets made of genuine leather, not a single owner of the jewelry will go unnoticed.

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