Leather accessories give the image courage, audacity and incredible style. Jewelry brand Pandora has managed to make the dreams of many fashionistas come true and created leather jewelry in different colors. They perfectly emphasize the features of the owner’s character and make the image stylish, youthful.

How to wear a Pandora leather bracelet

Do not think that a leather bracelet should be treated especially during operation or it will cause you inconvenience. You just need to follow the simple rules of operation and enjoy your favorite decoration. If you have work that is related to repairs, work in the garden or garden, intensive sports, then remove the decoration. So you will protect it from exposure to dust, dirt and sweat.

Leather jewelry from the brand Pandora

In essence and purpose, Pandora leather products are somewhat different from the rest of the range. Genuine leather bracelets are as beautiful as silver or gold models. They just have their own characteristics and rules in the care. Because the key to wearing a leather bracelet for a long time is simple accuracy and moderation in decorating with charms. The properties and characterizing data of the skin are somewhat different from silver, gold. But, the rules for caring for it are the same as for precious metal. Leather bracelets are unpretentious in use and it makes no sense to give a complete care instruction. Therefore, we will briefly dwell on the main points:

  1. Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals.
  2. Keep away from sudden changes in temperature and high humidity
  3. Do not soak the bracelet in water.
  4. Be sure to remove before going to bed to avoid the appearance of unnecessary creases and wrinkled appearance.
  5. Do not rub with rough objects.
  6. Remove dirt carefully with a soft dry cloth.

If you follow the above rules, the bracelet will last a long time and delight with a great look.

Caring for your Pandora leather bracelet

What to do if the Pandora leather bracelet is stretched?

Leather, as a natural soft material, has the ability to stretch over time. The bright color of the material may fade a few tones. This is especially true for multi-colored models. This is a common occurrence for such decoration. The main thing is to keep a balance in the number of charms and clips. Wear no more than seven charms on the product. So the Pandora bracelet will delight with its beautiful design and unique look. In rare cases, if you do not follow this rule, it can deform from a lot of weight.

How to choose the right charms for a Pandora leather bracelet

In this case, you yourself decide what charms to decorate the bracelet with. Because each Pandora jewelry is perfectly combined with each other. And it depends only on you what charms will be on it. Charms and pendant charms with floral motifs, bright enamel and cubic zirconia are suitable for bright color models.

Pandora leather bracelets

Choose leather Pandora bracelets on the Fragola website

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