Often, the fair sex prefer to wear jewelry made in the same style. Sometimes you can choose the right jewelry yourself from different collections, but it is not always possible to create an elegant set. That is why jewelry brand designers Pandora offer ready-made kits. Choosing a beautiful composition that expresses your personality will be the first Pandora style lesson that you will successfully overcome.

What is included

Sets from Pandora are products selected in the same style, in harmony with each other. Designers carefully work out every detail of the composition, the elements of which add up to a complete image. A complete Pandora set includes several basic elements:

  • Bracelets — the brand’s calling card, recognizable all over the world. For their manufacture, gold, silver, patented by the company rights Shine, Rose, as well as leather and fabric are used. The bracelet is used as a base to which charms — pendants made in the form of flowers, animals, letters, symbols and other interesting items. Charms for the base can be chosen independently, having come up with the design of your own exclusive jewelry with a deep symbolic message. In order not to waste time searching for elements, you can order a ready-made bracelet with several charms matching the style, which were selected by experienced designers. The product can be presented both separately and as part of a composition, supplemented with other elements.
  • Rings Pandora are made from precious metals and proprietary alloys. Zirconia, sparkling crystal, colorful enamel, delicate hearts and tiny beads are used as decor. The catalogs contain both bright and defiant, as well as stylish, laconic, refined rings that will suit both a casual look and a formal outfit.
  • Earrings — an integral part of the image of a modern fashionista, so they must be included in the jewelry sets from Pandora. Stud earrings with a graceful design attract with shining stones. Drop earrings delight with delicate natural motifs. Model-jackets give the image of originality. Having entrusted your style to designers, you can be sure that the set will contain exactly those earrings that will most harmoniously fit into the image.
  • A necklace is an obligatory attribute of a finished image, giving the style of harmony and expressiveness. The collections of the brand include short and long necklaces. And already in the selections, designers have thought through to the smallest detail which necklace will look more successful in combination with other products.

Assortment of kits

The main feature of the collection is a single motif in which the entire composition is made. Who, if not Pandora designers, knows all the nuances of jewelry craftsmanship. By giving preference to a set, you can be sure that each element will become an integral part of your perfect style.

Gold jewelry sets

The main goal of the brand is to create high-quality and affordable jewelry, so the manufacturer uses its own gold alloy Pandora Shine and Pandora Rose, as well as 14 carat gold. Classic models necessarily have a gold clasp, and the model itself can combine gold and silver inserts. Gold Jewelry Sets will be the best gift for your loved ones, regardless of the occasion.

Silver jewelry sets

Silver is not a substitute for gold, but acts as a suitable alternative. For the manufacture of products, high-quality 925 sterling silver is used, which contains alloyed metals that provide a characteristic shine and prevent blackening of silver. Thanks to its laconic design and noble radiance silver jewelry sets fit well with modern style.

Gift Baskets

Brand Pandora offers a huge selection of jewelry for every taste, which can be selected individually or as part of a set. Amazing gift compositions deserve special attention. If you want to make an unforgettable gift, it’s hard to find something better than jewelry sets from famous brand Pandora. Your sister, best friend or girlfriend will be happy with such an original present, which will become a source of inspiration and an essential attribute of individual style. A feature of gift sets, which the brand often offers for the holidays, is the presence of branded gift packaging.

The Pandora brand is popular all over the world, so if you have not yet acquired an original piece of jewelry, you are probably planning to get acquainted with the world of Pandora. Having made a gift to yourself or your loved ones in the form of a finished product or a whole set, in the future you will create your own masterpiece.