The last two years have clearly shown us that making plans means making God laugh. And they also revealed to us those people and those companies that can quickly rebuild in new living conditions and not lose their leading positions. This year is coming to an end and I would like to sum up some results that will be of interest to all lovers of the PANDORA brand. Well, how can we do without a forecast: what do we expect from Pandora in 2022 in Ukraine and the world.

Pandora in 2022 in Ukraine

Pandora in the world

Movement is life. This old saying is true at all times. To grow, you need to move forward and preferably faster than your competitors. PANDORA built its development vector and named it Phoenix.

The strategy is based on four pillars of growth, which allows the company to confidently plan for 2022:

  • Brand. Development of popularity and coverage of the brand in the world.
  • Design. Create customer-centric innovation.
  • Personalization. Individualized purchases in stores in different countries.
  • Main Markets. Expansion of presence in key markets.

The company sees significant growth opportunities in existing markets rather than expanding into new regions. In particular, Pandora will focus on untapped opportunities in the US and China, markets where brand penetration is still low. The US and China account for over 50% of the global jewelry market. This value will continue to rise as a significant portion of the global market is driven by these two markets. Thus, Pandora plans to increase investment in the US and China in 2022.

Pandora releases several collections throughout the year. They are divided into seasons according to seasons. Here’s what we’re looking forward to next year:

  • PANDORA Winter Collection 2022
  • spring collection PANDORA 2022
  • Summer collection PANDORA 2022
  • Autumn collection PANDORA 2022

There are also special holiday collections released throughout the year:

  • PANDORA Valentine’s Day Collection 2022
  • PANDORA Mother’s Day Collection 2022
  • PANDORA Mid-Season 2022 Collection

Of course, this is not all, and we will see a lot of interesting things in the coming year — new promotions and discount offers, interesting integrations with other brands and organizations.

New store concept

Recently, testing of new Pandora store formats has begun. The first two opened in Milan (Italy) and London (UK). The new concept aims for a more intuitive shopping experience. It also increases the speed of service, which is very important during the holidays. Those who were in the offline Pandora store on the eve of the holidays will understand why the company took care of this. Two thirds of purchases in stores are made for gifts, so special attention is directed to the gift selection area.

New stores have also begun to offer engraving services on products, which allows you to personalize the purchase. The company has already received the first positive feedback from customers about the new store concept. The new store format is planned to open in other countries throughout 2022.

Pandora and philanthropic programs in 2022

Each year, the company participates in a variety of assistance programs and partnership agreements that are designed to improve the quality of life in different countries.

charms for change pandora unicef

I would especially like to focus on partnership with UNICEF. This partnership has been going on for over 3 years and has raised over $5.8 million to support youth education programs. Once a year, Pandora releases a special charm for UNICEF and donates part of the money from the sale to the fund. The partnership is producing good results and many young people are discovering new life opportunities. A special decoration and a number of joint programs are also planned for 2022.

Pandora and new packaging in 2022

As of 2021, the company has begun introducing a new type of packaging as the start of a journey towards greater sustainability. Pandora gift bags will no longer contain plastic. And its content in bracelet boxes and charm boxes has been reduced by 75%. This is done without sacrificing quality in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pandora aims to reduce its climate impact at every stage of the value chain.

new pandora packaging

All materials must be renewable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. The new packaging has already appeared in many stores, and it will finally replace the old one during 2022-2023, as the stock of the old one is used up.

Pandora in Ukraine in 2022

Last year for business in Ukraine was not easy. Quarantine requirements have forced big business to be more flexible in order to increase customer loyalty. Many well-known brands were tired of sales, enticed with discounts and focused on trading via the Internet. PANDORA in Ukraine is famous not only for its bright promotions, but also held a number of high-profile events, such as presentations of new collections. So what can we expect in 2022?

Pandora in 2022 in Ukraine and the world

Our online store of original Pandora jewelry will also delight you with new jewelry at affordable prices. In 2022, we have planned a number of promotions and discount offers during the holidays. Do not miss the hottest sales — subscribe to the newsletter. We have a large selection of bracelets, charms, charms — pendants and murano. Well, a PANDORA gift certificate will be a great gift if you do not know the exact gift preferences. Our experts will always advise you and advise the best option.

Diamonds in the Pandora Brilliance collection in 2022

Pandora decided to abandon the use of natural diamonds in favor of synthetic ones. This will make such an attractive stone affordable for more people. The company in 2021 launched a new collection called Pandora Brilliance. It uses diamonds that were created in the laboratory, and not mined from the mine. They have the same optical, chemical, thermal and physical characteristics.

pandora rejection of natural diamonds

They are classified according to the same standards known as 4Cs (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carats). The diamond collection is currently only sold in the UK. In 2022, its global launch is expected in other key countries.

Metals in 2022

Silver and gold are the main metals that the company uses to make jewelry. Some time ago, the company adopted a strategy to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

pandora silver processing

To do this, they began to use recycled raw materials in the production. The approximate share of recycled metal is now about 60%. In 2022, its mass fraction will grow even more, and by 2025, Pandora will completely switch to its reuse. This solution helps to reduce environmental and social impacts. After all, the processing of metals requires fewer resources than the extraction of new ones.

I hope that it was interesting for you to read about what awaits the Pandora brand in 2022 in Ukraine and the world, and you will continue to follow the news with us.