I think many will agree that the outgoing year has been difficult for many companies. Big and small businesses are going through difficult times, and the unknown lies ahead. What events are in store for us in 2021, what can we expect from it? In any case, I remain optimistic and wish you the same. After all, a positive infusion is already half the success in any business, do you agree?

pandora in 2021

I, as before, will not stop delighting you with new promotions and reporting the latest and most relevant news about Pandora. What awaits the company in 2021, what global changes are planned in it, and what collections we, as consumers, will see. Of course, today’s realities can make significant changes to these plans, nevertheless, let’s voice them.

Rebranding and reorganization

Since 2019, when the company launched a global rebranding, other transformations have taken place within the company itself, in its management. This year saw the start of a global reorganization that serves to stimulate retail. More than 100 markets are grouped into 10 clusters, each headed by a CEO. “The reorganization ideas are designed to reduce organizational complexity, allowing the company to operate with greater speed and agility,” said A. Lacik, President and CEO of PANDORA.

pandora 2021 news

There is no special information about 2021 and what changes will be for the brand, its stores, but it will try to guess.

Reserve – and – Collect

The current situation with the global pandemic calls for companies to be flexible and adapt to their customers in order not to fall in sales. For example, England, where, due to the national lockdown announced on November 5, all shops, pubs, and restaurants are closed, with the exception of supermarkets and pharmacies. Therefore, in this country, PANDORA launched a model called Reserve-and-Collectwhich allows you to make purchases for those who cannot use the Internet to make online purchases for various reasons.

order by phone pandora 2021

These customers can call the store and leave their order. If a particular store does not have the desired product, it will be stocked and delivered to a collection point for customers agreed with the client. This service will help both customers not to be left without a planned purchase, and the store not to be in the red due to the situation in the country. How this shopping model will develop and be in demand in other countries in 2021 will be shown by the first month of the English experiment.

Pandora in Ukraine and the world in 2021

In total, PANDORA currently employs 28,000 people worldwide. The jewelry brand manufactures its jewelry at two factories in Thailand. The main office is located in Denmark. In Ukraine, 51 stores have been opened to date, including one more boutique opened over the past year, despite the difficult situation. In which cities it is planned to open new stores in 2021, it is still unknown, but the Ukrainian division seeks to cover as many regions and settlements as possible with its presence. Pandora jewelry is sold in over 100 countries through 7,400 points of sale, including over 2,700 concept stores.

pandora chain of stores in Ukraine

In Ukraine this year, a new CEO of the PANDORA network has been appointed. She became Evgenia Chizhevskaya, who previously held the position of Commercial Director of Intertop Ukraine, the leader of the Ukrainian omni-fashion retail market. In her new role, she will focus on growing the company as a top jewelry retailer, executing the brand strategy and improving the customer experience. We will continue to observe the efficiency of all business processes in 2021. The official distributor representing PANDORA in Ukraine also represents it in Kazakhstan.

From 71% to 100% recyclable

In its jewelry, the company strives to use recycled raw materials (silver and gold). At the moment, 71% of silver and gold comes from secondary sources. Full switch to recycled silver and gold will reduce CO emissions 2water consumption and other environmental impacts, since metal recycling requires fewer resources than new mining.

pandora factory in thailand

In 2021, this figure will be even better, and by 2025 the company will completely stop using newly mined precious metals, and will buy only from recycled sources.

This will cut carbon emissions by two-thirds for silver and more than 99% for gold.

Also in 2021, work will continue to reduce greenhouse gases and the transition of the company’s plants to 100% renewable electricity. This work has been planned for several years ahead and is now being actively pursued.