To everyone’s joy, Pandora will fulfill the long-held dream of its fans and release a new collection dedicated to the beloved story of Harry Potter and his friends.

To implement the idea conceived many years ago, the brand has established a partnership with Warner Bros. There are still a few months left before the presentation, and information about the new series is rather scarce. But there is reason to believe that the new Pandora charms, like other elements of the collection, will be a pleasant surprise for fashionistas around the world.

Updated catalog of Pandora jewelry: what to expect?

It is known that the Harry Potter collection includes 12 different items, including Pandora pendants, traditional charms and a unique Pandora bracelet in terms of design. There is no information about other elements yet, and this suggests that the new jewelry is really something magical and amazing.

Steven Felchird, Chief Creative Officer of the brand, had this to say about the long-awaited collection:

“For years, Harry Potter and his team have given people faith in magic and joy. In addition, Pandora fans themselves have repeatedly suggested that we take on the creation of this collection. The time has come! We are thrilled that our creations, including Pandora clips, will be able to bring familiar characters and magical objects to life, associated with true feelings of love, friendship and devotion.”

There is not a drop of deception in the words of the creative leaders of the brand — the fans themselves on numerous forums say that Pandora chains have long been wanted to be decorated with pendants, so reminiscent of their favorite

heroes and adventures that took place in the famous school of wizardry. One can only imagine how eagerly the attention of millions of fans of Harry Potter and Pandora jewelry house will be following the news on November 28th. This is the official presentation of the new collection.

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Some more facts about the new collection of Harry Potter jewelry

Whether Pandora rings will be present in the cult mini-series is still unknown. But there is information regarding charms and pendants: they will be made, including in burgundy and gold shades, with the addition of enamel. It is unlikely to do without silver — in each new collection of the brand there are either Pandora dividers, or other types of jewelry made from this noble metal.

A preliminary conclusion can be drawn, guided by the comments of the creators. In the history of Harry Potter, the central place is not played by magic, but by simple and valuable human relationships: love and friendship. For sure, the collection will contain pendants or charms with which Pandora necklaces can be presented to your soul mate, beloved woman, real friend. However, some of the fashionistas are also unlikely to refuse other “magic” items.

We are waiting for new products by the end of this year, but for now, you can safely turn on your imagination and guess what other discoveries await us ahead! Even if the expectations do not come true — the creators of Pandora are always open to the ideas and suggestions of their fans!

⬇⬇⬇ Pandora Harry Potter — entire collection ⬇⬇⬇

Pendant Gafelpuff (798832C01)

Slytherin Pendant (798620C01)

Ravenclaw Pendant (798831C01)

Pendant Gryffindor (798627C01)

Charm Harry Potter (798626C01)

Charm Hermione Granger (798625C01)

Ron Weasley Charm (798621C01)

Charm House Elf Doby (798629C01)


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