Today we present a small but very unexpected review of the exclusive Halloween Pandora charms that will be presented on store shelves in the USA!

This is something of a surprise to us, as Pandora seemed to have been completely uninterested in Halloween for years.


Collectors, including us, have long complained that Pandora hasn’t released any new «spooky» design charms since the «retirement» of their original Witch, Pumpkin and Ghost beads. In this exclusive, we will not see a new design of charms or pendants, Pandora presents us all with a long-familiar design with openwork elements on the edges and sides of the beads, as well as an engraving on the Halloween theme.
For us, it’s certainly better than nothing, and some of the decorations are actually quite cute — read on for a closer look at them! 🙂

This release is reportedly a limited US exclusive. The four charms are enameled and engraved versions of the regular main Pandora beads: there are Pumpkin and Trick or Treat beads with openwork design on the side faces, a Happy Halloween Cat pendant and a charm — a heart with a charming ghost Boo. 😀


Until now, «Black Cat» has been the most popular in stores, it has appeared in several photos on the Internet from different sellers.


However, it looks like other charms have also started to hit stores. You can see the Trick or Treat and Pumpkin beads in the live photo posted below!


This exclusive release gives us a little bit of hope to see Pandora return for Halloween again, even if it’s not a new charm design. We hope to see more Halloween themed charms in the future if this exclusive generates more interest. It’s amazing when you see most brands actively gearing up for Halloween while Pandora stays decidedly on the sidelines.
Charms are undeniably very cute, but to be honest, this is exactly the kind of Halloween decor that we like. ^^ Our favorites are the ghost and the cat pendant, but Pumpkin is also cute. Hope we can get it.

What do you think of these latest Halloween charms?