When buying an original Pandora, no one thinks about the question whether it is gold or gilding — since all Pandora products are made of 585 and 750 gold.

The composition of the 585 sample consists of 59% gold, the rest is palladium, copper, silver, nickel. This composition has the best characteristics for jewelry and is used by jewelers around the world. It is hard, durable and does not oxidize.
750 proof consists of palladium, platinum, silver, nickel, copper and 75.5% gold. This composition is softer, Pandora uses it to make the most complex and small jewelry items.

But when choosing jewelry in the Pandora style, you can buy gilding instead of gold, and pay as for gold.
To further reduce the cost of products, they began to use gilding instead of gold. Gold plating is applied to the brass alloy with a thin micron layer. Such a coating is not durable and over time it will brighten, and then completely erased.

You will be very lucky if you buy Pandora jewelry gilded in the way — «solid gilding» or «plating». This method of gilding is better, more expensive, but also more durable. Gilding is applied with a thick layer of galvanic solution (a mixture of gold, copper and silver).

The main rule remains unchanged — buy only in trusted stores, do not be fooled by very low prices and do not believe in fairy tales.
Pandora jewelry was invented by the creators of gold and silver, which means they should be so. A girl who will wear such an ornament should receive from him a maximum of positive energy and self-confidence. Will such confidence come from you if you know that you have a gilded alloy on your hand.

The pbraslet.com store has products with gilding and gold. The manager will always warn the buyer before buying what exactly he chose and what is the difference. We can bring any Pandora gold jewelry to order.

Last photo of the original. No matter how hard the manufacturers try, gilding can be distinguished from real gold. The most effective way is to scratch the product somewhere on the inside. If you see another shade of yellow or white under the golden color, know that this is not gold.