This collection sticks firmly to the brand’s proven formula, offering more neutral winter blues as well as bright and cute details to celebrate the holiday season.
The collection will be released on November 2.


We also have great photos of the company’s new models, which pay a lot of attention to accompanying jewelry, and give a look at the new Pandora Rose Essence bracelet and much more!

The Pandora Autumn 2017 collection will be released on August 31, while the Winter 2017 collection will most likely debut on November 2.

Pandora Autumn Winter 17 / Pandora Autumn Winter 17 Product photos

Let’s get started with the new Pandora Rose details! This season, the brand has clearly decided to work in the style of «Rose», as they have a lot of fresh ideas and ideas for this line. In this collection, we can see a soft pink shimmery rose, a pink shimmery Christmas tree, a new Rose chain and a previously unseen Rose version of the popular Winter’s Kiss pendant.


We know for sure that the Pandora Essence bracelet will appear in the Rose collection, but it is not yet known for sure whether the bracelet will be in yellow gold or pink!


We have another novelty in the Rose collection, which looks like a special clasp bracelet. Perhaps this is an LE winter bracelet? It’s too early to talk about it, even though its design looks snowy and frosty.


Again, we can’t tell if this bracelet will be in rose gold or yellow gold… However, we do know for sure that the Pandora Rose bracelet will be unthreaded.


Finally, we have a new photo of some Pandora Rose Petites. We’ve seen some Christmas patterns before, they look more versatile.


The next set of photos seem to focus on the new winter fashion trends. It looks like there will be a couple of new blue beads and clips with rather large stones.


However, we were most intrigued by what the new Muranos would look like, in pale blue. Maybe it’s a light blue version of Muranoa glitter?


Just look at the new Heart of Winter necklace… It’s just adorable!

Another amazing item from Pandora Winter 2017 – dark blue snowflake charm with enamel. It’s so cute! We especially like that the new Radiant Hearts beads have snowflake silhouettes inside…


In order to match the image of a snowflake as much as possible, your attention will be presented with an image of a decorative bead in the same blue enamel. In the center is a bead with a nativity scene, complete with Christmas trees, snowflakes and a snowman!


The charm that is present in this bracelet is based on the «Merry Christmas», however it will be difficult to make out the actual detailing of the bracelet itself.

There is a green gemstone on the rings which really looks very pretty in this photo. However, we think the Pandora Signature Ring is very similar to what we’ve seen before.
You can also see other color palettes shown in this image:


We present to your attention photos that reveal new models of bracelets and other jewelry!
First up is the aforementioned Pandora Rose Essence bracelet. We really like its design, but it is not entirely clear why natural stones will not have beads, as in the original Essence collection.


Then we see an intriguing photo of the new Moments decorative balloons — one in gold, one in pink and one in silver. I wonder if they are just colored to match each kind of metal or if they are actually yellow gold, rose gold and silver.


There are also many photos of related jewelry — see them at the bottom of the article in the gallery.

We love the look of many of the new models featured here, but the snowflake balls fascinated us the most. We really liked them, because we have already reached the stage when the eye falls on something unusual and interesting, and not just what the majority likes and is the most popular. However, the light blue murano looks very chic — you can always be sure of your stunning appearance thanks to the new Murano glass beads, which fit perfectly into the design of the new Pandora collection!
Pink jewelry, in our opinion, is very beautiful. We love the Rose pave heart clasp bracelet and the new security chain, but the company is still working on their second pink bracelet (this bracelet will be in the orange and pink romantic sunset style) so we can’t see a photo of it at the moment . Muranos roses in white or other colors will also look amazing!

Pandora Winter 2017 Collection Preview

Pandora will release a limited edition bangle with the Winter 2017 collection — this year the bangle is called Heart of Winter, and also has a heart or snowflake shape attached to the pendant.


Moving on to the charms review, let’s start with one of my favorite bead sets from the AW17 collection — a set of chic decorative beads for jewelry! We are most impressed with the blue Ice Drops Glass pendants, and then the more romantic blue Wintry Delight pendant that has captivated us since the first photos of this collection appeared.


In addition, we have sky charms in rich blues. Their color palette is very similar to each other, but they are less winter-oriented. All products of the collection are beautiful in their own way and each of them has its own mystery, but the heavenly mosaic of a bewitching mother-of-pearl color would look just fine and attract the admiring glances of others!


You should also pay attention to the Nature’s Radiance charm, which is made in dark blue and pink, and sparkling hearts in emerald green. The Gold Color Fresco collection fills with a bright carnival feeling and charges with positive!


The new collection also includes regular holiday charms! These are winter design charms that we can’t wait to see and most likely purchase! This year they promise to be really original!
Red Twinkle Glass has a golden luster that gives the impression of a really rich, chic and sophisticated finish, while «Christmas Night» and «Snowy Passion for Wonders» offer something more intricate, mainly for lovers of bright red, which is an essential part of the Pandora holiday jewelry collection. Our favorite of these is by far the adorable Christmas polar bear with a little badge that says «Santa stops here.» Well, it looks really cute! 🙂


Although this collection is very similar to the previous ones, in our opinion it is more aesthetic than those released before, there are some individual elements that we really like for their originality! We are always very happy to see new holiday collections, because it gives us a pleasant admiration even from the very kind of gift wrapping of Pandora Christmas products and advertising.
Our favorite holiday pendants are Polar Bear, Christmas Night, Holiday Wreath, Ice Drops and Wintry Delight. We look forward to the official release of the Pandora Winter 2017 collection with you!