Autumn collection Pandora 2021

Get back to nature with the Pandora Fall 2021 collection…

Simple tones and deep hues make for a stunning backdrop for the Pandora Fall 2021 collection. Inspired by nature, the collection is filled with beautiful pine cones and leaves, as well as a fun array of new hobby-themed charms.

Along with the new charms, the fall 2021 collection also includes creative ways to decorate your Pandora jewelry with interesting charm holders. As well as incredible new items from the Pandora Star Wars and Pandora Disney collections!



Pandora Moments Disc Clasp Bracelet

Express your style with the disc-engraved Pandora Moments Serpentine Bracelet. The bracelet is adorned with the iconic Pandora snake chain, with additional engraving on the disc-shaped clasp. One side of the clasp is stamped with the Pandora logo, but both sides have room to engrave your personal inscription, such as initials or an important date.


Bracelet double Pandora Moments

Double up the style with the Pandora Moments chain bracelet with barrel clasp. This double-wrapped bracelet features the iconic snake chain and four strands for endless looks. Glittering, clear zirconia stones are set in a barrel-style clasp for a glamorous look. Can be worn on a bracelet for up to 18-25 charms or pendants, or worn as a necklace!


Pandora Moments Heart Clasp Bracelet

Show off your creativity with this bracelet. Charms can be worn both on a snake chain and on a heart-shaped clasp. The heart-shaped clasp works like a carabiner, but can also be adorned with two charms or pendants!


Bracelet for engraving Pandora (599523C00)

Brand new Pandora engraved link bracelet. In the middle of the voluminous silver chain bracelet is a polished silver bar, which can be engraved with initials, an important date or a special message. The carabiner clasp allows you to adjust the size of the bracelet by one size.


Rose Sparkling Heart Pandora Bracelet (589543C01)

Add some pop of color with the new sparkling heart-shaped chain bracelet. 14K rose gold plated snake chain bracelet with synthetic rubies and pink crystals on a cylinder clasp. A tiny heart hangs from the bottom of the clasp.



Charm Pandora Dancing Queen (799524C01)

The new openwork charm is perfect for ABBA fans or just those who love to dance! At the top of the charm, above the dancing queen inscription, is a sparkling clear cubic zirconia stone. It is he who depicts a disco ball with the words «Dancing queen». A mix of little hearts and stars are scattered around the charm to get you into the party vibe.


Charm Gratitude (799527C01)

The Thankful Heart and Stars charm is a sweet reminder to be thankful for all the happiness in your life. Tiny stars are depicted on the heart shaped charm, while larger stars extend beyond the charm. One side is engraved with the word «Grateful» and the other with the word «Blessed». Bright blue crystals attract with their radiance from three stars.


Charm Pandora cute mushroom (799528C01)

Add some playfulness and fun to your bracelet with these mushrooms! The new Cute Mushroom charm is really cute and looks like a character from Nintendo. Expressive blackening and texture decorates the top of the mushroom with polished dots and hearts. Glittering black crystal eyes peek out from under the mushroom, and tiny mushroom-shaped arms hang down the sides. This fun charm is one of my favorites from the Pandora Fall 2021 collection.


American Football Pendant (799530C01)

Although technically the symbol of American football, this pendant can be used as an Australian football or ruby ​​ball. The brown skin of the ball is depicted with many micro-crystals of brown color, and tiny transparent cubic zirconia stones are inserted into the base. Silver lace details adorn one side of the charm, while the oblong side is engraved with the Pandora logo.


Charm Master Chef (799531C01)

The culinary themed pendant consists of three suspended elements: a spatula, a whisk and a frying pan. Two sparkling cubic zirconia stones are a gourmet platter on the front of a tiny frying pan with carved hearts on the back. This fun charm is just a godsend for gourmets and chefs.


Pandora Red Apple Murano Glass (799534C01)

The new Murano glass red apple charm is similar to the previously released Snow White’s Red Apple (791572EN73) and Poisoned Apple (797486CZRMX) charms. However, instead of glossy red enamel, this pendant uses beautiful apple-shaped red Murano glass. My favorite details are the heart shaped stem and engraved leaf. Sparkling transparent cubic zirkonia are placed in a thin oval base of the pendant.


Charm Kitten with a ball (799535C00)

This charm is one of my favorite charms from the Pandora Fall 2021 collection. Rolling on its back, the kitten plays with a ball of wool. Engraved details and corrugated lines imitate fur spots, on the paws — embossed pads. Blackened lines emphasize the kitten’s cute face, and its tail curls around its back. A small pendant engraved with the word «ME♥️ W» hangs from a ball of wool. This charm is definitely one of my favorites!


Pendant Shopping Bag Pandora (799536C00)

The Pandora shopping bag is perfect for Pandora lovers! This pendant is a new version of the Pandora shopping bag (791184). A Pandora bag hangs from a sleek silver base. Both sides of the bag are adorned with an engraved Pandora logo and the iconic Pandora bow is tied at the front. A tiny heart-shaped charm engraved with «I love shopping» dangles from the handle of the bag.


Pandora Pendant Opening Heart Locket (799537C01)

This heart-shaped medallion pendant features sparkling clear cubic zirconia on the front. Open the locket to reveal the engraved message «Be always in my heart». Tiny clear cubic zirconia stones are set into the base of the pendant for added glamour.


Pandora Pendant Sister’s Bound Heart (799538C01)

Share your sisterly love! This pendant features two interconnected open hearts, each adorned with sparkling clear cubic zirconia and an engraved message. One says «Sister» and the other says «Sister». Both hearts are adorned with tiny heart cutouts and «I will always have a friend» slogan. Two hearts can be separated so that one can be worn and the other given to a sister.


Pendant Pandora 15th Anniversary (799540C01)

The pendant with the number 15 is polished on the front side, and decorated with microbeads and hearts on the back. A small pavé crown dangles from the front of the pendant. And additional cubic zirconias are inserted into the base of the pendant.


Purple Green Leaf Charm (799542C01)

Add naturalness to your look with this charm. The translucent purple and dark green enamel is incredibly combined with the translucent textured details of the sheet. Although this charm is based on the shape of a leaf, it also resembles a tree and will look beautiful in any nature themed style.


Pendant Sport Love Pandora (799545C01)

I can finally lift a dumbbell! This pendant charm features a tiny dumbbell suspended inside an open heart. The handle is covered in translucent pink enamel, and a heart is embossed on each end of the dumbbell.


Pandora Cats in Love Pendant (799546C01)

This pendant features two cats in love on the front, with their tails curled together to form a heart. Transparent cubic zirkonia decorate the tail of one cat and the collar of another cat. One cat is adorned with shimmering hand-applied silver enamel, while the other is adorned with polished silver. On the other side of the pendant, stars sparkle and the message «I will always be by your side» is engraved. Additional stars adorn both the reverse side of the pendant and the formation itself.


Pendant Korean Hanbok Doll (799499C01)

This doll pendant will be a wonderful souvenir of Korean culture. This Korean doll wears a hanbok dress, a traditional dress worn in Korean festivals and ceremonies. The dress is decorated with green and pink handmade enamel, while the hair, accessories and eyes of the doll are applied with black and pink enamel. The base of the pendant is set with a pink cubic zirconia stone engraved with the word «KOREA».


Charm Pig with Pandora coin (799549C00)

Pandora has released several piggy bank charms over the years, but this is the first time it has included a coin. Textured lines are engraved on the edge of the coin, in the center is an engraved heart on one side and Pandora’s Crown O on the other. The polished silver pig has heart-shaped paws, an upturned muzzle, and a curled tail.


Charm Rubber Duck Pandora (799554C01)

«Oh, Rubber Ducky, it’s you. Swimming with you is really fun! Show your love for taking a bath or Sesame Street with the new Polished Rubber Duck charm! This cute and whimsical piece features an orange enamel beak and black eyes. This quirky duck has a fluffy tail and cute bangs on its head.


Pandora Matte Green Murano Glass Charm (799555C00)

Gorgeous frosted Murano glass is now also available in stunning Parisian green. This rich shade is perfect for fall styles and pairs well with other pieces in the collection, such as the Violet Green Leaf charm (799542C01).


Pavé Feather Pendant (799561C01)

The suspension consists of two discs. On the front there is an openwork pattern in the form of a large feather, bent into a frame, with V-shaped birds in the distance. The rear disc of the suspension is adorned with a mix of pink cubic zirconia and pink and purple crystals for a warm hue. The back is engraved with the message «Spread love everywhere you go.» A bright purple stone is inserted into the base of the pendant.


Glittering Heart Pendant (799558C01)

Surprisingly, Pandora Fall 2021 has a fair amount of heart jewelry. These sparkling hearts are featured on a flat disc decorated with a hand-cut heart pattern. Synthetic rubies and pink crystals are inserted into the hearts, which can also be seen on the back of the disc. The massive sterling silver base is engraved with a repeating «I love you» inscription.


Sparkling ruby ​​red heart charm (798692C02)

Another love-themed charm is a sparkling ruby ​​red heart that appears to be hand-drawn. The open heart is adorned with brilliant-cut synthetic rubies on both sides, while the edge of the charm is adorned with hearts and «X» symbols for a playful «XOXO» look.


Pandora Tape Clip (799502C00)

The new ribbon clip has a similar design to the braided clip (791774). Both clips have a cross pattern, but in this version the lines are flatter and polished like ribbons. This clip does not have a silicone handle, so it will slide over the bracelet.


Charm Intertwined Hearts Pandora Rose (789529C01)

This handmade 14k rose gold plated charm features three intertwined open heart shapes. The large heart has a polished surface, another has grooved lines, and the third is embellished with pink cubic zirkonia. On the edge of the charm are engraved the words «Love Forever» (Love forever) and «Always» (Constantly).


Charm barrel with Pandora heart (789548C01)

The handmade heart barrel charm matches the clasp design on the Pandora Sparkling Freehand chain bracelet. Synthetic rubies and pink crystals of different sizes are inserted into the charm barrel. A tiny hand-shaped heart detail dangles gracefully from the bottom.


Pendant Glittering Heart Pandora Pavé (789565C01)

Hand-drawn hearts continue in this stunning pendant. Pendant in 14K rose gold plated metal, hand-set with synthetic rubies and rose crystal pavé. Glittering stones are also visible through on the other side.


Pandora sparkling feather pendant (789550C01)

Handcrafted 14k rose gold plated metal and a textured nib that curves from the base. A line of translucent, brilliant-cut cubic zirkonia shines from the middle of the feather. Additional stones are inserted into the base for extra shine.


Pendant Pandora oak leaf (789552C01)

Oak leaf pendant, perfect for a nature theme, handcrafted in 14K rose gold plated metal, embellished with pink cubic zirkonia and sparkling purple and pink crystals. Microbeading adorns the front of the leaf while the back is adorned with engraved lines. Inserted into the base, purple stones fade into pink, creating a beautiful ombre effect.


Pendant Pandora pine cone (789557C01)

The dangling pinecone is one of my favorite charms from the Pandora Autumn 2021 collection. This pendant is hand-finished in 14k rose gold plated metal and consists of two pieces. A beautiful textured pine cone is decorated with transparent cubic zirkonia. A needle leaf dangles from the back with a cute heart detail at one end. Clear stones are set in a thin base for extra sparkle.


Matte Purple Murano Glass Pandora Charm (789547C00)

Frosted Murano glass is also available in a beautiful royal purple that looks stunning against a 14k rose gold plated backdrop. This rich shade is perfect for fall styles and pairs beautifully with frosted green Murano glass.


Pandora Rose Ribbon Clip (789502C00)

Clip in 14k rose gold. The band lines are flat and polished, and this clip does not have a silicone handle, so it will slide over the bracelet.


Security chain Family (789541C01)

Keep your charms safe with this stylish chain in sterling silver and rose gold plated metal. This threaded chain has two hanging hearts. One is an open heart in warm tones with an infinity sign, and the other is a heart shaped silver disc engraved with «Family» on the front. A band of clear cubic zirconia is laid at each end of the security chain.


Pandora Shine Logo Clip (769042C01)

Add sparkle to your look with sparkling pavé lines and the Pandora logo. Handcrafted in 585 gold-plated metal, this clip is embellished with two rows of sparkling clear cubic zirconia pavé. The center of the raised row features the Pandora logo with delicate microbeads on the sides. Both sides of the clip are embossed with hearts.


Security chain with Pave Shine (766322C01-05)

Keep your charms safe with that sparkly chain. Handcrafted in 14k gold plated metal and embellished with clip-on charms at each end. Each clip is embellished with sparkling clear cubic zirkonia in various sizes, creating a pleasing contrast against the warm-toned metal. Silicone grips are inside each clip, which means they won’t fit into the threads.



Disney heart clasp bracelet (569563C01)

Inspired by the Disney princesses, this Pandora Moments bracelet features a magical heart-shaped clasp with 14K gold plated details. One side of the clasp resembles the bust of a dress, and transparent cubic zirkonia are inserted into the lower half. The back of the clasp is engraved with the message «Never give up on your dreams.» Under the clasp hangs a small 14K gold plated heart with a tiny crown embossed on one side and a sparkling stone on the other side.


Rose Belle Disney Pendant (399525C01)

Belle’s style is captured in a beautiful Disney pendant. This sterling silver pendant has a vintage look and features a large yellow cabochon cut crystal placed inside the infinity symbol. The pendant is embellished with details reminiscent of grapes, including thorns, leaves and a branched rose. Behind the stone is a second rose, which can be seen through a glowing yellow crystal. Clear cubic zirconia stones are set in a delicate pendant base for added sparkle.


Disney Snow White Apple Pendant (399553C01)

Tell the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with this cute pendant. The large red cabochon-cut crystal is an apple with a silver leaf protruding from a heart-shaped bezel. Transparent cubic zirconia stones are inserted into the side parts of the base of the pendant. A tiny open heart covered with stones is hidden behind a bright red crystal.


Disney Cinderella Blue Star Pendant (399560C01)

A large blue cubic zirconia sparkles in the center of the asymmetrical star. Two silver swirls are located on the side of the stone, forming a carriage shape, and another small carved gourd carriage is located behind the gem. Clear cubic zirconia stones are set in the longer edges of the pendant as well as the thin base.


Disney Rapunzel Charm (799498C01)

The new charms from the Disney x Pandora Princess collection are the same size as the Harry Potter X Pandora charms and come in a color that is specific to each princess. Rapunzel’s dress is hand-finished with lilac and shimmery lavender enamel, and beautiful enamel flowers are scattered through her hair.


Charm Jasmine Disney (799507C01)

Princess Jasmine’s outfit is hand-finished in shimmery translucent turquoise enamel, while her necklace and earrings are finished in bright yellow enamel. As with the Harry Potter character, the new Disney princess charms have fairly large heads compared to their body size.


Charm Little Mermaid Ariel Disney (799508C01)

Ariel’s signature colors adorn the Disney x Pandora The Little Mermaid charm. Hand-finished translucent green enamel covers Ariel’s tail, while dark purple enamel is applied to her top and hairband. Interestingly, Ariel isn’t wearing her iconic shell bikini but is instead dressed in a bandeau top.


Disney Cinderella Charm (799509C01)

The charm is decorated with handmade enamel. Cinderella’s dress is decorated with enamel from azure to arctic shades. Both the earrings and Cinderella’s headband are also embellished with bright blue enamel, which adds even more vibrancy to them.


Charm Princess Tiana Disney (799510C01)

Four colors of enamel decorate this superb charm from The Princess and the Frog. Sparkling green enamel adorns the top of Tiana’s dress, while the underskirt is embellished with buttery yellow enamel. The coat is handmade in apple green shades, and the beautiful tiara is decorated with translucent olive enamel.


Madame Leota’s Haunted Mansion Pendant (799514C00)

Madame Leota’s haunted mansion is a great option for fantasy lovers. The pendant is decorated with an oval disk with a relief image of Madame Leota’s tombstone. On the reverse side is an engraved message: “Dear sweet Leota, beloved by all. Now she does not live with us, but is present at the ball. The front is a silver frame adorned with intricate floral embellishments.



Pendant Star Wars Falcon (769504C01)

The new pendants from the Star Wars series are very similar to the original exclusive version. The hanging element on the new charm is plated in 14 carat gold. The Star Wars logo is engraved on one side of the gold-plated charm, while the reverse side is engraved with Han Solo’s quote: «Never tell me about the odds.»


Star Wars Yoda Pendant (799501C01)

Yoda is one of my favorite Star Wars characters and I’m sure the new charm will 100% be a fan favorite. This double pendant is inspired by the famous scene on the swampy planet of Dagobah. Hanging from the front is a silver openwork design depicting the wise Yoda standing with his chimera stick in the center of an ivy frame. Hand-applied translucent green and blue enamel is visible on the forest disk, and Yoda’s advice is engraved on the back: “Do it. Or don’t. Don’t try.» An emerald green stone is inserted into the base, which is also engraved with the inscription «JEDI MASTER».


Charm Star Wars Han Solo and Leia (799506C00)

A new amulet from the Star Wars collection, Han Solo and Leia’s kiss illustrates an iconic scene from the Star Wars movie. One side of the amulet depicts Han Solo and Princess Leia about to kiss. While the famous Millennium Falcon spaceship flies among the stars. The side of the charm is engraved with the words «I love you» and «I know» among tiny stars.


Baby Yoda Charm in Star Wars Lullaby (799511C01)

Everyone’s favorite child on the charm! Grog, baby Yoda, the star of The Mandalorian, sits comfortably in his lullaby, waving his «magic hands». Blackening emphasizes the details of the crib, while Grog’s large eyes are hand-painted in high-gloss black enamel. Although I already have Charm Baby Yoda (799253C01), the new charm is already on my wish list! It’s so cute!


Clip Death Star Star Wars (799513C00)

The dark gray niello highlights the intricate details of the space station. The clip has a precise design and includes a crater on one side that houses the Empire’s deadly superlaser.


Pandora Collection Fall 2021 Charm Holders


Heart Charm Holder Pandora Moments

Create a stylish asymmetrical look with this charm holder. This heart-shaped coaster features an opening hard snake chain and a ball clasp engraved with the Pandora logo. The holder can be decorated with five pendants or charms. For comfort and safety, it is recommended to wear it on a thick chain.


Pandora Moments Pendant Keychain (399566C00)

Now you have more opportunities to show off your favorite Pandora jewelry with a new key ring. This sterling silver keychain includes a charm holder that is reminiscent of the Pandora O pendant. and holds a maximum of three charms or pendants. The key ring also has a small dangling charm engraved with the Pandora logo.


Pandora Moments Small Bag Keychain (399567C00)

The Pandora Moments small bag keychain has a more compact look with a large silver carabiner engraved with the Pandora logo and monogram. Small rings connect the pendant holder to letter O style with clasp. The keychain holder holds a maximum of three charms or pendants.


Pandora Moments Medium Bag Keychain (399571C00)

Proudly show off your style with the new Pandora Moments Medium Bag Hanger. This bag pendant features a large carabiner engraved with the Pandora logo and monogram. Suspended from a snake chain, the charm holder resembles the Medium O Pendant and holds up to five charms or pendants.



Ring Radiant Pandora Leaves (199533C01)

Two thin sheets meet on either side of a polished silver band. Each leaf is adorned with rows of round-cut transparent cubic zirkonia. The two leaves are curved together and intersect at the ends, creating a touch of elegance.


Ring Radiant Leaves Pandora Rose (189533C01)

The Shining Leaves ring is also available in rose gold plating. I prefer the pink version as the ring takes on an autumnal look when paired with sparkling leaves.


Ring Three Stripe Pandora Shine (169057C01)

The ring from the Pre-Fall 2021 collection is also available in 14k gold. In this design, the three diagonal stripes overlap each other. One inner band is engraved with the Pandora logo and the other inner band is polished silver. Zirconia pavé adorns the outer band with beautiful microbeads. All three bands merge together at the back of the ring.


Pandora Shine Crown Ring (168289C01)

The classic Crown ring is now available in beautiful 14k gold plating. A large clear zirconia center stone is set into a crown shape that rises above the ring. Tiny shiny stones are also set in the front of the ring and around the base of the crown.



Pandora snake hoop earrings (299532C00)

Create a unique look with hoop earrings. The silver hoops are adorned with the iconic Pandora Serpentine motif and are the same size as the small Pandora O pendant. Each hoop can hold up to three charms or pendants. Be careful not to overload the hoops as they can weigh down your ears.


Pandora Double Snake Hoop Earrings (299562C00)

Embellish your style with double hoop earrings. Each earring features Pandora’s signature snake pattern. The lower hoops open up to accommodate up to three charms or pendants. The bottom hoop is for the charms to point forward and frame your face nicely.


Pandora Rose Snake Hoop Earrings (289532C00)

The new hoop earrings are also available in a beautiful 14k rose gold plated metal finish. Up to three charms or pendants can be placed on each hoop, creating an original style. Be careful not to overload the hoops as they can weigh down your ears.


Stud Earrings Sparkling Crown Shine (268311C01)

The Glittering Crown Stud Earrings are now available in 14k gold plated. The earrings are adorned with rose cut clear cubic zirconia in a crown setting. Inspired by Pandora’s iconic Crown O monogram, stud earrings look like crowns when viewed from the side.


Pandora Shine Heart Hoop Earrings (266317C01)

The pretty Heart hoop earrings are now available in 14k gold plating. Sparkling transparent cubic zirconias are inserted into both the outer and inner parts of the hoop, and the edges are decorated with a pattern in the form of hearts. Geometric, sophisticated and versatile — all this is about these earrings.



Pandora Cable Braid Chain (399564C00)

This classic style thick cable chain necklace can be worn in three sizes: 42cm, 43cm and 45cm. Its sturdy silver chain can hold small, medium or large Pandora O pendants, making this necklace the perfect choice to showcase your favorite pendants and keep them close to your heart.


Pendant Heart Pandora Rose (389384C00)

Create an asymmetrical look with this 18-karat pink gold plated pendant. The heart-shaped pendant is decorated with the legendary snake ornament. It can be completed with three pendants or charms. The Pandora logo is engraved on one side of the ball clasp, and a heart is engraved on the back. This pendant is designed to be worn on a thick chain for comfort and safety.


The Pandora Autumn Collection will be launched globally both in stores and online on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

The Pandora Fall 2021 collection is simply incredible! I love the new charm holders and am excited to have new opportunities to showcase my favorite Pandora charms. The Pandora Moments earrings also look great and I love the stylized images with the mix of different details hanging from each earring.

My favorite charms from the collection are green and purple frosted murano glass charm, cute mushroom, kitty yarn charms and pinecone. The Star Wars charms are also just adorable…!

What do you like about the new collection? Leave your feedback and pre-orders in our Telegram group.