Summer is almost over, but the golden and pink shades from the Pandora 2019 autumn collection will continue to warm us!

Autumn collection PANDORA 2019

Get ready to be mesmerized by an eclectic mix of woodland motifs, whimsical characters and cute punk versions of your favorite characters!

Bracelets from the autumn collection of PANDORA 2019

Bracelet «Pink and silver leaves, mushrooms and acorn»

This elegant silver bracelet resembles a classic bracelet with five charms. Three oak leaves are evenly distributed between a shimmering acorn and a cute mushroom. The Pandora Rose series T-clasp and trim give this bracelet a contemporary look. This is definitely a very interesting decoration that is worth your attention.

Bracelet «Leaves» from the Pandora Moments series

Leaves are one of the main symbols of Pandora’s Fall 2019 collection and are presented in three different styles in this charming snake-style bracelet. Two sheets hang from the clasp; one in shades of silver, the other in shades of Pandora Rose. The clasp itself is decorated with 12 brilliant cubic zirconia stones. This bracelet is an example of a successful combination of two-color details in one piece of jewelry.

Clasp bracelet with Pandora logo

This classic sterling silver bracelet has a minimalist style and features a signature Pandora logo clasp. The clasp features a glittering heart and the Pandora logo.

Bracelet — clasp «Unique combination of metals»

One of our favorites was the Oxidised Pandora Moments bracelet, and we were very disappointed that this bracelet was discontinued earlier this year. However, the Oxidised Pandora Moments bracelet will be replaced by the modern Smooth Moments bracelet, made of a unique metal mixture. I think this attractive bracelet will prove popular with Pandora fans!

Charms from the autumn collection of PANDORA 2019

Pendant «Shining brush»

The new Pandora Shine Brush charm is similar to the Enchanted Heart silver brush from the Spring 2018 collection. However, this charm has a beautiful design and the gold tone is perfect for the fall theme of the jewelry collection.

Charm «Shining Pattern»

The new Charm «Shining Pattern» deserves to be considered in detail, since at first glance it may seem that it is a shiny ball. The ball is reflected in the forms in nature and reflects a beautiful pattern of leaves, which is decorated with 40 stones. Overall, the design is reminiscent of a Cartier cluster ring, and it could definitely be on our wish list!

Pendant «Tree of love from Wonderland» from the Pandora Rose series

The Pink Family Tree charm from the Valentine’s Day 2018 collection is now available in a luxurious Pandora Rose finish. This charm is a suitable choice for connoisseurs of sophisticated jewelry, who will be pleasantly surprised by the pink reflections from the glow of the jewelry.

Charm «Pink decorative leaves» from the Pandora Rose series

This charm is one of our favorites from the fall collection. A large pink faceted stone is surrounded by a vine-like pattern of winding leaves. We can’t wait to accessorize this charm bracelet with the Radiant Interweaving Charm from the Pandora Rose Series.

Pendant «Shining Mushroom» from the Pandora Rose series

In this charm, two mushrooms — toadstools hang under a branch wrapped in a vine, creating the atmosphere of a forest fairy tale. The small toadstool is decorated with 5 transparent cubic zirconia stones, and the large one is decorated with 7 pale pink crystals. The details of the mushrooms are given by the textured lines under the mushroom caps.

Charm «Pink Murano glass and leaves» from the Pandora Rose series

Last fall, Pandora released its first piece of jewelry from the Murano series, which continued in the fall 2019 collection. Tiny leaves grow on either side of the pink ball, creating a beautiful shade of rose glass. This stunning charm is definitely on our wish list!

Pendant «Shining Leaf» from the Pandora Rose series

This two-tone dangling charm really captures the feel of fall, and the mix of clear and honey-toned stones mimics the changing of the seasons. Tiny leaves flutter in the autumn wind on the clasp, and two leaves swing below. The main letter in this decoration is decorated with an engraved message on the reverse side, which says «Let’s go flying together».

pendant «Acorn and Leaf» from the Pandora Rose series

Fall is our favorite time of year, and the new Acorn and Leaf Dangle Charm from the Pandora Rose Series makes this season even more unique. In this charm, a falling leaf sits behind a tiny acorn adorned with sparkling stones and textured lines. I’m sure many of us thought an acorn shell was a fairy’s teacup when we were little, so this charm could easily be on the wish list of many Pandora jewelry connoisseurs.

Hanging charm «Crown of the King and Queen»

Crowns are one of the key themes appearing in Pandora’s Fall 2019 collection. This two-tone charm features a crown from the Pandora Rose series that rotates in front of a silver disc engraved with the word ‘Queen’.

Charm «Shining Fallen Leaf» from the Pandora Rose series

Interestingly, the Radiant Fallen Leaf charm from the Pandora Rose series resembles both a leaf and a tree. The pink, gray and royal purple crystals create a gorgeous ombre effect that pairs perfectly with the Pandora Rose finish.

Charm «Heart on the castle»

The «Heart on the Castle» charm is made without forest motifs, but nevertheless, it looks quite impressive. The chained and locked heart is finished in a Pandora Rose finish and is engraved with ‘Take care of me’.


Two hearts in Pandora’s signature style make up this simple chain. Each heart is decorated with clear cubic zirconia stones.

Clip «Shining Leaves»

Falling leaves are beautifully scattered on this round clip. Each sheet has an individual shape and is decorated with a stone. This clip has a very beautiful design and it is the presence of autumn leaves that makes it a great addition to the themed bracelets from the autumn collection.

Pendant «Fox and Rabbit»

The new Fox and Rabbit charm is similar to the Dinosaur and Butterfly charm. A little fox and a rabbit are hiding in the forest, sitting together under the twinkling moon and stars. Behind is a silver disc decorated with shiny blue enamel on one side and with the inscription «We may be different, but still be kind».

Owl Charm

Big blue crystal eyes and glowing eyebrows make the new «Shining Owl» charm very memorable! Recently, Pandora has implemented many versions of owls, but this charm is more harmonious than the Charms «Shining Owls» and «Owl — Graduate».

Pendant with owls «I will always be with you»

Charm «I will always be with you» is ideal for mothers. In the center of the ornament is an owl with bright blue eyes and her child, whom she is gently hugging. The back of the charm is engraved with the gentle message «I will always be with you».

Charm «Openwork leaves»

Openwork leaves are located around the base of the charm, and light oxidation emphasizes the fine lines of their texture. This is a beautiful charm and has a good chance of becoming very popular with Pandora fans.

Charm «Mushroom and Frog»

The new charm «Mushroom and Frog» is another one of our favorites from the Fall 2019 collection. This decoration is similar to the «Fairy and Mushroom» charm, but contains more details. For example, a small door in the shape of a heart and a tiny crown on the head of a frog.

Charm «Mile tree — monster»

One of the most intriguing ornaments in the new collection is the «Cute Monster Tree» charm. Emerald crystal eyes shine on his heart-shaped face, and leaves hang from his «hands». Other details include a tiny heart-shaped belly button, a heart-shaped tattoo pierced by an arrow. Although we really liked the texture of the wood, the tattoo idea does not quite fit the concept of this decoration.

Sweet Home Pendant

In Wonderland, there is a secret little door filled with secrets. Dark oxidation brings out the details on the heart-shaped door. Cute details are the door hinges, the window, and the beautiful flowers and toadstools that surround the tiny house. The inside of the charm is engraved with the message «Home Sweet Home».

You Are A Miracle Dragon Pendant

Many Pandora fans have been asking for a dragon charm to be added to the new collection, and it has been! Since previous dragon images were Chinese zodiac symbols, this is the first dragon character charm. This dragon is cute and friendly and was caught in mid-flight with its legs up and its wings spread. The inscription «You are a miracle» is engraved on the silver base of the charm.

Ballerina pointe pendant

The autumn collection presents new designs of old charms. An example of this is the old charm of «Ballet pointe shoes» with tiny slippers. The shoes in the new charm are much larger and pierced with a bright pink enamel ribbon. Each pointe is decorated differently; one with sparkling stones and the other decorated with a heart pierced by an arrow in a punk style.

Treble Clef Heart Shaped Charm

The «Cute treble clef» charm also found a new variation in the new collection. We liked the new version of the jewelry better, which does not contain cubic zirconia stones and has a heart shape with a treble clef. This charm would make an adorable gift for musicians!

Autumn collection PANDORA 2019: new friends

Charm «Pippo — the flying pig»

Pandora Fall 2019 Collection presents fans with charm with new characters. The first new hero is Pippo the pig, who proves that anything is possible. Pippo was so tired of hearing that pigs don’t fly that she grew wings and learned to fly! Like many pigs, Pippo loves truffles and carries them as a snack when traveling.

Charm «Nino the Hedgehog»

The next new friend is Nino the hedgehog, who is incredibly affectionate and loves to hug his friends, and in order not to stab anyone during the hug, he is covered with marshmallows!

Charm «Ghost Boo»

The last representative of the new heroes is Ghost Boo, who has black enamel eyes and a heart. Ghost Boo is actually a bit skittish and still sleeps with the light on!

Autumn collection PANDORA 2019: «THE PANDORAS»

The new punk band «The Pandoras» features Bella Bot as a vocalist, Bruno the Unicorn as a guitarist, Dinosaur on keyboards and Theodore the Mouse as a drummer.

Pendant «Bella Bot from the punk band»

Bella Both founded the group «The Pandoras» and is its vocalist. Bella’s stage image is inspired by 80s punk. A neon pink enamel bow and a strange skirt with a studded belt and black Converse emphasize the punk style of the group «The Pandoras». Among other details, the heart pierced by an arrow on Bella’s dress and the microphone in her hands are striking.

Pendant «Mouse Theodore from the punk band»

Theodore the Mouse started out playing drums with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but is now a member of The Pandoras. On stage, he can be seen with a signature pink lightning bolt over his right eye. Note that it has the Pandora logo engraved on the black and purple drums!

Pendant «Dinosaur Dino from the punk band»

Dino the Dinosaur plays keyboards and conquers with his stage appearance with a black enamel collar. Unfortunately, he only knows three chords, but that doesn’t stop him, because he plays the keyboard with passion and style!

Pendant «Unicorn Bruno from the punk band»

Bruno the Unicorn is not only a musician, but also a clothing designer for The Pandoras. His own taste is inspired by Bowie; a green star over his right eye, pale pink dreadlocks, and a neon purple guitar.

Exclusive local offers from PANDORA’s Fall 2019 collection

Charm «Edelweiss»

Another fresh take on old jewelry is the new Edelweiss charm. Pale yellow stones decorate the former version of the charm, while the new version is decorated with white and bright yellow enamel. The new charm is made in the style of a button, which is different from the old version of the decoration, which was made with metal oxidation.

Charm «Beloved wife» in the shape of a heart

The charm is decorated with a cubic pink cubic zirconia that sits on either side of this heart. The word «Wife» is engraved in the center.

Pendant «Chinese Bao»

Four delicious Bao dumplings are hidden in the steamer, with chopsticks lying next to them. The edge of the ornament is decorated with light brown enamel, and light oxidation emphasizes the bamboo weaving. A red zirconium heart is located at the base of the charm.

Charm «Dear Aunt»

Similar to the Beloved Wife charm, the Beloved Aunt heart charm is decorated with a clear heart-shaped stone and engraved with the word Auntie.

Exclusive for Hong Kong and Macau

Pendant «Egg cake, milk tea and pineapple bun»

Pineapple buns, milk tea and egg tarts are all specialties that are widely known in Hong Kong and popular with tourists and locals alike. On this souvenir pendant, each element is decorated with a fleece enamel finish.

PANDORA Fall Collection 2019: O-Shaped Crowns

Bracelet «Shining Crown»

This piece features an O-shaped crown in the center, with sparkling stones on either side of a thin chain. The bracelet is available to order in only one size, 20 cm, and has a sliding clasp to adjust the length.

Braided bracelet «Pro — figurative crown» from the Pandora Moments series

The new snake-style bracelet features a brilliant O-shaped crown clasp that is set with 48 round stones and cubic zirconia. This bracelet will look great both without decorations and decorated with a Charm from the new collection.

Shining Crown Charm

Like the «O-shaped crown» charm, the new charm is decorated with large and bright pink cubic zirconia stones on both sides.

Blue Radiant Crown Charm

This charm is decorated with two moon-blue stones on both sides.

Charm «Polished Carriage»

This ornament is similar to the charm from the Chinese exclusive that was released a few months ago. This version of the jewelry is made in silver color with «PANDORA» engraving. It is worth noting that the decoration is partially finished in the style of Pandora Rose, and shiny stones are set around the letter «O».

Clip «Shining Crown»

The entire side of the clip is decorated with 6 crowns, in the center of each of which a tiny stone shines. Like many new clamps, «Shining crown» is adapted for a sock with smooth bracelets with — if there is a silicone hole.

Shining Safety Chain

This jewelry has a silicone clasp in the center on both sides, allowing it to be worn on smooth bracelets. About — figurative crown hangs on one side.

Medallion chain

This jewelry has an original design and an engraved Pandora logo on the smooth side. The adjustable chain is 60 cm long, and one small charm can be attached to the locket.

Stud earrings «Polished crown»

Rounding off the series of the collection are cute O-shaped crown stud earrings.

Autumn collection PANDORA 2019: Icons and classics

Charm «King and Queen»

Smooth polished crowns create a cute pattern in a silver openwork charm engraved with the word ‘Queen’.

Charm «Family Heart»

Like the Blooming Heart charm, the Family Heart charm is embellished with beautiful beaded details. Hearts of different sizes connect together and emphasize the word «Family» in the center.

«Tiny hearts» clip

One of the classic pieces of jewelry that has been reintroduced in the new fall collection is the Asymmetrical Clip. The new jewelry design is presented as 2 lines of tiny hearts, while the previous version of the clip was decorated with 2 lines of round beads. We liked the style of the new clip more, it is more original and cute.

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