We are excited to present our first Pandora 2018 Fall Collection review coming out in late August/early September (we’re guessing August 30th) with a full line of incredible pieces.

In today’s publication, we will talk about charms from the Moments line, other jewelry (rings, chains, etc.), as well as a separate review of the Rose, Shine and Essence collections. In October, the launch of a new concept of bracelets is expected, but we will talk about this later.

Pandora Fall 2018 Collection Review

In general, in our opinion, the collection is filled with a youthful and modern spirit, but for those who seek something more solid, there are a large number of products and beads with various symbols.

As tradition dictates, let’s start with bracelets and beads! Replacing the traditional screw lock, Pandora opted for a padlock-style clasp with a single smooth bead bracelet, as well as a ring-shaped bracelet. The bracelet with a padlock looks especially cute. Although, we did not notice the bracelet in the image on the right in the catalog from NA.

Concerning shame, they are dedicated to the unusual theme of the harvest and the motifs of cereals. We really like this idea, because it corresponds to the time of the year, but deviates a little from the direction characteristic of Pandora in the autumn collections. Among the beads, the door chain is especially surprising (by the way, with silicone clamps). It would be interesting to see an addition to the autumn-themed collection in the form of a small collection of forest animals ー fox, owl, badger, dormouse * (can be replaced with “mouse”, as it is more understandable and close in meaning) that would look out from a sheaf or wheat. We spied such a motif in a pendant with an inscription Always by Your Side (Always with you), but it would be nice to be able to develop this theme into a full bangle design.

Bright Seeds – Grains of Light

Radiant Grains of Energy – Radiant Seeds of Energy

Always by Your Side – Always with you

Icon of Nature – Nature symbol

Grains of Energy clip – Grain of Energy

Grains of Energy safety chain – Door Chain Grains of Energy

Seeds of Elegance clip – Grain of Elegance

Dazzling Grain Swirls – sparkling whirlwind

The following are more standard decorative patterns and hearts. Among them is a limited edition «seasonal» iridescent the locketwhich is a new approach to glass beads. Pendant composed of iridescent Venetian glass in a patterned sterling silver setting. It is only interesting what size the pendant will turn out to be in real life, because it is known that in most collections Murano (Venetian) glass is feared because of the much larger size than in ordinary beads. Perhaps this will not be so noticeable if an equal proportion is maintained between the silver and glass elements. Maybe the insert itself will be smaller.

Faceted Floating Locket – Faceted iridescent medallion

Love You Lock – Castle «I love you»

Sparkling Love – sparkling love

Lace of Love – Lace of love

Iridescent White Glass – Iridescent clear glass

Among the decorative beads, there is a special offer in 14 carat gold:

Our favorite selection is, of course, related to fairy tales and fables. Elixir of love The Love Potion Made from “mystical pink crystal”. The unicorn is made in a slightly different style than the exquisite fairy miniatures, but nevertheless it will suit you perfectly. You can always add rainbow beads from the spring 2018 collection for a charmingly cute look.

Fairy Tale Book – Book of fairy tales

Bruno the Unicorn – Unicorn Bruno

Regal Castle – Royal Palace

Regal Heart – royal heart

Love Potion – Elixir of love

Regal Love Key – Royal key of love

Free as a Bird – Free as a bird

Regal Key – royal key

United Regal Hearts – Unity of royal hearts

Keys of Love – Keys to love

Regal Beauty – royal beauty

Lock & Heart – Castle & Heart

Dazzling Crown clip – sparkling crown

Finally, let’s look at a slightly strange selection of jewelry, really motley, but reflecting personal and regional traits. The most interesting bead (at least in our opinion!) Pumpkin (Pumpkin)! After all, we have been waiting for a new Halloween-style bead for so long! Ever since the time we started blogging, that one before too. And finally we got it! Its arrival is no surprise to us, given the incredible popularity of Halloween-inspired pattern beads, exclusive to the US last year. We look forward to even greater success in the coming years. And for the sterling silver design, this cute pumpkin gets an extra point.

Family Game – family game

Sweet Pumpkin – sweet pumpkin

Family Locket – family castle

Family Roots – family roots

Thank you Letter – Thank You Letter

Rabbit Lantern – lantern rabbit

Dazzling Stethoscope – Glittering stethoscope

Hero Dog Tag – Dog medallion “Hero”

About Symbol – Om mantra

Firefighter Essentials – Firefighter Attributes