It’s been a little over a week until the release of the Pandora Fall 2018 collection, and today, as usual, we have prepared HQ images and detailed comments on the new Charms! This year, the Fall 2018 collection includes majestic purples, royal motifs and beautiful grains inspired by the harvest season.

The collection will be released on August 30 worldwide. In this article, we focused on charms and bracelets — the collection will also include figurines for the Glow, Rose, Disney and jewelry lines. Below we have attached links to reviews of these collections:

Pandora Shineautumn 2018

— Pandora Rose Fall 2018

Pandora Autumn 2018 Jewelry

We hope you enjoy this one HQ a tour of the charm and bracelet collectionPandora autumn 2018 Mocops!

Pandora Fall 2018 Collection overview

First, a new one appeared charm bracelet, With a new lock style. We really liked the detailing on the clasp and this silver design. The problem with this lock, however, can be wearing a bracelet with fully filled Charms.

Next — charm! We start with one of the most charming options, Bruno the Unicorn. This little figure with silver design is very cute. It may seem that the charm looks a little funny, but despite everything, it is really charming.

Royal beauty features clear purple enamel arranged to appear as a slightly hypnotic web design.

Charm Royal Key — another one from this collection, in which there is a beautiful interweaving of silver details and oxidation of the key itself.

Iridescent white glass murano comes in silver and pink and represents something new for glass beads Pandora — murano with patterned silver cores. We think this is a pretty good solution and look forward to more live shots! The only thing we would change is the silver cores so we don’t break the glass later.

Charmdazzling crown would be great for a London themed bracelet or a Disney Princess bracelet.

scar love potion — this is another kind that catches the eye, because of the beautiful pastel! The stone is simply described as a «pink mist crystal». We’d put it next to a white iridescent murano and fairy beads in a nice white and pink style.

Fairytale castle beautiful and strong in detail, with many beautifully rendered small windows and gates. However, it is similar to many of the Disney Castle Charms.

Free bird reminiscent of the classic two-tone spring 2013 design. This new version includes the ubiquitous detail pavé «new» style Pandora. There are also many individual features — small curls around the bottom, as well as the fact that the bird can be carried in a cage or without it. You can see that the cage itself is hinged and opens and closes!

Charm Fairy Tale Book has a cute design of a horse on the title page, and a fairy tale written inside. While these Charms are very cute, they have a tendency to not close properly after a while. This is another modern look of charm, interpreted from the Spring 2013 collection

Charm layers of lace — is a decorative detail that resembles many details Pandora SS 14.

Charm the keys to love The interesting thing is that all these small silver keys clink with each other when worn.

In charm Castle and Heart there are two silver heart halves connected by a silver chain in a rather nice design. The design of this charm does not need beauty.

Charm Love in the castle

Charm United royal hearts.Our favorite heart scar charm is a pretty little openwork. It has a less modern style and elegance.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting thing is the charm United royal keys— this is a beautiful filigree panel. You could remove the glitter and replace it with elegant silver beads around the edge of the locket.

Granite floating bead — a seasonal charm, which means it will not be available for sale after this season. You can see what it looks like with the tiny specks inside.

Charm sparkling love resembles many other charms that offer a simple heart design.

For many years, collectors Pandora have been asking for more Halloween Charms — well, in 2018 they finally got a brand new charm! sweet pumpkin — a simple silver charm — we really like the style of it. We are definitely in a society of people who prefer Halloween to be more on the cute side rather than the scary side.

We don’t have good photos yet, but in the style of last year’s Engraved Charms there will also be two new exclusive Halloween beads. One — in the form of an engraved heart hanging from Hocus Pocuswritten on it, and the other is a button with an engraving on it Bootiful.

Pumpkin connects another important theme of Pandora autumn 2018 — grains and harvest. Charm grains of energy has a purple enamel finish and a nice contrast between the two rows of leaves — one with oxidized markings and the other plain silver. It will have a safety chain with the same kind of design. This charm has a silicone lining and it is really quite comfortable.

icon of nature. We love the beautiful simple silver style of the next charm, also with bright swirls of silver gathered in a heart shape. It’s easy to get tired of multiple hearts, but it’s cool to do something different and look at charm making from the point of view of the main theme of the collection. This charm reminds me of Angel Feather from Fall 2015.

Charm Always by your side features a cute little mouse and bird that was featured in Pandora’s Spring and Mother’s Day collections in 2018, this time given an autumn accent with grains and purple stones.

Charm bright seeds . We really liked the raised grain detailing around the edge of the heart.

Charm grains of elegance — simple but pretty design, has a silicone grip, so it can be used to wear the charm on smooth bracelets and leather.

Charm Dazzling rays of grain quite abstract in style.

Charm Radiant grains of energy offers a little more flowers.

This charm calls A place where love grows.

Charm family locket with pink filling hidden inside a silver medallion case.

Charm family game really cute and a new take on a well worn topic.

Charm Rabbit lantern described in detail in pastel enamels. This charm will NOT be available in the US, but it should be in Canada and other regions.

dazzling stethoscope glorifies the medical profession.

Charm hero dog.

Charm Basics of fire fightingcan be noted for the design of the bracelets with which it should be worn (with red enamel).