This week we start with another review of Pandora’s new Essence Spring 2018 collection. This collection is small and most of the jewelry is Pandora Rose (rose gold).

Traditionally, each Essence charm has a meaning — «love», «hope», «faith», etc. However, this collection departs from this trend. Instead of specific meanings, these Charms have phrases and even whole quotes.

This collection is scheduled for April 12, 2018.

Pandora Essence Collection Spring 2018 — Announcement

There will be only three silver ornaments in the collection. The first is this Pandora Essence open bangle bracelet — on one side it will be solid silver, and on the other side there will be a zirconium stone and a logo.

Next, we have silverchoker necklace

This is the only silver lining. It will be in the form of a heart with an inscription «Followyour Heart» (Follow your heart). A very cute and neutral charm that will go well with both the old Essence Charms and the new ones.

And now, let’s move on to decorations Rose. itetc separator Rose also has an inscription on both sides«Follow your Heart» (Follow your heart).

Charm«Uzin love»very reminiscent of «Weaving of Nature» from the Autumn 2016 collection and on both sides there is an engraving of «Bonds of Love».

This simple bead continues Pandora’s popular motif of tree branches curling around the charm. the slogan of this charm is«Love makes a family»(Love creates a family).

pendant «Hope» looks more traditional to the Essence collection.

I really liked this pendant in the shape of a heart, which means «Appreciation» (Gratitude).

And finally, we have necklace Rose Essence