Create your happiness with the magical Disney X 2020 Winter Collection


Create your own fairy tale this winter with the shiny new Disney X Pandora Collection!
Celebrate Cinderella’s 70th birthday with beautiful jewelry from the latest Disney X Pandora collection, perfect for a princess! This magical collection also includes cute holiday charms featuring Mickey and pals.

The Disney X Pandora Winter 2020 Collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, October 29, 2020 in stores and online. It will be available in our Pandora Bracelet online store.



Pandora Disney Winter 2020 Collection: Bracelets


Disney x Pandora Moments Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin Bracelet (599190C01)

The classic Pandora Moments chain bracelet features a magical pumpkin carriage clasp, a gift from the fairy godmother! The clasp is made in the style of a beautiful Disney Pumpkin Carriage for Cinderella Charm (791573CZ) and is decorated with curlicue wheels and cubic zirconia windows. However, unlike the charm, the small crown on the roof is made of silver, not 14k gold.


Pandora Disney Winter 2020 Collection: Charms



Disney x Pandora Mickey Minnie Pendant with Gift (799194C01)

Mickey and Minnie stand together behind a gift box in this fun holiday charm. Hand-painted, bright red enamel details cover the gift, and little Mickey and Minnie hats add sparkle and Christmas cheer to your bracelet.


Disney x Pandora Pluto Pendant with Christmas Gift (799199C01)

Pluto, wearing a red enameled birthday hat, sits ready to open his present. A red enamel ribbon adorns the gift box, and Pluto has a glossy green collar. The silver ring is also adorned with clear cubic zirconia that shimmers like a silhouette of Mickey.

Pendant Mouse Gus Disney x Pandora (798849C01)

Cinderella’s little friend Gus is wearing an emerald green enamel hat. His large ears stick out on either side of his hat, and a small T-shirt is slung over his chubby tummy.

Disney x Pandora Mouse and Cinderella Shoe Pendant (799192C01)

Gus and his friend Jacques create this adorable charm! Two mice play together hiding in Cinderella’s sparkling shoe. A sparkling pavé heart of blue stones adorns the top of Cinderella’s shoes, while two sparkling clear stones adorn the beaded ring.

Charm pendant with clock and pumpkin (799197C00)

Recreate the magical story of Cinderella with this adorable silver button charm. The iconic pumpkin carriage adorns one side, while the clock strikes midnight on the back of the openwork charm. The side of the pendant is decorated with a carved star pattern.

Disney x Pandora Susie Mouse pendant with thread and needle (799200C01)

Susie Mouse helps Cinderella sew a dress and get it ready in the morning. She is standing next to the spool of thread, holding the needle and getting ready to go. Berry red enamel covers the spool with cotton threads that show through the translucent enamel.

Disney x Pandora Cinderella Charm Moment (799201C01)

Everyone’s favorite Disney Cinderella moment is captured in this stunning pendant charm. The moment her fairy godmother waves her wand, Cinderella whirls and transforms into a princess in a ball gown. A blue gradient line of sparkling stones surrounds the princess, and two clear cubic zirconia stones adorn the beaded ring.


Disney x Pandora Disney Carriage Pumpkin for Cinderella Rose (789189C01)

Beautiful Carriage Charm for Cinderella (791573CZ) Dipped in Pandora Rose for Cinderella’s 70th Anniversary! Clear cubic zirkonia decorate this stunning version of the Cinderella Pumpkin Coach.


Disney x Pandora Cinderella Winter 2020 Gift Set (B801423 / B801427)

Disney x Pandora Cinderella Winter 2020 Charm Gift Set Includes:
• Charm Mouse Susie with thread and needle (799200C01)
• Charm Pandora Cinderella magical moment (799201C01)
• Charm pumpkin for Cinderella (799197C00)
• Supplied in a Pandora gift box

Collection Pandora Disney Park Winter 2020

Pandora Park Disney Charm Disney Magic Snow Globe (799196C01)

Let it snow! Shake your excitement with the Disney Magic Snow Globe Mascot. A charming silver embossment of the iconic Disney castle adorns one side of the charm, while the word «Magic» is embossed on the back. A scattering of stars covers the keychain with translucent blue enamel. The base of the snow globe is adorned with sparkling rocks and Mickey’s heads!

Pandora Disney Parks Annual Charm 2021 (799195C01)

Start the new year in Mickey style with the 2021 annual charm! In the iconic Mickey silhouette, this charming charm features blue enamel on one side and polished silver on the back. The year 2021 is engraved on both sides of the amulet with a little Mickey’s head on the number «0»!

Pandora Disney Winter 2020 Collection: Necklaces


Disney x Pandora Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Necklace (399198C01)

Celebrate Disney Cinderella’s 70th birthday with this beautiful necklace. A small pumpkin carriage at the center of the chain, adorned with a sparkling stone in Cinderella’s signature blue. My favorite detail is the tiny silver shoes that dangle from the end of the chain.


Anchor: Pandora Disney Winter 2020 Collection: Rings

Cinderella blue tiara ring (199191C01)

The iconic Pandora tiara ring has been given a new Disney princess look in a new blue Cinderella tiara ring! This beautiful ring features a swirling crown on a silver band embroidered with beads. In the center is a shimmering stone in Cinderella’s signature blue with a tiny crown at the top and a hidden Pandora’s heart at the bottom.

Pandora Winter 2020 Collection: Earrings

Earrings Carriage pumpkin for Cinderella (299193C01)

Dress up like a princess with beautiful Cinderella Pumpkin Coach earrings! Cinderella’s signature blue stone shimmers in the center, surrounded by clear cubic zirkonia.


This is a fantastic Disney x Pandora collection and I especially love the new Cinderella charms. I like Cinderella’s Magic Moment and Shoe with Mouse pendants most of all, as well as Susie’s mouse charm with thread and needle.
What do you think of the Disney x Pandora Winter 2020 collection? Will any of the items make it to your wish list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.