This year, Pandora has decided to focus on only two main looks, Mickey and Minnie, so the collection is quite small compared to previous years.


The Vintage Minnie charm combines pink enamel with matching cubic zirconia stones. As we wrote earlier, with its shade of pink, it reminds us of a vintage shade of baby pink. On live photos, you can see that Minnie’s silhouette seems to protrude from the enamel, which makes the charm more interesting than it would be on a par with the enamel.

In juxtaposition of Minnie, a Vintage Mickey heart shaped clip was released using white enamel. These two charms are perfectly combined on a bracelet, this will allow you to create your own unique composition with your favorite cartoon characters.

All presented charms have a vintage direction, Pandora returns to the classic images of her favorite characters. This is especially noticeable in the Car charm. The filigree execution of every detail makes it an excellent independent product that does not require additional decoration in the form of stones or enamel.

The Floating Minnie charm will be a little pricey due to the fully bejeweled Pave ball.

The amazing Mickey Love Heart charm is made in an insanely beautiful deep burgundy color. A little mouse hugging a faceted heart is an amazing and rather funny charm concept.

The Mickey Iconic Glove charm is made in the form of the iconic Mickey Mouse glove with white enamel.

This season Pandora has given us a lot of fun with new designs of connecting chains and we have a few more in this line, one of them is Mickey Gestures. It is made of smoothly polished silver without unnecessary elements such as stones or enamel.

The Climbing Mickey link chain is our favourite, with its adorable red zirconia hearts and this cute little Mickey figurine that goes down the chain! It’s great that Pandora is experimenting quite a lot with the design of the connecting chains, last year they started adding cubic zirconia, and now these little animal figurines.

The Mickey Floating Locket is perfect with the Disney petits that came out last year!

Finally, we have the Classic Mickey pendant. Usually yellow is difficult to combine with anything and create compositions based on it, but this pendant is perfect as an independent decoration.

What do you think of this new launch?