Today’s post offers a full review of the Pandora Disney Spring 2018 collection! This release is small compared to previous years, and focuses entirely on the designs of famous childhood favorites Mickey and Minnie. However, they are somewhat different from the more abstract designs we’ve seen before. The launch of this collection around the world in the official Pandora stores, as well as in our online store «Fragola» starts today. These decorations have been available for the past two weeks in several US stores and have been located in Disney Park, where the theme is most prevalent among children. Viewing the Pandora Disney collection was strictly prohibited by the company, and therefore, I was not able to preview it before its official launch. Read on for an in-depth look at your child’s new favorite Disney collection!

Overview of the Pandora Disney Spring 2018 Collection

Charm «The Vintage Minnie» is presented in the shape of a ball. It combines pink enamel with pink pavé stones and, as I mentioned back in December, I already felt that this collection would be launched.

Charm “The Vintage Mickey” is released in the shape of a heart, enameled in white. It’s actually a Pandora clip, so you can perfectly match the two clips and keep the charms in the place where you want. This Pandora bracelet design is possible: two clips are The Vintage Mickey stoppers, and The Vintage Minnie charm is in the middle.

Also featured is the sweet couple Mickey and Minnie’s «the Car charm» that doesn’t need enamel as it looks great in plain Pandora sterling silver. All the details of the figurines are clearly cut and convey the emotions of Mickey and Minnie’s magical journey and their new adventures.

This Disney collection features “The Floating Minnie”, a pavé ball pendant, as the main base ball charm, embellished with stones of incredible brilliance, as well as a Minnie that dangles from this ball. Minnie is movable, so you should be aware of this when purchasing Pandora. The pendant is made in silver, and Minnie’s skirt is enameled with blue enamel.

The “The Mickey Love Heart Pandora” charm looks like this: in front there is a big red glass heart, and silver Mickey is hidden behind. Charm’s attention is focused on the heart, which is quite noticeable and emphasizes itself in red.

The “The Mickey Iconic Glove” charm is in the shape of Mickey’s glove, which mimics the well-known “OK” gesture, or in other words, “Okay”.

What are connecting chains for?

This collection of Pandora Disney Spring 2018 contains a large variety of connecting chains, which are great additions to Pandora bracelets, and most importantly, play the role of security in the content of the bracelet when you open it and hold your charms on the Pandora bracelet. When buying this kind of connecting chains, your child will never lose charms, because the product is perfectly fixed on the bracelet and is very difficult to open. This is a great solution and, in my opinion, is a necessary thing after buying a bracelet with at least one charm. To be honest, first of all, I did not pay much attention to these connecting chains and did not understand why to spend money on them. It was exactly until, on the street, my bracelet accidentally undid and the charms fell out on the floor. Fortunately for me, it was a bright day and I noticed this incident, and therefore, I was able to quickly collect all the charms. And if we are talking about a child, you yourself understand the pace of their life. Therefore, the connecting chain is the #1 purchase.

Link chain “The Mickey Gestures” in silver, characterized by two Mickey Mouse gloves.

“The Climbing Mickey” is a very beautiful connecting chain, which is decorated with two red hearts on clips, and a silver Mickey hangs on the chain itself. Perhaps — this is the most beautiful connecting chain in my opinion from this collection. It is very nice that Pandora is getting more and more creative with her new jewelry, because everyone loves variety, especially when it comes to complementing our lifestyle.

The “The Mickey Floating Locket” pendant would be a perfect match with the Disney petites that came out last year. This pendant in the form of the outline of Mickey’s head will perfectly match the silver chain around the neck.

And finally, the Pandora company presented us with a classic pendant of a complete Mickey for a bracelet — “Classic Mickey”. His shoes are enamelled with yellow enamel, and the figurine itself is silver. Yellow is not quite a top color, but it can be decorated with silver charms without adding other colors. I recommend wearing it as a pendant around your neck.

In any case, the design of Pandora Disney should be bright and varied, which the company presented for our beloved children. And we are looking forward to seeing you in our store: «Fragola».