Congratulations to all Pandora lovers on the launch of the new Pandora Disney Fall 2018 collection and on this occasion we have prepared for you detailed images of all the new beads of this launch.

This collection features Snow White and Pandora Disney themed charm additions.


What we love most about Snow White themed charms is that they include not only the goodies but also the villains of the story. Many collectors have long been asking Pandora to release a line entirely dedicated to Disney villains. And although Pandora has not yet decided on such a step, it has already begun to make attempts by releasing several negative characters along with goodies.


The Evil Queen’s Black Magic bead is crafted in the classic Pandora style with a dramatic black stone in the bead’s core and engraved scenes from the movie on its sides.


Then, we have the Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror pendant — on one side of the charm we have Snow White, on the other — the Evil Queen.


Snow White’s Apple and Heart charm is perhaps the most successful dark charm design ever. It is made in delicious sinister colors — a small box for the heart and a red poisoned apple.


The Snow White Portrait Clip is a sweeter princess-themed accent piece with fine detailing.

As opposed to the clip, we were introduced to the insanely cute Snow White’s Bird charm! Sparkling zirconia stones are complemented by intricate silver details.


The Snow White’s Book charm is just the perfect representation of the book of fairy tales that has been used in several Disney movies. The red enamel apples will pair well with other charms from the Snow White line, as well as other fabulous Pandora beads.


Pandora has finally released the funny Seven Dwarfs divider. This is an extremely beautiful and detailed divider with the faces of all seven gnomes, made of silver. It’s nice to see that Pandora has begun to pay more and more attention to secondary Disney characters.


Our next little hero is Pinocchio! We will not be mistaken if we say that Pandora did not previously have themed charms with this fairy-tale hero.

The When you Wish upon a Star charm is a beautiful bead with an abstract design that combines its own character and decorativeness. Charms of this type are a good way to balance and dilute your Disney bracelet so that all the characters on the bracelet do not mix with each other.


Our favorite pendant from the new Pandora Disney 2018 collection is this adorable Jiminy Cricket grasshopper! He has an insanely beautiful performance — a small umbrella with sky-blue enamel looks just great.


The Figaro cat face charm is another charm that has been loved by many from the first minutes, can compete with its black enamel Jiminy Cricket charm.

And the main character of today’s review is an excellent figurine of Pinocchio himself, detailed to every detail!


This time, the released Pandora Disney 2018 collection stood out in truth, bewitching and charming. It’s nice to see how the company is moving away from the images of Mickey Mouse and Minnie, which are an important part of the brand.

As Pandora collectors, we are pleased to see new characters, especially in such a wonderful performance.