Pandora Rose

Charm pendant «Heart» (for individual engraving)


Charm-pendant «Heart» (for individual engraving) in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish will help you create a personal keepsake gift.

Both smooth surfaces of the heart are intended for engraving. The bracket is decorated next to shiny transparent cubic zirconia.

Pandora Rose

Charm-pendant «Two-color decorative ornament»


Charm set, a limited series of jewelry

Charm-pendant 2020 is decorated with an old Christmas tree ornament. Two elements hang from a heart-shaped bracket, and the main part of the pendant is an openwork spheroid in a pink shade with a beautiful beaded finish. An openwork spheroid is decorated with a row of brilliant transparent cubic zirconias. On the other side, there is a silver bow, and the inscription «2020» is engraved on the bracket.

Two-tone decorative ornament charm pendant is available as a gift, included in a limited edition jewelry set.

Charm-pendant «Shine of the Moon and Stars»


The Moon and Stars Charm Pendant is very similar to the Moon and Blue Sky Pendant (791993CZ). The bracket of both pendants is studded with transparent cubic zirconias, and the inscription «I Love You to the Moon and Back» is engraved on the reverse side. However, the front element of the novelty is covered with 18-karat gold.

Charm «Lock in the shape of a heart»


Fortunately, Pandora has started producing more two-tone 14k gold-plated Charms. The 2020 winter collection includes three new two-tone charms. The first heart-shaped lock charm is a massive heart-shaped lock with a keyhole on both sides. The sides of the pendant are decorated with clear cubic zirconias, and a tiny 14k gold lock dangles from the chain. One stone sparkles on one side of the golden lock, and the logo Pandora stamped on the other side. There is a test on the lock Pandora 14k gold «G585».

Charm-pendant «Family tree»


Although Pandora has released many family-themed Charms, these Charms are very popular. The new two-color «Family Tree» pendant charm is especially charming! Two separate elements hang from a graceful bracket: a disc in the shape of a heart and a magnificent tree whose branches form a heart. The silver tree is decorated with five leaves covered in 14k gold, and the graceful bracket is decorated with beaded hearts next to it. A sweet message is engraved on the big heart: «Together — is my favorite place to be» («Happiness is where you are»). A tiny cut-out heart underneath the engraving completes the design.

Charm pendant «Double heart»


The last two-tone charm in the winter 2020 collection is a cute double heart pendant. Two hearts merge together under a shiny bracket decorated with transparent cubic zirconia. The back of the hearts are engraved with the words «F ♡ REVER» («Forever») and «ALWAYS» («Always»), and the front side of one of the hearts is decorated with a 14-carat gold coating. Note the Pandora 14k Gold «G585» sample at the bottom of the heart.


limited series

«Harry Potter»

«Flywheel of Time» pendant


The Wheel of Time is an important attribute in the world of Harry Potter, and now it is available as a pendant Pandora from a limited series! The Flywheel of Time pendant features 18K gold-plated Pandora Shine, featuring three moving elements attached to an elegant bracket. The two outer rings are engraved with a poem: «I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun» («I mark the hours of each one, But I am slower than the Sun’s turnover») and «My use a value, unto you , Are gauged by what you have to do «(» My benefit and price, Depends only on you. «). A small hourglass is located in the center of the pendant, framed by tiny cut-out stars. We’re sure this Harry Potter collectible will be a hit with die-hard fans of the fantasy saga!

Necklace with pendant «Shining Snowflake»


This simple necklace is decorated with a pendant in the shape of a shiny snowflake. The pendant, surrounded by glittering cubic zirconia lace, hangs from a silver chain 41 cm long. The five-centimeter extension of the chain includes an oblong ingot engraved with the Pandora logo.

Blue Moon and Stars Heart Pendant Necklace


The Blue Moon and Stars Heart Pendant Necklace features a heart pendant and a 50cm sterling silver chain. The front of the pendant features a beautiful blue crystal crescent moon surrounded by tiny silver stars and a mix of clear and blue stones. A carved moon and stars decorate the back of the pendant, which is engraved with the love message «Love you to the moon and back».

Necklace with a rotating globe pendant


The Spinning Globe Pendant Necklace is very similar to the Spinning Globe Charm Pendant (798021CZ). Their difference is as follows: the pendant of the new model is not only larger in size, but also decorated with continents in the «pave» technique, instead of smooth silver. The iridescent blue enamel on the necklace is also brighter than on the charm.

Pandora Rose heart pendant necklace


The Pandora 2020 winter collection will please us with only one necklace in the Pandora Rose finish. The Pandora Rose Cut Heart Pendant Necklace features a large clear cubic zirconia cut into a heart shape and set atop a brilliant setting of stones. The length of the necklace is adjustable from 41 cm to 45 cm.


Open ring «Blue Planet and Moon»


Brilliant blue enamel adorns a tiny planet on one side of this glowing open ring. On the other side is a small crescent, decorated with transparent cubic zirconia.

Sparkling Snowflake Ring


The double rim of the Sparkling Snowflake ring creates the impression that two rings are worn together. Five pear-shaped stones form an icy snowflake in the center of the ring, and tiny cubic zirconias are encrusted in both rims of the ring.

Pandora Rose

Sparkling Heart Ring

The Sparkling Heart Ring features a paired ring with a raised heart-shaped stone surrounded by sparkling gemstones. Transparent rhinestones decorate the front side of the ring.

Pandora Rose

Sparkling Heart Ring


The Sparkling Heart ring also comes in a version with a large shimmering blue crystal.


«Shiny Snowflake» Stud Earrings


Pandora 2020 winter collection released only two pairs of earrings. The first of these is a lovely pair of Puseta Sparkling Snowflake sterling silver earrings, featuring five shimmering pear-shaped stones on each earring.

Pandora Rose

Earrings-Posettes «Exalted heart»


A second pair of earrings completes the Sparkling Hearts set. A brilliant elevated heart-shaped stone is framed by tiny cubic zirconia stones in a stunning Pandora Rose setting.

The Pandora Winter Collection 2020 has a pretty cool cool winter theme that we’re sure will appeal to many. Some of the more interesting pieces, such as the new holiday charm and the Harry Potter Limited Edition Flywheel of Time pendant, are likely to be in high demand. Our personal favorites are the new charm, one Pandora«Star of Isa», two-color charm «Heart-shaped castle» and charm «Openwork constellations».

What do you think of Pandora’s winter 2020 collection? Do you love creating winter themed bracelets? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below…