You’ll look stylish all year round with the stunning Pandora Winter Collection 2020 …


The main motif of the 2020 Pandora winter collection is the heavenly tandem of stars and snowflakes! Sparkling stars and glittering snowflakes shine throughout the Pandora winter collection 2020. A new charm, one Pandora and a charm for the holidays too presented in the new collection.


Open bracelet-bangle «Planet and mini globe»


The Pandora 2020 Winter Collection features a small range of paired jewelry that will be released exclusively for sales in China. Opening the collection is a gorgeous bangle bracelet with two different caps: one is a bright planet hand-painted in translucent blue enamel, and the other is a mini globe with sparkling cubic zirconias that form the countries. The bracelet is also engraved with a gentle message: «You mean the world to me«(» You are the whole world to me «).

Open bracelet-Bangle «Moon and Stars»


The open bangle bracelet looks divine in this updated version of the Moon and Stars! Unlike the original, the Moon and Stars Open Bangle has only one removable cap, decorated with tiny crescent moons and sparkling stars. And at the other end of the bracelet is a large crescent moon, decorated with small beads.

We would love to see Pandora create a Star Wars Open Bangle, combining it with the Moon and Stars Open Bangle and Planet Mini Globe Open Bangle designs. The bracelet would have a Death Star cap instead of a blue planet and a tiny crosswing instead of a crescent moon!

Bracelet with stones in pavé technique «Heavenly glow»


The novelty has a design similar to the «Heavenly Stars» and «Blissful Chamomile» bracelets. Beautiful blue crystals alternating with silver stones in the pavé technique will perfectly complement your winter look. The bracelet is available in 16cm, 18cm and 20cm sizes.

Bracelet with stones in pave technique «Shine»


The bracelet in pavé technique «Shine» is also available in the version with transparent cubic zirconia instead of blue crystals. Also available in 16cm, 18cm and 20cm sizes.

Pandora Rose

Bracelet with pavé stones


The Pandora Rose bracelet option is our favorite of the three pavé stone bracelets, and the warm pink shade looks great against the cool clear stones. Available in 16cm, 18cm and 20cm sizes.

Pandora Reflexions Collection

Mesh bracelet with pavé clasp


This year, the winter collection was replenished with only one new product from the Pandora Reflexions collection. Worn in honor of the New Year holidays, this sterling silver bracelet from the Pandora Reflexions collection features a sparkling pavé clasp. Available in 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm and 21cm sizes.


Charm «Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer»


Many of Pandora’s Holiday Charms were discontinued earlier this year, so it’s no surprise that the Winter 2020 Collection has a new set of Charms. The novelty Rudolph borrows its design from the Disney Babies and Harry Potter charms, but the charm’s large head is a distinctive feature. The deer is detailed with a bright red enamel nose and a tiny bell that will hopefully move.

Charm «Santa Claus with gifts»


The new charm in the form of Santa Claus sitting and wrapping presents is the perfect New Year’s charm. Santa’s hat is covered with red enamel by hand. He looks a bit like a gnome! On the sole we see Pandora hearts and on the gift box it says «X Santa».

Charm «Shining Christmas tree»


The Christmas tree is covered with green crystals and cubic zirconia. A pattern of snowflake beads forms the tree itself, and a large carved snowflake adorns the base of the charm. The tree is studded with Pandora hearts, and a silver star sparkles on its top.

Charm «Christmas white mistletoe»


A sprig of mistletoe hangs from the bracket of this whimsical double charm. Two leaves are decorated with shiny green crystals, and the second element is covered with green shimmering enamel. The inscription «Meet me under the mistletoe» is engraved on the reverse side of the charm.

Sky blue stars charm


Two large blue crystals adorn both sides of this star charm. Look closely at the stones and you will see a beautiful crescent moon under one stone and a large star under another. A combination of clear and blue sapphires adorns the sides of the charm, while a beaded moon and stars frame each gemstone.

Charm «Star of Jesus»


Star Isa — one of Pandora, who was the last to join the clan! It looks friendly thanks to its convex shape and rounded corners. Light oxidization highlights her eyes and mouth, while her curls curl gracefully at the top of her head. Overall, she is very cute, even if she looks like the star character Luma from the Mario universe!

Charm pendant «Heart and disc» (for individual engraving)


The new «Heart and Disc» charm is our favorite charm that allows you to individually engrave an inscription. Beneath the slope, a small heart hangs from the front of the disk, and transparent cubic zirconias frame a thin charm bracket.

Charm pendant «Blue crescent moon and stars of the night sky»


These sparkling double dangling rings represent the beautiful night sky. On the reverse side of the charm, a blue crystal crescent is located among clear cubic zirconia stones. In the foreground hangs a circle of five different stars, and the bracket is framed by transparent stones. On the reverse side of the charm is engraved a cute inscription «I love you more than all the stars in the sky» («I love you more than there are stars in the sky»).

Charm «Multilevel Sparkling Heart»


The new charm resembles a nest for hearts, which is decorated with many shiny rhinestones. On both sides of the charm there is a large stone in the shape of a heart, and on the edges — a pattern of cut hearts.

Charm pendant «Bow and heart»


This cute double charm pendant consists of two elements: a silver heart and a shiny bow. The inscription «The gift of l ♥ ︎ve» («The gift of love») is engraved on the front side of the heart, and there is a place for individual engraving on the reverse side.

Charm-pendant «Shiny Snowflake»


A shiny snowflake is one of the main motifs of the Pandora 2020 winter collection. The snowflake is located in the center of a circle of transparent cubic zirconias. One small stone is encrusted in a silver charm bracket.

Charm in pavé technique «Shiny snowflake»


Five pear-shaped stones form a flower, similar to a snowflake. Miniature rhinestones create the border, and a pattern of cut-out hearts adorns the side of the charm.

Charm «Planet of Love and the Moon»


The Planet of Love and Moon charm is very similar to the Planet of Love charm from the Winter 2018 collection. However, the new charm features a mottled blue enamel with sparkles and a sparkling crescent moon hanging from the orbit of the planets.

Charm «Openwork Constellations»


The Openwork Constellations charm is similar to the Galaxy / Openwork Sparkling Lines charm (791388CZ). The silver lines openwork intersect, and at each junction a transparent cubic zirconia sparkles. Overall, this is a very nice and stylish charm that will go perfectly with the Star Wars collection.

Charm pendant «Sleeping moon and stars»


The «Sleeping Moon and Stars» charm reminds us of classic illustrations from children’s books. A benevolent crescent moon, peacefully dreaming, hangs from the double brackets in front. A separate silver disk is studded with many stars. Three stars are decorated with transparent cubic zirconia, and the rest are embossed on a silver disk. The romantic message «You are my universe» is engraved on the back of the charm.

Charm clip «Heavenly glow»


Two novelties have joined the winter collection of Pandora 2020. The first is a version of the clip charm «Shining path / Shining path» with blue stones. A simple silver clip is framed with bright blue crystals. This clip does not have a silicone handle, so it will slide if not threaded.

Charm-clip «Transparent and blue glitter»


The second new item has a similar design to the Clear and Blue Glitter Charm (798487C02). However, the blue stones on the Clear and Blue Glitter clip have a brighter and more saturated shade of blue. Large clear cubic zirconias alternate with smaller blue crystals around the clip. Unlike the previous version of the clip, this model is equipped with a silicone insert and does not need to be threaded. The charm clip can be worn anywhere on the bracelet.

Pandora Rose

Charm «Openwork Constellations»


The Openwork Constellations charm is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish.

Pandora Rose

Charm in pavé technique «Shiny snowflake»


The new Sparkling Snowflake pavé charm is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish.