Charm «Shining woven hearts» from the Pandora People series in processing Pandora Rose (789203C01)

Charm-clip «Pink Heart-Solitaire» from the Pandora Colors series (789203C01)

The new solitaire clip is also available in a charming finish Pandora Rose. A light pink heart-shaped stone is placed on one side of the clip. It also has a silicone attachment that allows you to place it anywhere on the bracelet.

Charm clip «Blue Heart Solitaire» from the Pandora Colors series (789203C02)

The heart-shaped solitaire clip is also available with a denim blue stone. The clip has a silicone attachment that allows you to place it anywhere on the bracelet.

Charm pendant «the spinning world» from the Pandora People series(799303C01)

Recently, Pandora has started making a lot of two-tone Charms, and we particularly like the design of the «spinning globe» charm. The silver globe rotates in a round frame, on the front side of which is engraved the inscription «YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME», and on the reverse side — the Pandora logo. Each continent is made of 14-carat gold, with a heart and crown motif hidden below. One clear zirconium stone is inserted into the smooth bracket.


Mahjong charm pendant(799277C01)

The Mahjong tile-shaped charm is inlaid with the Chinese character «发» (meaning «make fortune») in red enamel, and a clear cubic zirconia stone is inset. The Pandora logo and crown motif are visible through the transparent red enamel. Tiny clear cubic zirconia stones are set in an elegant bracket.

Charm «Cute Calf» (799268C01)

In 2021, the Chinese New Year will come on February 12, and then the Year of the Bull will begin. It is symbolic that, on the one hand, Taurus is very hardworking and methodical, on the other hand, he looks funny in this little charm. His nose is adorned with a 14k gold ring, and in his front hooves he holds a red heart and cute ornament. His eyes and heart on his belly are hand painted in black enamel.

Charm pendant «rotating lucky coin»(769282C01)

A lucky coin made of 18k gold rotates in the center of the pendant. The character «Ji» means «auspicious». Brilliant bright red gemstones are encrusted in the bracket and also adorn one side of the coin. The Pandora logo is engraved on the bottom in a silver frame, and a tiny heart is embossed on top.

Charm «Cute Lucky Cat» (769271C01)

Known as Maneki-neko or Cat of Happiness, This lucky cat is very popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures and is believed to bring good luck and happiness to its owners. Dark red and black enamel stand out effectively against the background of the 18-carat gold-plated charm and emphasize the features of the cat’s face. Winking, the cat calls to him with a moving paw. The Chinese word «cai» («wealth») is painted on the charm in black enamel. Our favorite detail is the tiny bell around the cat’s neck.


Disney x Pandora Love and Kisses Mickey and Minnie Charm(799298C01)

This double pendant charm features a romantic scene in which Mickey and Minnie Mouse melt into a kiss. One side of the silver disc is embossed with hearts and hand-applied translucent red enamel. On the other side, the words «Love and Kisses» are engraved, and ruby-red stones shine in hearts cut into brackets.

Charm «Mickey and Minnie near the Eiffel Tower» from the Pandora Disneyland Paris series(799283C01)

Our favorite Disney couple enjoys a romantic trip to the city of love — Paris, and visits Disneyland Paris. One side of the charm features red and black enamel Minnie and Mickey holding hands in front of the Eiffel Tower. The reverse features the iconic Disney castle and the Disneyland Paris logo. Clear zirconia stones sparkle around the lock in a heart-shaped setting. A glittering border adorns both sides of the charm, and a scattering of cut-out hearts adorns the edges.

Charm «Mickey and Minnie in a cup» from the Pandora Disney Parks series(799265C01)

Mickey and Minnie have fun on the funny attraction «Cups» in Disneyland. The front side of the cup is hand painted with glossy pink stripes and hearts using enamel. Minnie and Mickey are kissing while sitting inside a cup and holding a bright red enamel heart. Minnie’s legendary bow is also enameled in the right red color.

Charm «Pass to Disneyland» from the Pandora Disney Parks series(799262C01)

Pandora 2021 «Pass to Disneyland» charm is hand-painted with bright orange and black enamel. Mickey Mouse is smiling above the silver inscription «PASSHOLDER» («Subscription»). Clear cubic zirconia stones shine in every burst of fireworks, embellishing the charm.

Charm-pendant «Partners of Disneyland» from the Pandora Rose series(789269C01)

The silhouette of Blaine Gibson’s famous «Partners» copper statue is engraved on this beautiful charm in a Pandora Rose finish. Walt Disney holds the hand of Mickey Mouse — the most popular character created by him. The inscription «Believe in the impossible» is engraved above the duo, and the name of the statue «PARTNERS» is below. Shimmering zirconia stones and a miniature star are set in the bracket.


Earrings-Pushettes «Shining dream» from the Pandora Wish series(299280C01)

Clear cubic zirconia stones are set in tiny heart-shaped Pusets, as well as a V-shaped base. These cute earrings can be worn with or without a jacket.

«Mickey and Minnie Silhouette» earrings from the Disney x Pandora series(299258C01)

The tiny silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie make up these poignant sterling silver earrings. Transparent stones in the shape of hearts shimmer on each earring.

Pandora Colors Purple Solitaire Congo Clasp Hoop Earrings(289304C01)

These dainty hoop earrings are designed to fit snugly around your ear. Each earring is inlaid with purple solitaire.

Pandora Colors Congo Clasp Light Blue Solitaire Hoop Earrings(289304C02)

Solitaire hoop earrings with Congo clasp are also available with an ice blue stone that looks amazing against the setting Pandora Rose.

Earrings-rings «Pink solitaire» with a Congo clasp from the Pandora Colors series(289304C03)

The new congo hoop earrings are also available with a sparkling pink solitaire.


Pandora Moments Small Pink Encrusted Ring Pendant(399097C02)

Small Pink Encrusted Ring Pendant in Pandora Finish Rose, Now available in silver. The clasp is decorated with pink zirconia stones and synthetic pink sapphires. You can wear up to three charms or pendants on the pendant.

Pendant «Purple Amulet» from the Pandora Colors series(399185C01)

The purple crystal is surrounded by a silver ring. The clasp is decorated with tiny stars and balls, and the pendant bracket is delicately beaded. Although this design is interesting, personally it reminds us of lipstick!

Pendant «Pink Amulet» from the Pandora Colors series (399185C02)

The new amulet pendant is also available with a frosty pink crystal.

Pendant «White Amulet» from the Pandora Colors series (399185C03)

The amulet pendant is also available with a milky white crystal.

Chain necklace with anchor weaving from the Pandora Icons series(399260C00)

Add your favorite Charms on the new Anchor Weave Round Link Chain Necklace. The 60cm adjustable necklace is crafted in minimalist silver and can be worn in three different lengths. Designed for use with small and medium pendants.

Necklace «Family tree in the heart» from the Pandora People series (399261C01)

Remember the special people in your life with this charming necklace. The family tree is placed inside a shiny heart-shaped frame, which is attached on both sides to the chain. The length of the 50 cm necklace is easily adjustable thanks to the slider clasp. The tiny twig hanging from the end of the chain is our favorite detail.

Necklace «Shining dream with a heart» from the Pandora Wish series(399273C01)

A special feature of this necklace, which is part of the Pandora Wish collection, is a V-shaped pendant with a small heart in the center. The slider clasp allows you to easily adjust the length of the 45 cm necklace. Notice the small heart polished to a shine at the end of the chain.

Necklace «Pink Curl» from the Pandora Colors series (389279C01)

The heart-shaped pendant is hand-painted with shimmering pink enamel and set with light pink stones. A miniature heart encrusted with sparkling stones hangs from the end of a 50cm necklace chain.


Pandora People Series Red Crooked Heart Solitaire Ring(199267C01)

A heart-shaped red stone sparkles in the center of the asymmetric ring. Crown, Pandora logo engraved on the side of the ring’s silver bezel.

Pandora People Clear Oblique Heart Solitaire Ring(199267C02)

The offset heart-shaped solitaire ring also features a clear cubic zirconia stone, giving the ring a sophisticated look.

Double ring «Shining Marquise» from the Pandora Wish series(199095C01)

Familiar double ring «Shining Marquise» in trimPandora Rose (189095C01) now available in silver.

Ring «Shining Dream with a Heart» from the Pandora Wish series(199302C01)

Clear zirconia stones decorate this charming ring, and at the top — a sparkling heart.