Collection PANDORA to Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year

Start the new year with romantic jewelry from Pandora!

Collection PANDORA to Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year 2020

Traditional Valentine’s Day decorations in the shape of hearts are combined with funny animal decorations in the collection Pandora Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

Among a large selection of exciting new Charms from the series Pandora Disney and club charms of 2020, everyone will find something special for themselves in the collection Pandora Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year 2020!


Slider bracelet with namistins

This jewelry consists of beads that decrease in size from the center of this elegant slider bracelet. The logo is engraved on the clasp, which allows you to easily adjust the fit of the bracelet Pandora. The bracelet is available in sizes 23 and 25 cm.

Snake bracelet with a heart-shaped clasp from the series Pandora Moments

An additional romantic touch in the shape of a heart is added to the classic bracelet from the series Pandora Moments, which in the new collection is presented with a new fastener design. The word «love» is engraved on the smooth clasp in the shape of a sphere, with a tiny heart hanging down.

Adjustable snake bracelet with heart clasp from the series Pandora Moments

A shiny heart-shaped clasp adorns a beautiful silver bracelet. Two sparkling orbs with clear cubic zirconia stones hang from each chain. The clasp allows you to adjust the length of the bracelet from 15 to 27 cm.

Shame on you

Series «Las Vegas»

Charm «Shining Dice» by Pandora

Are you lucky in love? Roll a couple of dice and see. The four sides of the cubes are decorated with 14 cube-shaped zircons. Charm «Shining Dice» by Pandora sold only in pairs to help preserve luck, and available for purchase only in stores Pandora in Las Vegas, USA.

Charm «Openwork beads» from Pandora

Beautiful strings of beads form lines around this simple openwork charm. Its minimalistic design allows this charm to be worn with a lot of other jewelry and will look great on the pendant from the series Pandora O.

Charm «Openwork beads from the series Pandora Rose

Charm «Openwork beads» from Pandora looks even more feminine and delicate in the Pandora Rose finish.

Charm «Shining heart made of beads» by Pandora

Clear, sparkling stones are set on smooth silver beads and create a beautiful sparkling texture in this heart-shaped charm. Although this ornament has a fairly simple design, it creates the effect of champagne bubbles.

Charm «Shining Lock and Key» from the series Pandora PavIt is

Who has the key to your heart? A glittering lock with clear cubic zirconia stones hangs above a small key crafted in Pandora Rose. Logo Pandora engraved around the edge of the key, and three tiny hearts are arranged to allow light to pass through a row of three brilliant stones.

Charm «Shining Heart» by Pandora

This openwork charm from Pandora with shimmering stones in the shape of a heart, on which there is a cute pattern of tiny hearts and kisses.

Charm «Shining Heart» from the series Pandora Rose

The Radiant Heart Charm is also available in Pandora Rose.

Charm «Clipsa from hearts» by Pandora

Two rows of hearts connect to form a beautiful and filigree clip pendant. The unique design of this charm allows you to combine this decoration even with pendants Murano.

Charm «Theo Bear» by Pandora

Theo Bear stands with his paws folded behind his back, possibly hiding an unexpected gift! He looks great: lush hair, heart-shaped navel and legs turned inward. This charm is very cute and resembles the bear from the Friends Forever charm.

Charm «Shining hearts» from Pandora

Brilliant charm from the series Pandora Rose creates a hidden message, because the romantic words «I love you completely» are engraved on the silver heart. A tiny heart hangs in the center of the charm. We really liked the engraved message. I wonder if John Legend will get royalties for using his catchphrase in this piece of jewelry.

Clip «Winged heart» by Pandora

The Winged Heart clip from Pandora is similar to the «Happy Four Leaf Clover» clip from the Spring 2019 collection. The small heart is made of Pandora Rose raised above the surface of the clamp, and seems to fly. We really liked the design of this ornament, but for some reason it seems that the sides of the heart could catch on clothes.

Charm «Kiss Pavé «from the series Pandora Rose

Like the Soaring Hearts charm, the Pavé Kiss charm from the Pandora Rose series is set with shimmering stones in pale pink, mauve and vibrant fuchsia. Sparkling stones in the shape of lips form kisses for charm.

Charm «Pink Openwork Heart» by Pandora

Fuchsia enamel accents the beading and smooth silver hearts in this adorable openwork charm.

Charm for engraving «Heart» by Pandora

Now your jewelry can be as unique and special as you are with this sterling silver heart charm that can be engraved with your unique writing on both the front and back. Clear cubic zirconia stones adorn this charm.

I Love You Pendant

I love you charm

Love Coupon Pendant

Chain «Shine of beads» by Pandora

Protect your Charms from Pandora with the help of a chic chain «Shine of beads». Clear cubic zirconia stones make this jewelry elegant and glamorous.

Clips «Heart Pavé «from the series Pandora Reflections

The cute heart is decorated with sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones on one side. You have the option to engrave a message on the smooth side of the clip that will surprise your special someone.

clip «heart Cobblestone» with series Pandora Rose Reflections

clip «Heart of Pavé» presented also in processing Pandora Rose Reflections