Charm «Shining Tiger» from Pandora

The tiger is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle and has become one of our favorites. Like the prince of the jungle, the tiger wears his crown with pride. The clear zirconia eyes sparkle and the tail glides up the back. The perfect decoration for cat lovers!

Shiny Monkey Charm from Pandora

The monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle and is also one of our favorites from this collection. Transparent zirconia stones in the form of eyes sparkle mischievously on the cute face of the monkey. The monkey is depicted with a crown, ponytail and a heart-shaped tattoo on the back. This charm is perfect as a gift for a person who was born in the year of the monkey!

Charm «Japanese doll in blue kimono» from Pandora

While the Japanese doll charm might seem a bit odd in a collection Pandora for the Chinese New Year 2020, but this charm really brightened up the collection. Small silver flowers adorn the doll’s kimono, and a cute accessory glitters in her black enamel hair. Pale blue stones adorn the charm.

club charm PANDORA 2020

Charm «Compass» from the series Pandora Club 2020

Charm «Compass» from the series Pandora Club 2020 is like a charm»Compass Rose Dangle» from the collection Summer 2018. Charm «Compass» from the series Pandora Club 2020 is a piece of jewelry with a wonderful combination of silver and finishes Pandora Rose. Like the previous compass jewelry, this charm features a tiny 0.01 carat diamond which is set in a small heart. The back of the compass is engraved with the message «Always follow your heart». Silver bezel of compass with logo Pandora and «Club 2020».

Our favorites from the new collection from Pandora are the compass charm from the series Pandora Club 2020 Shiny Tiger Charm and Shiny Monkey Charm.

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