Show your mother how much you love her with a limited edition Mother’s Day collection.


Mother’s Day is almost here, but not all countries celebrate this holiday on the same day.

Many countries celebrate Mother’s Day in March on the fourth Sunday or International Women’s Day on March 8. While America celebrates Mother’s Day in May.

Every year Pandora releases a collection «For Mother’s Day» for countries that celebrate this holiday in March. The preview of the «To Mother’s Day» collection took place on February 15, 2020. The Mother’s Day collection will be released in April.

Jewelry from this collection is available for order both in stores and in the online store Pandora UK.

jewelry collection

Charm «Mother of the Year»

Similar to the Princess Heart charm, the new charm features a tiny crown on top of a silver heart. The words «Mom of the Year» are engraved on the front and the back of the ornament has a smooth surface. You can engrave a special message.

Charm «Flower heart for mom»

This beautiful charm is reminiscent of the charming flower charm from the series Padlock. Delicate silver weaves form a wild vine. The inscription «Mmmy».

Charm «Openwork infinity»

Many infinity symbols combine to form this interesting openwork charm. Three clear cubic cubic zirconia stones on each side of the jewelry embody your family members!

Charm «Shining hearts and stars»

The theme of eternity continues with this colorful decoration. Tiny hearts and stars cluster around a silver infinity symbol with purple stones. The decoration also consists of a silver disk with a shiny purple enamel that resembles stardust! Buzz Lightyear’s words «I love you to infinity and beyond» are engraved on the back.

Charm «Endless love for mom»

This silver charm in the shape of a heart with two symbols of infinity looks very delicate and original. A pretty heart pattern adorns the sides of the charm and the front is engraved with the message «Love you mom».

Love You Mom Charm

The «I love you, mom» charm is made in the traditional shape of a heart with the inscription «Thank you for being mine MM«. Note the small heart in the center of the word «MM«. A cute heart hangs below the heart Pandora Rose. The words «Love» and «You» are engraved on both sides of the ornament.

Charm «Letters M.A.M.A» from the series Pandora Rose

Charm «Letters M.A.M.A» from the series Pandora Rose — this is a very cute and bright decoration. The letter Pro is made in processing Pandora Rose Two letters M — silver.

Charm «Family tree» from the series Pandora Rose

New charm «Family tree» from the series Pandora Rose very similar to the previously released Tree in the Heart silver charm. Although the two trees may look the same at first glance, the new charm features naturally shaped leaves and is adorned with clear cubic zirconia stones. Also, instead of the message engraved on the side of the charm, in the new version of the jewelry from the series Pandora Rose the word «Family» is written in italics on the back.

Clip «Shining Family» from the series Pandora Rose Reflections

The Shining Family clip art is now available with trim Pandora Rose. Miniature cubic zirconia stones are set on wood at the front of the ornament, and the reverse is engraved with the word «Family».

necklace «Shining Infinity Sign»

Symbolizing eternal love, the infinity symbol hangs on a silver pendant 50 cm long, on which shine cubic zirconia stones.

Earrings — studs «Shining sign of infinity»

A tiny infinity symbol adorns this pair of sweet stud earrings that sparkle with cubic zirconia stones.

bracelet «Family Heart» from the series Pandora Moments

Bracelet «Family heart» from the series Pandora Moments made in the form of a silver chain with a heart-shaped clasp. One side of the clasp features a small family tree with cute beaded details and shiny leaves. Embossed leaves decorate the back of the ornament clasp, where the word «Family» is engraved.

Shining Infinity Sign Gift Set

This cute gift set shows that family love lasts forever. Shining Infinity Sign Gift Set witha set of earrings and a pendant with the image of a glowing infinity sign.

What are your impressions of the preview of the new collection? When do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Share with us in the comments below…